Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fat Sixteenths

I'm a skeptic. I'll admit it. I didn't think a fat sixteenth of fabric was very usable. Now, sixteen yards would be usable, but a fat sixteenth?

I've been seeing the Jolly Patches at The Fat Quarter Shop (link in my sidebar) for a long time now, but I don't think I've ever ordered one. Charm squares I understand. Fat quarters I understand. But fat sixteenths?

Well, I've got to say that now I'm a believer! Yesterday I started cutting the Peach Cobbler kit I mentioned back a few blogs. In the kit was this Jolly Patches roll.

A fat sixteenth is a totally usable piece of fabric. It's 9 x 11. I can't tell you how many fat quarters I have floating around here that I only used half. And all those fat quarters that have missing hunks in them because I just needed one flower or six leaves for applique.

I don't know of a single quilt shop that will cut a fat sixteenth, or even an eighth yard, at least none around here. And most online shops have a minimum half-yard cut on fabrics. I've got a Jane Stickle quilt in the works (a really old UFO), and also am working on the applique blocks of another quilt. My friend is making the pieced blocks, and we're going to put them together into a quilt for her first granddaughter. In both of those quilts a fat quarter is way too much fabric, w-a-y too much! Fat sixteenths would have been perfect!

I needed 35 fat sixteenths for the Peach Cobbler pattern. There were 40 in the Jolly Patches roll. So I pulled five out that I know will be used in an applique project. Yep, I'm happy!

Something else ... those who know me well know that I hate cutting. Well, maybe that's a dramatic statement. I've been quilting for six years. The first four of them I had a shoulder that didn't work at all. So cutting was painful for me, so much so that I sort of learned to use the rotary cutter in my left hand. Although my shoulder is fine since the replacement, I haven't gotten over the cutting phobia. Yesterday I was faced with cutting six pieces from each of the 35 fat sixteenths. Yikes!

Having just worked on a Thimbleberries quilt, I remembered Lynette's suggestion about pressing two pieces of fabric together and cutting them at the same time. The pressing will make the fabrics stay together without slipping and sliding while you're cutting. So I did that yesterday and it works. This morning I wanted to finish cutting this pattern. I decided to try pressing three fat sixteenths together, and that worked great! I don't think I would try more than three, though. So I was on a cutting roll, and finished that job in short order!

I see a lot more fat sixteenths in my future! Gosh, if that light bulb had gone off in my feeble brain a long time ago, I might actually be able to fit all my stash in my stash room! Fat sixteenths - bring them on!!

As for the comments about the milking stool, I'm looking for a really small, condo friendly, house broken cow! ROFLOL. Oh, and excuse the darkish picture. It was late last night when I took it.


~ Fat sixteenths!!
~ Another project on its way to being completed
~ Looking forward to my new applique project starting tomorrow
~ Barbecued dinner last night
~ Emails!

Edit: I deleted a comment I made about a fat sixteenth being half of a fat quarter - because Jane corrected me when I got out to her house last night. A fat sixteenth is 9x11. A fat eighth is 9x22. So a fat sixteenth is half of a fat eighth. Confused? I was! This is, after all, higher math!! Thanks Jane!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why, You Ask?

And I answer, "Just because."

Jane and I went antiqueing again, as you can probably tell. I found two textile bobbins, we each found a darner, and I also found a neat metal hammered heart. But the ultimate find was the milking stool! ROFLOL. I have no idea where it'll go, but it will be somewhere in the living room. I think it will make a great conversation piece, don't you?

We had such a good time today. We stopped by a quilt shop, and then headed over to this huge antique store. They chased us out of there at closing time before we could even explore the whole place. We're already planning to go back maybe next weekend! I think there are a couple of big wooden hand-hewn bowls which might follow me home next time. Oh, and we had to stop at Bert & Rocky's ice cream joint on the way home! It's a good thing we didn't have a certain someone's address - or we would have crashed her slumber/sewing party!

This teeny cut on my finger is awfully sore. It's right up against my nail. I must have cut into a vein judging by the way it bled. My lip is still hurting a bit, but the ice cream helped that a lot!

