Thursday, September 22, 2011


Have you ever been so tired you can't think straight any more? And then when you finally get to bed, you can't sleep because your mind is still working?

That's where I am right now.

I emailed Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop today and told her I was too busy to poke buttons but I kind of knew what I wanted. So she did my shopping for me. How cool is that?!! I love that shop!

I did get out for a couple of minutes today to deposit my last three paychecks. They were sitting on my desk, and then I found one of them in a stack of documents I was shredding. It was time to get them in the bank. It would be awfully embarassing to have to do a stop pay and reissue my checks.

That's it from here. I'm going to bed. I'm so tired I'm not even hungry.

Hope everyone is stitching some for me!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


A two hour pause today to stitch the "Remembrance" block in memory of 9/11 ten years ago.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Perfect Storm

I had a gut feeling this would happen. Two MAJOR things at work, projects that I've been working on months on one and a year on the other -- well, they're both culiminating at the same time. The next two weeks will be horrible, and for the next 60 days I'll be working long days and most weekends. I honestly don't know how I can be in two places at once, but I'll give it the old college try.

Yes, my internet went down again on Monday and was down until a few minutes ago. I have them coming out again on Saturday morning to hopefully trace the problem. If they can't, then I'm having it disconnected and I'll look for another provider.

Quilting -- none. Poking buttons -- not at all. Petting fabric -- nope.

Keep me in your thoughts through this period. And keep Penny in your thoughts, too. She is so cute when she throws herself at me when I finally get home at night. She just wants some attention. That's not asking for much, is it?

Please take some stitches for me!!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Inspiration Thank You!

I knew if I put out a call for help, quilters would respond. And respond you did! I spent yesterday looking at all of the ideas from readers. I poked a few buttons for patterns, magazines, and pre-ordered a book mentioned. Next week most of those should be arriving. I'll be immersed in reading and planning - and hopefully reach a decision.

This decision isn't really as hard as I'm probably making it. It's just that I don't want to just buy fabric without a plan, but I want to make sure I have enough of this gorgeous stuff. Hence, the pondering about this tower. Wait, did I just say that? Buying fabric without a plan? Yep, I think I did ...

I was walking through the kitchen yesterday and I saw a book sitting on the counter (don't ask) waiting to be put away. It had houses on the front. Back to the computer to look at Carrie Nelson's new pattern just posted on her blog. Scroll down to see "Full House" that several of you mentioned. By George, houses it might be.

I have a bunch of patterns with houses. I have the Marti Michell templates for the schoolhouse blocks. I have youthful vim and vigor. Okay, I'm delusional about that last one! :) :)

{OMG, the loudest thunder just shook the place. We hardly ever hear thunder in SoCal. And now it's raining! I love it!}

Back to houses, I did a quick pull from the pattern stash.

I also threw in that Long Tall Sally pattern by Miss Rosie just because the colors on the pattern front caught my eye.

So no decision yet, but at least, thanks to you, I see the possibilities now!

You know what? You rock! And the rain lasted for a grand total of five minutes.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Pattern Dilemma

Maybe all of the talented quilters out in bloggerland can help me on this one.

I have this tower of Little Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings that I picked up at the Fat Quarter Shop a month ago.

Well, they have yardage now so I want to snag some of that while the getting is good. I know it won't hang around forever.

My problem -- I don't know what to make with this. I love the range of neutrals from cream to black. I've looked around for patterns this morning and I'm stuck.

Since my readers are much more talented and smart than I am ......... HELP!!!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

She's Baaaack

Well, maybe she is. The internet connection was zipping when the tech left, and now it's wonky again. Better hurry up and get this posted before it conks out! Again.

Busy week. Yesterday my hands started shaking and I realized how hungry I was. I got up from my desk to grab lunch and glanced at my watch. It was 5:20!! Need to pay attention to that sort of thing from now on.

I've been organizing this morning ... ROFLOL. I think it's hopeless. Officially reached the fabric saturation point here. Plan on getting a couple of projects finished up this weekend and off my sewing table. Not that that will help any with the saturation situation, but at least I'll feel better about it! Gotta love the way I think!

But I do have a quilt to show off.

This is "Tulip Time" by Anne Sutton of Bunnyhill Designs. Don't you love it when your favorite designers decide they need to reduce their quilt stash! I have collected quite a few quilts made by my heroes but I didn't have a Bunnyhill quilt. Now I do! It's gorgeous! Thank you, Anne, for giving me the opportunity to add you to the collection! The pattern is on the Bunnyhill site here. Darn, she has the cutest patterns!

Penny is in her kennel right now. I was going to spring her loose when the tech left, but I noticed she was sound asleep. You know what they say .. let sleeping dogs lie! So I guess this means I need to put off vacuuming until she wakes up? :)

Off to finish clearing off the sewing table. I know there's a Bernina under there somewhere!

I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend. Hoping my friends back East have power now after Irene. And I'm praying for those folks getting soaked with rain right now from Lee. I offered to order up the Ark for my brother this morning. He replied that maybe that would be a good idea as he saw pairs of animals heading to the bayou!

Sorry. That kinda humor runs in the family...........

Update: Well, in the process of fixing my internet connection, they screwed up the TV connections. Guess I won't be watching LSU today. Appointment, a week from today. That does it. I'm moving!

Update to Update: TVs are back on. Guess they fixed it outside. I really don't think they wanted to deal with me again today! Geaux Tigers!!!