Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Or as Daisy would say - Happy Halloweiner!

Still no camera. It's on the to-do list for this weekend. But I found this in my photo albums, and thought I'd share it. It's a Curtis Boehringer pattern called "Halloween Boo". It was the very first quilt I machine quilted myself. Not fabulous, but not bad for a newbie!

And tomorrow is another ten-year anniversary for me. It was the day I underwent a hysterectomy and began ovarian cancer treatment. All I was worried about was whether my then DH would pass out the candy I bought for the trick-or-treaters!

I wish they would delay the clock turn-back until after Halloween. I'm always so nervous driving home with all the little kids running about. Between their usually ill-fitting masks and their excitement, I'm so scared one of them will dart in front of me. So I'll be driving home very slowly tomorrow night!

I've been looking at all the online quilt shop sites, and all the beautiful new stuff popping up now from Market. So far only patterns have interested me. Still thinking stash reduction here! :)

Oh, another Daisy funny tonight. This is the second time in as many weeks that I've come home from work to find her tightly sausaged in the sleeve of my robe upstairs. I left it hanging off the foot of the bed this morning, and I guess she pulled it down and tried to snuggle in it. What a silly dog! I guess eventually she'll figure it out! LOL


~ A healthy body
~ A happy heart
~ A puppy dog who makes me laugh every single day
~ Cooler weather at last!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Nancy asked about our collections. I've collected darning eggs and wooden darners for years. Alex got me interested in textile bobbins a few years back, so those are also displayed around the house. Here's an example. Excuse the messy shelves. This picture was taken when I was unpacking books!

Friday, October 27, 2006

October Goals

My goals for October were few, but they were important ones. I'm HAPPY to report this progress!

1) Finish Lisa's quilt and piece backing -- CHECK!

2) Finish the batik wonky leaf quilt for Don and piece backing -- CHECK!

3) Piece backing on at least one other quilt in the UFO pile -- CHECK!

4) Get all of the above off to Judy before month's end -- CHECK!

5) Decide on a retreat project and gather fabrics -- CHECK!

6) Pull an applique project from the UFO pile and begin working on it -- CHECK!

I'm on cruise for the rest of the month!! :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Still No Camera

I either need to get a new camera or quit blogging because my posts are b-o-r-i-n-g without pix!

Busy busy at work and tired when I get home, but I'm SO motivated to do some quilting now. It must be Alex's retreat in a couple of weeks that has me so fired up!

I've been reading around the blog ring for the past couple of weeks. Haven't been commenting much, but please know that I'm thinking of everyone and keeping up with the shenanigans!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday's Adventure

It's so much fun exploring different quilt shops with Jane on the weekends. Yesterday we went down to Material Possessions in South Orange County. I forget what town it's in. I was way lost down there! LOL

That store is awesome. And, surprise surprise, there was a huge sale going on. All fabric was 20% off and books 15% off. I probably should have been shopping for a new camera instead, but this was more fun!

I was real good. It's amazing how that one month of buying no fabric has colored the way I think about purchases now. I only bought things I immediately need, or for the Freddy Moran quilt collection.

Picked up the background fabric for Alex's retreat - which is Nov. 9-12. Getting close now! And a yard of the brown TOT Chocolat for this quilt as well as an applique project in the organizing stages. I picked up a pack of WOW for my friend Sally. Jane and I split yard cuts of five or six black and whites. Two books, "Christmas Heart Lights" by Peddlers of Danville, and "Square Dance" by Martha Thompson. I found an old Pandolph BOM set of patterns for $24 in the deep discounted stuff on the second floor.

I also picked up a magazine that I had not seen before, "Designers' Quarters." Interesting concept - each article focuses on a new line of fabric, about the designer, and a pattern using that fabric. I probably won't buy another one of these magazines as the quilts weren't very inspirational, but I'm glad I got to check one out.