I started cutting out Peach Cobbler quilt kit from the Fat Quarter Shop before Jane got here. It's going to sew together really fast. The fabric is yummy, just like peach cobbler. That reminds me - I need to eat some real food tonight. Guess I need to go through some drive-thru or other where they won't understand a word that comes out of this Cajun mouth!


~ The joy of spending the day with a good friend!
~ Laughing a lot at things we saw today!
~ Seeing more old sewing buddies at that quilt shop.
~ Wonderful candles
~ Absolutely gorgeous fall weather!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Not Worth the Bullet

Another of my dad's famous saying, "I'm not worth the bullet it'd take to shoot me."

The quilty blog will have to wait until tomorrow because:

~ I sliced the bejeebers out of my finger right before I left the office. One of those metal file clasps. Just took the Band-Aid off to check it and bled all over my shirt.

~ Eating my usual nutrious dinner of whatever I could find in the house. Tonight cashews and grits. Don't ask. Bit the inside of my bottom lip, and bled all over my shirt - again.

I'm going to bed. Just needed to whine and get some sympathy. Did it work? LOL

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

testing testing testing

Well, I guess it's working on Blogger, but I can't post anywhere else. I'm so disgusted with this same problem over and over and over again - that I could just scream. Sorry.

Oh, yeah, this is the first block of Strawberry Hill prepped and ready to needle turn.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Strawberry Hill

My next project: Did I already say I love Anne Sutton's Bunny Hill patterns?

My online group has a new October challenge -- make a needleturn applique block. So I decided to start a whole new project. Typical! You don't have to say it. I already know that's how I end up with so many UFOs! LOL. But the quilt shown on the pattern is made from the Folklorique line. I've got enough of that stuff to make three or four quilts. So might as well untie one of those towers that I tend to hoard and put it to good use. I've started prepping the first block. Well, actually I started with Block #5, the big house block in the middle. Hopefully the quilt will be done in time to put out for Easter.

I'm having so much fun with this holiday stuff. I'm waiting for my next All Things Christmas block from the Fat Quarter Shop. I got a notification that something shipped today. Maybe that was it. Only two more blocks on that one, and the scalloped borders. Definitely will get that one finished as the blocks come in. The pumpkin quilt has stalled on four blocks. But this weekend I want to get the next two blocks prepped and ready to needle. So it looks like I've got Christmas, the fall and Easter covered! Just finished the Halloween top. Isn't this fun? LOL But I must make that Mardi Gras wallhanging. I don't think I'm allowed to post just the fabric again on next Mardi Gras!

I'm going to be car shopping in the next couple of weeks. I hate the thought of that. Ugh! Wish me luck!

Let's see. What else?

Oh, I'm feeling still kind of mediocre. Not sick, but not well. The crud is swirling all around me, but I'm drinking a quart of orange juice a day and washing my hands a million times a day, taking Tylenol. I truly hope I don't get sick. Maybe my poor old body will fight this one off.

But the most important thing in the whole wide world - the giterdun is done or nearly done. Did you seen the pink/green monster on Judy's machine? That's it. Okay, confession time! I was so sick of that thing. I mean, every time I looked at it, my stomach got upset. So I asked Judy if she could get the borders on it for me. She said YES! Boy, you've never seen me ever package up anything so fast! She's been awfully kind and saying she doesn't hate it and all, but I know she really does. And then it was so huge that it barely fit on her machine. She'll have to explain how she made it fit. I know I was pushing the envelope on our friendship by asking her to do that, and I hope she knows how grateful I am to her! Judy, if there's ANYTHING I can EVER do for you, all you have to do is ask! I OWE YOU BIG TIME! ILY!!

So that's it from my little corner of the universe. Nothing exciting at all. Hopefully I'll have a picture of some recent quilty accomplishment in the next few days. If not, stay tuned!


