Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blogging Time

Sometimes I blog a lot; sometimes a little. It's been one of those weeks.

I'm planning on finishing up the quilt for Ginger today and delivering it to her tomorrow. I'm sewing the block components together now. It's do-able. I won't be able to post a picture of this quilt as it's for the Quilter's Run in July. (Cover your eyes, Mr. Monkey!) Guess everyone will just have to visit her shop to see the two I made. LOL.

Next up is cutting the Patchwork Party finishing kit. I'll need to put together eight of the blocks first thing so that the applique can be prepped. I should be able to get all the applique done by next weekend. Oh, wait, maybe not as I'm waiting for a couple of small projects to come my way. At least they'll be ready to go when I do get a few minutes to sit and stitch. I'm needleturning them instead of fusing. My preference but either way works on this quilt. My goal was to have this quilt finished by the 4th of July. I know that won't happen, but I work better with deadlines and goals. Must be all those years of getting paid by the page!

Mostly I've been poking order buttons this week, lots and lots of buttons. I now have enough Prairie Paisley and Peace on Earth to last me a lifetime. (Mr. Monkey didn't hear that!) All of the boxes haven't arrived yet, but I know they're winging their way to me. So much for being good last weekend. Maybe I'll just quietly skip the stash report this Sunday.

One thing I've been pondering lately is the fact that I only have one quilt that truly fits my bed. I've made tons of huge queen-sized and larger quilts for others, but the ones I end up keeping are these small appliqued quilts and throw quilts. There is a shortage of large patterns out there that I like and hardly any large applique patterns. I picked up one last weekend and that's the first I've found in a very long time. I know, I know, I can just enlarge a pattern by making more quilt blocks. Problem with that is I usually didn't buy enough fabric, or the pieces in my stash aren't large enough. I would design my own, and I have twice. My hat's off to all of you who design and manage to retain ownership of your ideas. I made a decision just to save myself the grief and buy your patterns! I'm your loyal follower!

I'm off to get a dip and clip, and maybe get the car washed while I'm out. Then I'm home to Miss Bernina and Miss Daisy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Here's a performance by school choirs. I dare you to come away dry-eyed.

Battle Hymn of the Republic

God Bless America!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

QFAH Caught Up

I think it's caught up. Of course, I'll be behind again because I have to do something else now.

The lighting in here is so poor to take photos. The really dark colors are brown, green and burgundy.

Judy, thank you again for such a wonderful pattern!

Stash Report Week 21

And when she was good, she was very very good...

Okay, so I bought a total of four yards yesterday, but I was in three quilt shops on the Adventures of Vick and Jane! Those readers who know me well know that's almost unheard of, especially since two shops were new ones for me with a visit to Rosie's thrown in the fray! I feel especially pious since two of those yards were for the window topper in the breakfast room! I'm cured, I tell you -- CURED! ROFLOL

Nothing busted this week. I'm working on Judy's Quilt for an Hour and I counted that yardage when I cut it. I don't expect to bust anything this coming week as Ginger's quilt is next up. That's okay. I'm processing quilts and having the grandest time doing it!

It's not even 5:00 a.m and I've been up for at least an hour. I'm so excited to have two more days off. I'm so pumped about sewing up a storm today. I'm about to burst with inspiration from our adventure yesterday. Oh, geez, here I go with that "high on life" thing again! LOL

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 180.75 yards
Purchased: 211.75 yards
Net YTD: <31.00> yards busted

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a Nice Day!

I went out to Jane's house at 9:00 this morning, and we took off on a road trip. She drove and had it all mapped out. We didn't get lost one single time. A lot different than when I'm driving!

First stop was Temecula Quilt Co. Such a neat store. I picked up four books, two patterns, and Jane and I split a cut of poison green. Oh, and a charm pack. I always forgot those!

Second stop was The Country Loft. That store is packed full of all the things we like. I purchased a couple of patterns, the red wooden star, the Moda dish towels, the hot pad, and the wooden thing with the letter "V" on it. I never can find anything with my initial! Jane's husband said that was in case I forget who I am! LOL. Oh, I also got two yards of a blue/tan stripe that's not shown here; I want to make a window topper for the slider in my breakfast room.

And we were too close not to go by Rosie's. Oh, my, I was overwhelmed all over again when I walked into that store. So overwhelmed, in fact, that I only got patterns and maybe four FQs of Civil War browns/blues for a future project.