I could have done some serious damage in that place three months ago. I feel righteous today! LOL

I was doing some side-splitting laughter at Jane. First, she pealed out accidentally making a U-turn. You should have seen that Honda go!! ROFLOL. Then she let out the biggest squeal when she entered the book section and spotted a book for which she had been searching. I had fun relating Jane's "peal and squeal" to her DH at dinner. She's a hoot!

Today will be spent doing borders and backings. I'm determined to get the two quilts I need for Christmas off to Judy by Monday, Tuesday latest. I can do it!

I'm so excited about retreat coming up shortly. It's a wonderful opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. The retreat project is Alex's pattern, "Shades of Autumn." So I'll be making more leaves, some houses, and LOTS of HSTs. I might do some pre-cutting so I can get more accomplished at retreat.

Feeling 500% better except for a residual cough that seems to come on in the late evenings. A lot of folks down here are suffering through this crud. Jeanne, hope you're feeling better by now.


* The inspiration from visiting a new quilt shop.
* Crockpots
* Realization that I'm now settled and happy in my new world
* Fun with Skippy, Jane's Jack Russell terrier
* Daisy's love - slug that she is!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feeling a Little Better

Of course, plenty of sleep this weekend helped a lot. I got up early for a haircut on Saturday and then came home and went back to bed and slept until mid afternoon. Then went to bed at 8:00 p.m. I woke up this morning at 8:00, started the coffee pot going, and went back to bed. A friend called and woke me up at noon.

This afternoon I've been piecing leaf blocks - this is a project I already had going before Judy unveiled her October project. I'm going to give it to my brother for Christmas. I think I have all the leaves made now. Just need to lay it all out and see what I have left to do. It's turning out nice.

I found out I have not one, but two broken cameras. I guess it's time to bite the bullet and get a new one! Hopefully I'll get to post pictures soon.

I did venture to the new quilt shop Saturday afternoon. It was their grand opening. They had a bluegrass band in there, and then had some young children playing the cello and violin later. It was really nice. I picked up some fall FQs for Alex's retreat project. I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to do that one, but just wanted to be prepared just in case. It's another fall quilt with leaves and houses.

I haven't been around the blog ring in over a week, but checked in on a few of you today. Some beautiful projects are being done by you. You constantly inspire me! Hopefully this cold is wearing off, and I'll feel more like sewing and blogging. Hopefully!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I've been such a bad blogger. This cold really knocked the wind out of me. I'm still not well, but at least I feel a little better.

Today I started getting pumped up about Alex Anderson's retreat in November. Got good news today that my friend was able to get in, too, so we're going to have a blast. This will be my fourth retreat - had to miss one year because of my shoulder surgery - and it will be so much fun seeing all my friends again!

Off to figure out what I can eat tonight that I can actually taste. I guess it's going to be soup again!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Several folks have asked me what a muffaletta is. I thought it could be found all over the country, but apparently not. This picture was taken after we got home, so it was cold. It's best eaten hot. A huge round loaf loaded with Italian meats and olive spread. Yummy!

I've got a horrible cold. I dosed up on antibiotics while I was in Louisiana so as not to get them sick, and I was feeling great on Monday. Well, yesterday I got sick again, and it's a full strength cold now. I'm going to head over to the doctor tomorrow, but he probably will tell me just to keep doing what I'm doing. I think it just has to run its course. The antibiotics only delayed this thing until I got home.

When I got to the airport in New Orleans, I realized I had left my phone on the counter charging back at Don's house. He called me Monday night to tell me he had put it in the mail to me, just regular mail. The post office there told him that an Express Mail envelope wouldn't get here until Wednesday (today), so he decided just to send it regular mail. It was in my mail box tonight. Not bad for four bucks worth of postage!

I appliqued a couple of Dutch Treat blocks on the flights to and from home. I could have finished the second one, but the flight back was a tad bit bumpy. Thought it best to put it away after I kept poking my finger!

Really nothing to blog about today. Ate some potato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. I couldn't taste either of them but at least my tummy is full! LOL

Monday, October 02, 2006

Got Home Last Night

I had such a wonderful trip to Louisiana. I can't even begin to describe all of the emotions. I made a vow that I'm going back at least once a year, hopefully twice, from now on. I didn't think it would be long enough but it was. Don and I spent every moment together.