~ A good decision.
~ Friends.
~ Family
~ Work.
~ Daisy dog.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Top Finished

This is the completed Spooky Nights top. I should have laid it on the floor - so you couldn't see my quilty stuff spread all over the place! LOL

Sewing, Grand Openings and Ponderings

What a loaded title line! This weekend has been quiet. I've done a bit of sewing, applique prep, and just basically taking it easy, trying to feel better, and enjoying the moist, cool weather. I was offline yesterday until very late in the day. That happens when it rains. I guess it's a good thing it doesn't rain here often! To get the chill out of the house, I lit the fireplace and snuggled up next to Daisy on the sofa to prep some applique. If you're looking for a nice light, feel-good movie, check out "The Holiday." We enjoyed watching it.

Spooky Nights is assembled. I had a tough time, as usual, with this setting. I don't know why my brain scrambles when figuring out those corners. I actually unsewed a whole row, only to realize I had done it correctly the first time. (sigh) But I think it turned out cute! Will post a picture a little later. I forgot to recharge my camera batteries.

And the box is unpacked. Lots of borders and backings for jelly rolls and charms. It's time to start sewing some of those up! And three kits - I poked those buttons because I want to do easy stuff for the rest of the year. After seeing the peach cobbler recipe at Anne Sutton's site, I want to work on this one first!
Can't you just smell that peach cobbler baking in the oven? And isn't this pattern and fabric just gorgeous! Beautiful and easy! Yes!!

The ponderings - just had my hand slapped while trying to reach out to someone. I know that someday the truth will come to light. It always does. Until then, I'm comfortable with the fact that I tried, but I'm now done trying. The venom and poison spewing forth from a hateful, twisted soul continues. Nothing I can do will change that.

Had a nice long chat with a friend last night. We haven't talked in like forever. We say "hi" on our online group forum, but it's special when we actually get to talk. And, yes, I was sleeping when you called! LOL. But thanks for calling me back with the time so I could set my clocks! The electricity went off for a while! Everything was blinking at me! The microwave is dead as a doornail (I need to look up the origin of that phrase) after the power outage. I wonder if there's a reset button somewhere on it. Guess I'll have to call for maintenance to come by. That's the good part about renting! LOL.
Off to see what other sewing trouble I can get into today. The slug I call a dog is snoozing loudly. Maybe I need to turn on some music to drown her out! But maybe she has the right idea! Maybe a nap at 9:30 a.m. is in order for me, too!
~ "Autumn Wreath" Yankee candle. Thank you, Jane!
~ Bacon and eggs for dinner last night. Comfort food!
~ The giterdun is loaded on Judy's longarm as we speak! More on that later.
~ Feeling peaceful

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Look what was waiting for me on my doorstep tonight. Couldn't even lift the doggone thing! Had to get the dolly just to get it in the house!

Don't ask me what's in it. I'm going to wait until this weekend to open it when I'm not so tired. A box that big deserves plenty of attention! I want to oooh and aaah over everything in there - all beautifully packaged, I'm sure, by Kimberly at the FQ Shop.

The weather has turned fallish. I won't get the fall decorations out just yet, though, because I'm sure the hot weather will be back. It was wonderful last night. I got so cold that I had to shiver my way downstairs to get a second quilt for my bed. I should have lit the fireplace and snuggled up in front of it.

I may be trying to get sick. I hope not. I've got quilts to make!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Sewed!

See? Sometimes I actually DO sew!

Ginger's 1st Anniversary Sale

I was totally exhausted when I got home. No, not from shopping.

The sale started at 10:00. I didn't get there until about 10:45. When I got close enough to see the store, I saw a line of women (and men) stretching around the building. Found a parking place a good ways away, and got in line.

There were so many people there when the store opened that Ginger couldn't let them all in at one time. However, those waiting outside were all in a festive mood. Ginger had set up a covered tented area where they were serving free hotdogs, chips, potato salad and cold water. So no one was unhappy.

Of course, I just had to add some comic relief. Everytime someone walked out of the store, I got the crowd cheering and yelling, "Big bag! Hooray!" It was hilarious.

About 45 minutes of waiting in line and then Ginger walked outside. She saw me and said, "Jane's been looking for you. We need your help inside." Of course, she said this real loudly so others wouldn't think I was getting preferential treatment. So I zipped inside, stuck my purse under the counter, and grabbed a pile of bolts behind the cutting counter that needed to be put away. The store was packed. When I say "packed," I don't think I can even describe it.