I think I'm sick. I mean, three quilt shops and hardly any fabric! I MUST be cured!!

It was such a beautiful day. There's snow again on our mountain peaks after the 100+ weather last weekend. It's insane!

Then Jane's sweet DH took us to our favorite local place for dinner. It was such a fun fun fun day! Thank you, Jane!

NOTE: The two patterns Beatrice from France asked about are both by Linda Brannock & Rita Briner. Gourds and More, and Bluebird Quilt.

Quilt for an Hour Block

I'm behind but catching up on Quilt for an Hour. I should have all the blocks made by Sat. night. I had to stop and put one together, though, to see if it would work.

I was worried about the backgrounds. Determined to use the Dimples fabric I've been collecting. The white is very white, and the tan is one of my favorite pieces. I think once the whole quilt is together, the shadow will be obvious. I'm not doing brights on this, but a more "earthy" colorway.


I love it when a plan comes together. :) :) :)

Heading over to Jane's in a bit. We're off bright and early on an adventure! LOL

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weird Kind of Day!

What's up with this weather? This is sunny Southern California, for Pete's sake!

Last weekend was a record heat wave - 102-105 at my house all weekend. Today was a horrific rain storm, and it was cold! It hailed for close to an hour. The front lawn at work looked like it was covered in snow. There was a tornado that crossed the 215 Fwy and overturned an 18-wheeler and some rail cars, and continued tornado warnings where Jane lives and off into Riverside County. Tornados? In SoCal? If I hadn't experienced this weather firsthand, I wouldn't have believed it!

They finally came and fixed some things in my condo today, so I can put everything back in its place. And that means I can catch up on Judy's Quilt for an Hour! I had gone as far as I could without a cutting table! LOL.

When I got home there was a package on my front porch! I've been so good this week, so I couldn't even imagine what it was! Oh, my, I was so surprised! A very dear online friend sent me a pattern and a jelly roll of Moda's Cranberry Wishes! I was totally blown away! It's not even Christmas or my birthday. Thank you so much, honey! (And you know who you are!!) You are absolutely the sweetest person I have ever met! But, wait, we haven't met yet! ILY!

And then my other friend, Beth, decided she was going to dust the cobwebbs off her megging wand! Usually I click on the Fat Quarter Shop website at lunchtime, but today I was all engrossed in this huge technical journal. When I got home tonight, there was an email from Beth titled "I haven't megged you in a while!!!!" Yes, that's FOUR exclamation points!

Well, it turns out Kimberly has the new Moda Mystery BOM! Beth, watch your back, dear, because you're going to get megged back by me when you least expect it!!! This BOM looks wonderful! I can't wait to get started on it!

So that's it from the home front today. I'm cold. I'm happy. I'm petting new fabric. I'm giddy with anticipation over a new project! My sewing room is back in useable condition! Life is good!

Monday, May 19, 2008

This is Sick!

The A/C people are coming in tomorrow to change the filters. My cutting table covers that door to the filter about three inches, so I had to move it. Well, there's this secret hiding space next to the cutting table where I put fabric as it comes in and before it goes up to the stash room. Daisy's day bed used to be in that corner, but I ran her outta there!

I piled it all up on the dining room table for tonight. This is really sick! And the picture is only half of the stuff up there. I cropped the picture because I was embarassed! ROFLOL.

Gee, any guesses as to my favorite shop?

Oh, yeah, the plumber is coming, too, so I had to take all the stuff out from under three bathroom sinks and from under the kitchen sink. It was a great opportunity to throw stuff away, but every counter in my house is covered right now with bathroom stuff and cleaning supplies. I'll be glad when they're done so I can get some semblence of order back in the quilting condo!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stash Report Week 20

I feel like I'm working in slow motion. I know it's the heat. It was 100 here today, and the air quality was awful. There are/were little fires all around the valley, and my eyes started watering the minute I walked outside today from the smoke.

On the quilting front I did a lot better this week. I pieced the backing for Autumn Nights, 9 yards. I made four placemats out of the Route 66 fabric and cut the binding, 2.5 yards. And I cut the Quilt for an Hour by Judy, 5.5 yards. Total 17 yards busted.

I also finished up a quilt for Ginger and made another test block for her. Not my fabric so I can't count those.

I was feeling all bubbly because of no purchases this week, but then I looked over and saw a package from The Fat Quarter Shop that I hadn't opened yet. Sheesh! I picked up 5 yards of Halloween stripes for a future project. Blew my great busting week! LOL

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 180.75 yards
Purchased: 207.75 yards
Net YTD: <27.00> yards busted

Still in the negative but improving!

