Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Or as Daisy would say - Happy Halloweiner!

Still no camera. It's on the to-do list for this weekend. But I found this in my photo albums, and thought I'd share it. It's a Curtis Boehringer pattern called "Halloween Boo". It was the very first quilt I machine quilted myself. Not fabulous, but not bad for a newbie!

And tomorrow is another ten-year anniversary for me. It was the day I underwent a hysterectomy and began ovarian cancer treatment. All I was worried about was whether my then DH would pass out the candy I bought for the trick-or-treaters!

I wish they would delay the clock turn-back until after Halloween. I'm always so nervous driving home with all the little kids running about. Between their usually ill-fitting masks and their excitement, I'm so scared one of them will dart in front of me. So I'll be driving home very slowly tomorrow night!

I've been looking at all the online quilt shop sites, and all the beautiful new stuff popping up now from Market. So far only patterns have interested me. Still thinking stash reduction here! :)

Oh, another Daisy funny tonight. This is the second time in as many weeks that I've come home from work to find her tightly sausaged in the sleeve of my robe upstairs. I left it hanging off the foot of the bed this morning, and I guess she pulled it down and tried to snuggle in it. What a silly dog! I guess eventually she'll figure it out! LOL


~ A healthy body
~ A happy heart
~ A puppy dog who makes me laugh every single day
~ Cooler weather at last!


ForestJane said...

I read a story every year to the kids at the library about a weiner dog who's 'mom' dresses him up like a hotdog, and all the other dogs laugh at him. :)

Gail said...

The Boo quilt is adorable. I have fabrics for a small Halloween quilt, and the pattern, just have to get around to making it.

Anonymous said...

Love that quilt! (I got a bag of candy for my husband to dole out while I am in class...)

Patti said...

Happy anniversary! You give me hope for my dear friend Peggy who has been battling ovarian cancer for over 3 years now. Her numbers go down, then back up, then down, then back up. They are trying the fourth type of chemo right now. I don't think there are any others to try if this doesn't work. The last time we saw her - a couple weeks ago - she was hoping for research to hurry up and find something new to try. She is a fighter, but I can sense discouragement in her these last few months.

Love the Halloween quilt - you did a beautiful job. Especially love how the "Boo" comes out of the pumpkin stem.

Love your funny stories about Daisy!

Silverthimble said...

I love your Halloween Boo quilt! I particularly like the addition of the black cat! *VBS*

Bonnie said...

What a darling Halloween quilt!

Kim West said...

that is a great quilt - love the way the tendril of the pumpkin stem is done.

Shelina said...

Happy Anniversary. Here's to continued good health. That pumpkin is adorable. You've done a great job with it.

Darlene said...

Love the Boo quilt.

Happy Halloween to you

Happy Halloweiner to Daisy :-)

Angie said...

What an adorable Halloween quilt!! :) I have two of those 'wieniers'. LOL They are precious, are they not?? Happy Halloween!

Jeanne said...

A {{{HUG}}} for this anniversary .. and for your good health!
Happy Halloween!

Susan said...

What a darling quilt. I just love that stem and the cat peeking out.

Happy anniversary!

Mary Johnson said...

Happy 10th Anniversary - that's a great one to be celebrating.

Unknown said...

Lovely halloween quilt - yes my heart is in my mouth about kids in dark costumes and cars and we have much less trick or treating over here

Finn said...

Hi Vicky, sorry to be gone so much lately...I've missed your thoughts..*VBS*. I can tell you one wish will be granted on your 10 yr. anniversary..*S8

They announced last week that beginning in 2007 Standtime won't come back til Nov. 1st. It will start earlier in April(one week I think) and stay til Nov. Hopefull that will stop one worry at least!
Big hugs for your pumpkin boo....I love it! Hugs, Finn

Linda C said...

cute quilt, Vicky---I have some little charm packs from Benartex that I thought I might use for a Halloween quilt at some point--something like this might work!