There was a bluegrass band playing inside which added even more to the festive atmosphere. Everyone in line was toe-tapping and singing along. The cutters were singing, a really elderly woman pushing an oxygen tank was doing a little dance. It was so much fun. What wasn't fun was fighting my way through the crowds to put bolts back on the shelves. The funny part was I'd head off to a certain section of the store, and before I got there, women had plucked those bolts out of my arms!

About 3:30 or so the crowd thinned out a tad, and I decided to look around for myself. It's funny how bolts you see sitting there every week suddenly become appealing in a 25% off sale! I was pretty good, though. Four yards of the black for the "Happy Hauntings" project which I'll begin in a couple of months; 6.5 yards of the light batik for a background to use up some of those batiks I have; 3.5 yards of the Chocolat paisley will be perfect for the borders or back of a Christmas applique project; and 2.5 yards of the creamy neutral just because. All of these were what was left on the bolt. (I didn't want any of that fabric to think I didn't love it!) Oh, and one Lori Smith pattern, Golden Memories. I needed sewing machine needles, but I totally forgot about those until a few minutes ago.

I'm not real good at estimating crowds and things, but I'd say there were a couple of hundred empty bolt boards when I left at 4:00. And they were still cutting fabric.

A couple of funnies that I overheard: One lady asked a cutter if there were any rules on the yardage lengths for the sale. The cutter told her one yard. The lady, in a disappointed voice, said she really wanted a yard and a half. The cutter quickly added the word "minimum." I don't know why that struck me as funny. Then a few minutes later, someone asked me if she could get "a 4/8th yard cut." Still chuckling over the other comment, I told her I was sorry but they could only cut 8/8th yard cuts for the sale. I shouldn't have told her that because she looked confused, but she laughed when I changed that to one yard. She was doubling the fabric requirements for a pattern and it just came out that way. I'm still smiling over it, though. I really shouldn't EVER work in retail! LOL

Plus, I'm not used to standing up that long. At the end of the day, my lower back was hurting, the back of my calves were hurting. My hands were sore from picking up bolts. I was a sorry mess! Of course, nothing that a couple of Tylenol Extra Strength couldn't take care of. Heck, I wish we could do it all over again today. It was fun!

As I told my online group, I'm done shopping for like forever! Truly! Today I sew!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Okay, I'll Admit It

I'll admit defeat. I was poking buttons tonight - a lot of them. If you're going to kick me off of the stash ring, please make it painless!

But I HAVE been sewing lately! In fact, I'm going to sew a lot this weekend. But first thing tomorrow, I have to head over to Ginger's for their one-year anniversary blow-out. I don't need anything. I don't want anything. But there's going to be live music and hot dogs ........ I know, I know, putting me in the middle of a store-wide sale is dangerous. But I'm all poked out tonight!

I'm going to finish up a couple of Christmas wallhangings tomorrow. The Holly Jolly Christmas one I made a couple of weeks ago, and also the gingerbread men one. And then last the borders on the Bundling Board, and the embroidery on All Things Christmas. That should keep me busy!

I went through a few months of not wanting to sew much, so this feels good. Even the buying part feels good, because it's motivated me.

So if you need me, holler loudly. Miss Bernina will be humming away and I might not hear you!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another ATC Block Done

Four blocks done now. Well, not totally done as there's some embroidery on a couple of the blocks remaining. The fourth block needs reindeer antlers and a rope/string from the reindeer to the package. I'll do that this weekend.

This week at work -- it hasn't been pretty. So let's not talk about it!

I was awakened this morning at 4:30 by a large thump and my bed moving. It was only a 3.7 earthquake, and far enough away that I shouldn't have felt it at all. So I was up then. No point in going back to sleep for 30 minutes. It's been a long day. LOL

Sharon at figured out tonight who my friend Jane is. LOL. I've met Sharon on a couple of occasions - although I don't expect her to remember that! But anyway, we decided to share Jane!


~ Tomorrow's another day!

~ Light traffic tonight, for a change!