Route 66 Placemats

The Route 66 fabric has been cut and quilted. I am going to sew on the bindings tonight so I'll have some hand stitching next week. One side is the tan & beige map fabric, and the other side is colorful motel/road signs, etc. Two are for my brother and his wife - for their motor home - and the other two will be for the couple who will be motoring behind them to Colorado for vacation.

I finished up the borders on a quilt for Ginger, made a sample block for her from a different fabric, and those were dropped off to her today.

As soon as I finish sizing up these placemats, I'm heading to the cutting table to cut the Quilt for an Hour project!

It's 100 degrees here today. Heard it was supposed to be a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow -- what, 98?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Market Time!

I'm so excited about Market. You'd think I was actually going! LOL. I don't know how a shop owner can pick from all the gorgeous stuff there. I'd be totally useless, just walking around with my mouth hanging open! And totally broke because I'd want everything! Kimberly has promised pictures and reports from Market. You can bet I'm going to stay tuned! Gosh, hasn't Miss Emma gotten big! She is absolutely adorable!!

The cycle never stops for buyers. It makes my head spin just thinking about it. All of the fabric hasn't hit the shelves yet from Fall Market, and here they are heading out again. Okay, I'll admit it! I'm totally jealous! LOL

After Fall Market I helped Kimberly out by making up a kit for her. The quilt is from Moda's Peace on Earth line, and that fabric is gorgeous! The quilt is called Catch a Falling Star and the kits will be shipped out this month.

I had so much fun making this quilt. My heart sank when I received the kit from Kimberly. It looked SO hard! But this was one of the easiest quilts I've ever made! I made it in one week! (Okay, to some of you more prolific quilters that may not seem very fast, but remember that I'm gone for 12 hours out of the day!) I think one of those days was playing with that gorgeous fabric, and organizing it to start cutting. You know how when you're reading a really good book and you don't want it to end? That's how it was making this quilt. I loved every second of it!

When I was trying to blog the week I was sewing this quilt, I remember being at a loss -- I mean, I couldn't blog about what I was making, so I just said I was helping out a friend. LOL. I'm always busy sewing up on something every night, so during those periods when I'm not talking about my project, everyone will just have to stay tuned!

Here's a picture of it on my bed. I love that map fabric in the line. I had this piece leftover, so I just wrapped it around a pillow. And three of my Santas hadn't made it into storage yet, so they were plopped on the bed, too. I am so NOT a photographer. If I were, I would have ironed the pillowcases! I know my mother is looking down at me and tsk-tsking. Sorry, Mom!

I've ordered more of this fabric. Yep, I did. Never can have too much of a good thing! I think I'll end up with three quilts from this line! Sheesh ....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Day of Sewing

Jane came over yesterday, Saturday, and we chatted away the afternoon. Didn't sew a single stitch, but we sure solved a lot of the world's problems!!

This morning rang in crisp and cool. It was chilly in the house, and Daisy was fussing around on her quilt that's always in front of the fireplace. She kept coming to me and leading me back over there. I decided she needed the fireplace lit. Now she's all snuggled up in front of the fire snoring away!

It was a good morning for me to be "sitting under a quilt" as they say down South. I finished the last of the three quilts that needed bindings. I love hand sewing down bindings and it was a fine morning to do that.

Next I finished up the Autumn Nights top that I recently blogged about. Also pulled the backing from stash and got that pieced. This yardage will be on next week's stash report.

I started working on the borders for a quilt for Ginger, and I ran into a snag. I don't think the crumb catcher will work because it will lay across and hide the points that fall next to the border. So I removed what I had sewn on, and will discuss that with them tomorrow after work. I can't seem to get this one finished. I'm probably overthinking it, but I want it to look good.

Now I'm going to work on this apron for my brother and the placemats for his camper. Will my 67 year old brother wear this apron? You betcha! He's a goofball, and I'm sure I'll get a picture of him wearing it and wielding the BBQ tools! I was only going to make two placemats, but their best friends will be traveling to Colorado with them and pulling their own camper. It might be nice to make four so they can each have a set.

And finally, I pulled out something to start cutting and realized I was short one fabric. Back to the drawing board on that one!

All in all, a good day on the quilty front!