I made it to Ginger's Needleworks in Lafayette. It's a tin building on a road with mostly houses. Nice nice people there. She said most of her business is online; not a lot of quilters in that area. In fact, there were only three women in the shop when I was there and we were all from out of state! Picked up some black and whites and a novelty piece that Jane wanted. And one pattern to make a Louisiana wallhanging. It was fun.

Susan, we had this muffaletta at Mabile's in Laplace! Wish I had known we would be there; we could have arranged a meet! We also went to Berwick to a little place that had the best fresh boiled crabs! OMG, I ate my weight in those crabs! They were fabulous, seasoned to perfection! And I was totally covered in crab juice when I left there! LOL

Don's birthday party on Saturday was wonderful. A friend of theirs offered to let us have the party at their home on the Teche. I can't tell you how beautiful it is. They have a huge party room out by the pool, and you can see the bayou from this huge veranda. Huge green rocking chairs out there and ceiling fans. It was like I was on a movie set. Just gorgeous.

We didn't tell my two nieces I was there. When we saw them drive up, I went in the bathroom. When they were there a few minutes, I heard Don tell them where the bathroom was in case they needed to powder their nose. When Kyra opened the door and I stepped out, she just froze. Lisa just stood there staring. I don't think it was registering with them who I was for a minute. They haven't seen me with short hair. All of a sudden Kyra let out the loudest scream, and they both about knocked me down! It was priceless! Diane, the lady whose home it was, was taking pictures of the whole scene. I can't wait to see them! Lisa's birthday was Friday and Don's is today, so we had a double party with two cakes. Yep, we were all on a sugar high! We barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs, made potato salad and baked beans, and had lots of munchies. It was probably the most perfect party I've ever had! It was hard saying goodbye to the girls at the end of the day, but I'll see them again in the spring.

Didn't get any boiled crawfish because they're out of season. Sheesh, you'd have thunk I'd have known that! I did have some etoufee over broiled catfish one night. It was okay, but I really wanted boiled crawfish. I'm going back in the spring! The crabs were a pretty awesome consolation prize, though!

Don's house is really going up fast. The outside is almost done. They started building the "barn" as he calls it, which will house the motor home and his workshop - although he'll have to start from scratch buying tools; he lost all of his in the fire. And there'll be a bathroom out there with a door near the pool area so the grandkids won't go in the house with wet bathing suits. In probably another couple of weeks they'll be starting on the inside of the house. Don had back surgery a few months back and although he's doing well, he's still not able to do a lot of stuff. So I helped him clean up the pool. It was pretty nasty from all the fire debris that had fallen in it. We shocked it a couple of times and it was looking pretty good by the time I left. He has a saltwater pool. I had never dealt with one of those before, but it's pretty nice.

The house they're living in is a wonderful old home and is just filled with antiques. I slept in a tester bed that was purchased from a plantation auction. Gorgeous bed. There were tons of curio cabinets and china hutches, all mahogany with curved glass. Beautiful stuff. I wish I had taken a picture of the dining room table. It was gigantic, and very old, sort of a mission style. Don said this house might be going on the market. I'm hoping to get a shot at buying it. It was really lovely. Not fancy, but big rooms and lots of potential. We'll see.

When they took me back to the airport, we left early so we could drive around New Orleans. The French Quarter looks virtually untouched, although there weren't very many people milling about except at Cafe du Monde. Other areas were just abandoned. It's so sad. I don't think New Orleans will ever be the same. I don't see how it can be.

All in all, the visit with Don and Gail was perfect. There was a discussion not long ago with my online group about where home is. I haven't lived in Sulphur since I was 17 and went to college, so that really didn't feel like home any more. I lived in Baton Rouge for 25 years but never really liked it there. After visiting Don and Gail in Franklin, that's my home. It's the most beautiful little town, lovely people there, and is a place I could put down roots. Something to think about.