~ Feeling a bit more combobulated today!
~ Trying to decide on the next project! What fun!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Spooky Nights

No, that's not my evenings here at home. It's the name of the quilt I worked on today. It's a kit I picked up at BEFORE I decided to collect Halloween fabrics. LOL. Anyway, these blocks went together in a couple of hours this morning, and I planned on spending the rest of the day doing the sashings and setting triangles.

BUT ........ the next installation block for All Things Christmas arrived! So I'm going to work on that instead. And I wonder why I accumulate so many UFOs! However, this quilt is going to get finished next weekend, as well as the Quilts in a Bag blocks I did a couple of months ago. It's time to start finishing up some things!
I was talking to Jane last night about some of these UFOs that are near finished. I have the red and white shooting stars that's close to done, and also I just need to get a final border on Bundling Board. Those will in line for work the following weekend.
Two UFOs a week - I can do that!! Now that doesn't include the quilting because I won't be doing that anyway. But it will include getting the bindings pieced and ready to go on when the quilts are back from being quilted. Sounds like a do-able plan to me!
This weekend was another lazy one. My left shoulder is really aching me, so much so on Friday night that I totally convinced myself I was having a heart attack. Needless to say I didn't sleep much. Then yesterday the pain was radiating across my chest. Today it's going up my neck into the back of my head. And, yes, this is my good shoulder! LOL. I thought maybe it was a pulled muscle, but now it feels more like a pinched nerve. Extra Strength Tylenol hasn't made much a dent in the pain, and I don't want to take anything stronger because those kind of pills make me feel stupid. Guess I'll be checking in with my doc next week. I HATE getting old!
I think I'm going to light the BBQ grill in a bit and cook some hamburgers. Then I won't have to think about food for a couple of nights this week!
Edit: Daisy is SO not talking to me! I foogerbooed her into the bathtub, and now she's hiding under my bed. This pout will last a good two days!!
~ Beautiful weekend with much cooler temps!
~ A long talk with a close friend today! ILY!
~ Laughing out loud at Daisy's snoring!
~ Laughing at myself a lot this weekend! I crack myself up!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Bulletin! Bulletin!

I went to the market tonight!! $156 and I didn't buy anything that wasn't food or cleaning stuff! Not a magazine, nothing!

I was going to dive in and start cleaning tonight, but I think I'll wait until the morning. It's not going anywhere! Besides, I'd rather be quilting!

What a long four-day week. But we did have birthday cake for the VP today. I just ate a teeny piece because I figured all the guys wanted seconds. They did! LOL

I don't have a picture tonight of anything worthy of blogging. Tomorrow I'll post at least one Patchwork Party block because that's what I'm going to start on right now!!

The Week

I have absolutely nothing to blog about since last weekend except about my brother.

He's had a second surgery to correct his back problem. He was in an accident four years ago and has really been suffering ever since. A month before his house burned he had the first surgery where they fixed two discs, but it didn't seem to help much. So on Tuesday he underwent a second surgery where rods and screws were inserted. He called me yesterday morning and said he felt wonderful! I asked him if it was the morphine talking!! LOL He's so excited because he can feel his toes for the first time in four years!

Don and Gail have been through so much in the past four years. It all started with that bad accident. Then the house burning down from a lightning; Gail's mother dying; almost losing Don this year with the intestinal bleeding; another accident two months ago where Gail had a broken arm; and now this surgery for Don.

These two people are just the sweetest and loving, most devoted couple I know. I've never prayed so hard or worried so much as I have over them! They both laughed when I told them I was going to wrap them in bubble wrap the next time I saw them because I've used up my worry quota!

This weekend I plan to clean house and sew. Doesn't that sound boring? Hopefully I'll start the Patchwork Party blocks. If I can get half of them done this weekend, then I can devote another weekend soon to getting them finished. That's my plan anyway! And maybe another pumpkin block or two can get prepped. Oh, and I'm going to start Judy's string quilt. I'm way behind on my timeline for that one!