Stash Report Week 19

I'm in a holding pattern right now. I have a couple of quilty things going on that must be done before I can move on to major stash busting, but those will get done, hopefully, today.

I did make a small purchase of Route 66 fabric, two yards. I want to make some placemats for my brother's camper. He'll like those. I also purchased a yard of some ant fabric to back a cook's apron for him. I need to get moving on those as they will be motoring away towards Colorado in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, I was a very good girl this week.

Must get some of this stash moving out ..... stay tuned! LOL

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 163.75 yards
Purchased: 202.75 yards
Net YTD: <39.00> yards busted

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Motivation Friday

Well, technically it's still Thursday night, but it's close enough for me, especially since this has been a hellava week and I'm glad it's almost over! You can't even imagine how glad!

I've got two more rows to sew on this puppy and it's done. No borders. The fabric is from Moda's Renewal line, and the pattern is "Autumn Nights #309" by Country Threads. I'll get this finished this weekend and the backing pieced. The backing will be from stash and I desparately need the bust! :)

Excuse the Daisy toys scattered about and the ever present water bottle. That's her favorite toy. She's under that bump in my quilt top! LOL. But I guess I could have picked up the thread cases before I took the picture. Suzy Homemaker I'm not!

I've also finished hand stitching the bindings on two of the three quilts from last week.

I pulled the fabric ALL FROM STASH for Judy's Quilt for an Hour Project. Really, it's ALL FROM STASH! (I love saying that!!) I can't wait to get started cutting that one!

I stopped by the quilt shop for a Jane fix tonight, and Daisy was really glad to see me when I got home. I guess life is pretty good after all!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Judy's Quilt for an Hour Project

Judy is giving us a new Quilt for an Hour Project starting May 19th. I'm so excited. I haven't been able to do one yet because of other commitments, but I'm definitely doing this one! If you scroll down, she has several posts about the project, including choosing colors and a tutorial on the Tri-Rec rulers.

Got up in the stash room last night and nothing was working. Then I remember my Dimples collection! I love Dimples! I was able to find the two backgrounds as well as all the colors for the stars. Had a little trouble chosing which star colors, but finally have it and I'm pleased with my choices. Choosing a name for this quilt will be easy ... Dimples! LOL

I made a shop sample for Ginger using the Tri-Recs in 2007. I had never used them before, but they are wonderful. This will be another fun quilt to make!

I can't wait to get started! Thank you, Judy, for once again inspiring us with this dynamite project!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Stash Report Week 18

18 weeks? Where has this year gone?

Nothing purchased this week. Nothing busted this week. I had hoped to get a top together and bust the backing, but I won't finish assembling it until later today or tomorrow. I've done a lot of sewing, though. Next week I'll start cutting the finishing kit for the Patchwork Party blocks made from my favorite Prairie Paisley. Hopefully next week will be a better report. I need to turn around that minus number on my YTD totals!!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 163.75 yards
Purchased: 199.75 yards
Net YTD: <36.00> yards busted!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Busy Sewing Saturday

Friday night I went to the sew-in at Ginger's. I squared these three quilts and made the bindings, but forgot my walking foot at home. So bright and early this morning - too early - I got the bindings machined on. I'll have plenty of hand work this coming week!

I thought I had all of these humongous HST blocks together and could start assembling this easy easy easy quilt. When I realized I didn't have enough blocks, I hunted around and found the rest of them under my applique thread case sitting on the sofa. They were pinned and ready to sew. I'll get the rest of them together tomorrow. I figured something out, though. Easy is b-o-r-i-n-g! This quilt alternates these big HST blocks with plain blocks, and there's no border on the quilt. Really need something more challenging to make on the weekends.

And finally, I finished this ugly pumpkin-with-a-hat block. Don't like it much, but it's done and I can move on to a nicer pumpkin!

I need to take stock of fabric movement this week for my stash buster report tomorrow. Hmmm.......

Friday, May 02, 2008

Motivation Friday

Back on Alex Anderson's old message board, we had Motivation Friday where everyone posted what they had accomplished for the week.

I thought it might be fun for bloggers to do the same. You can comment here if you'd like, or blog your own Motivation Friday.

Since last Friday I finished up a quilt top for Ginger's and delivered that to the shop. I made about 60thousand half square triangles for a quilt I hope to assemble this weekend. And I appliqued about half of a pumpkin block.

Sewing/quilting at least an hour every night sure does add up and move things along. Thanks, Judy, for THAT motivation!