Kimberly at is having a fun game and giveaway! If you haven't already done so, hop on over there and join in the fun! I never win anything, so your entry stands a very good chance!! LOL


~ My brother is doing well!
~ Weather report - the heat let up a bit yesterday; it was 87 at lunchtime!
~ A certain sense of peace that I haven't felt in quite a while.
~ As ever, my Daisy dog!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


When I was finishing up the gingerbread men blocks this weekend, I suddenly realized I had no buttons for the blasted things. And I sure didn't want to go out in the heat (had to throw in some weather here!) just to get buttons.

I put them aside for a moment, and then the lightbulb came on. I remembered I had gotten buttons a couple of years ago at a quilt shop near Jane's house. But where were they? I looked in a drawer of my sewing table first because that's where I would put them now. And there they were! Amazing! LOL

These aren't the prettiest or the best buttons in the world. But for $3.99 a bag, with probably over 100 in each bag, they'll do just fine! I saw them in a couple of booths at Road to California quilt show last January, too. There are all sizes and shapes in each bag. Perfect!

Just goes to show if you hang onto quilty things long enough, you'll finally find a use for them! At least that's what I'm hoping for that drawful of rulers that are still in the packages!

Monday, September 03, 2007

I Couldn't Stop!

Went ahead and finished up the other two sections of Thimbleberries Hometown Christmas to finish the first book. NOW I can clean my sewing area! LOL

Hometown Christmas Section 1

Yesterday when I was done with the gingerbread men, I decided to go ahead and do some cutting on Hometown Christmas. But once I have things cut, it's hard not to sew on them. Miss Bernina was real excited because I turned her on! But she let me know she was tired when she used up all the bobbin thread! All of my bobbins were empty! LOL. Time to head to bed.

There is a list of Hometown Christmas folks in Kim's sidebar. Has anyone else started?

So I'm done with my commitment until September 15th! For once I didn't procrastinate. Amazing!

I really enjoyed myself yesterday. I sewed on whatever suited my fancy! Both Christmas things! I had no TV on, no radio. All quiet on the homefront, except for Daisy's snoring. It gave me a chance to ponder things a bit and reflect on the last year.

Last year this time I was worried sick about Don and Gail, and was scheduling my trip home to see them. Their house had burned in August and they had removed debris and started the rebuild.

Last year this time I was really stressed, not only with their sadness, but with work stuff.

Last year this time I was coming off of fabric depression month. I was good for a long time after that, but, boy, have I fallen off the wagon again. Maybe I need to check into one of those celebrity rehab centers to cure my addiction! Oh, wait, those don't work! LOL

Last year this time I was really wanting to get back into my applique. It took a while for me to do that, but I'm glad I did.

Last year this time my house was clean and now it's messy. I've decided I can't sew and be neat at the same time!

Last year this time it wasn't quite so hot.

Last year this time I was fretting over the giterdun fabric. A year later I'm fretting over the borders. Guess not much headway made there. :(

Last year this time I was happy. Now I'm happier.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Got them dressed!

I see a crooked button, but it's going to stay that way! LOL. I don't think it will take as long to do the rest of the wallhanging as it took to do these three little guys!

This is from the Possibilities book, "More Joy to the World." I'll finish it up another time. I'm tired of it now! LOL

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Errand day!

Dip & clip at 8:00. Check!
Oil and filter change at 10:00. Check!
Car wash .........X X X X X X. Tomorrow.
Market ........ X X X X X X. Maybe after dark.
It was 94 at 7:45 this morning on the way to the hair salon. It was 100 on the way home a bit ago. High today in my town is predicted to be 106. Enough errands for one day!

I chuckled again that I have the weather so much in my blogs. It reminded me of all Dad's letters when I went off to college. Every single letter talked about the weather! And call my brother and we have a weather discussion right off the bat. It must be in our genes and chromosomes!
I figured out my confusion on the borders for the gingerbread men wallhanging last night, and appliqued one of the three men down. I was really engrossed in a Diana special and was just stitching away. This morning the first thing I thought of when I woke up was that I had forgotten to put the rickrack on the blasted thing. So I'll be unstitching part of it today and adding the r'rack. Sheesh!

Now to change into something more comfortable - and then try to round up this quilty stuff into my sewing room and stash room. I wonder if I could rent the condo next door, too. Hmmm...