Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2009!!

Don't forget - whatever you do on New Year's Day, you do for the rest of the year! So take a few stitches!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Star BOM #9 and #10

#9. I'm catching up on Judy's Star BOM. Of course, I should be vacuuming .......


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stash Report Week 52!!!!!

Well, I made it through the year keeping tabs on things, and what an eye-opener it was! And what comic relief for readers!!

The last order of the year arrived. I got in two yards of Sumptuous Living pink; a Lucien tower, 7.5 yards; and a Twice the Charm pack of Sumptuous Living, 2.5 yards, I think. So 12 yards in - and nothing out!

I was playing around with a spreadsheet this morning, trying to find a neater way of keeping track. I decided just to get another small notebook like the one I used this year. I have lots of margin notes in it and that helped to remind me of things this year. Today I thought I had forgotten to buy some border fabric earlier in the year, and I looked back in my book and found I had purchased it. I also found a lot of other things I've already forgotten about! LOL. Honest to Pete, I forget things almost immediately these days. I wonder if old-timer's disease has set in! Hmmm....

I'm really ready to sew up a storm in 2009. The first six months will be extremely busy at work, but I'm going to focus on the work during the week so my weekends will be free to sew. I'm going to sew something every night, though, which means I should always have an applique block prepped. Most nights I'm too tired to turn on the sewing machine, but I do often sit and stitch for a bit if something is ready to go. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Thanks for organizing this, Judy. I failed miserably this year, but there's always next year!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 491.25 yards
Purchased: 788.00 yards
Net YTD: <296.75> yards busted

Better Late than Never

Well, they're done. I didn't do as well as everyone else with getting them done on time, but, hey, I'm ready for the next month's blocks to come in! Tomorrow I catch up on Judy's Star BOM, and then it'll start all over again!

I've spent the laziest two days. I had the best intentions, but decided that all these goals I had set were self-imposed and it wouldn't matter if I took a day or two to myself. Well, unfortunately now tomorrow will be a busy day for me. I'm the procrastinator queen of all times!

I baked a ham today and it was good. So I'll sleep well tonight with a full tummy. Most of the time during the week I don't eat anything when I get home. That's probably why I toss and turn. Need to develop better habits on that score.

Daisy's been curled up in her quilt in front of the fireplace all day. She has her talking ball underneath the covers with her, and every once in a while I'll hear it chattering away. LOL. She really is a funny dog.

I've just made a list of UFOs that I want to finish next year. I needed 11, one a month except for December. I could only come up with six that I really want to finish. So for the other months I put things on my list like, "Bind all quilts that need binding." "Borders and backings for all quilts needing same." Maybe my list is way too ambitious! :) But I'll give it the old college try!

Next weekend is devoted to the stash room. I'm serious. I need to switch it around, and I can't do that until I organize in there and get those shelves emptied. Wanta bet I procrastinate on that, too?

Off to put my feet up and watch a movie. Tomorrow I clean house!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Simply Sophisticated Month 3 Winner!

I'm so sorry about being late. Every time it rains I lose my internet connection. Today it's been off and on. I hope I can get this posted before it conks out again!

I've been adding names to the hat as soon as I was notified by email or blog comment that you had finished your blocks for the Simply Sophisticated BOM! I shook them all up and drew a name!

BETH at Beth's Crafts is the lucky winner this month of a $25 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop! Congratulations, Beth! See? Sometimes it does pay to be the first one in the hat! I'll email your gift certificate to you in a few minutes!

Again, I'd like to thank Kimberly and Kevin, and the adorable Miss Emma, for generously donating the gift certificates for the monthly drawing! Please drop by The Fat Quarter Shop, or go to their blog to say thank you for all of us!

Beth, we want to see what you buy!!!!!!

There are nine more months of drawings for the Simply Sophisticated finishers. It's not to late to sign up for the BOM at The Fat Quarter Shop and to get your monthly blocks done! I might even have an extra drawing for those of you who finish all the blocks! You just never know! :) :)

Christmas was Wonderful!

I spent the day with Jane, her sweet DH, and her daughter and friend. It was a fabulous day! Christmas morning is always a tad bit lonely here by myself. I guess it's the kid in me, but I miss the activity of opening presents and being around people that you love on Christmas morning. I was thinking about Christmases past, and then I realized that I'd rather be alone on this one morning than put up with what's-his-name for the other 364 days! It's the price I paid for happiness!!! LOL.

Anyway, I called my two nieces. It was good to chat with them for a bit. Then I called Don and Gail. They are at my nephew's house, and with the little kids there I'm sure they had a ball! Don and I chatted for a rather long time, even for us! We got to talking about some of Mom recipes - jambalaya, oyster dressing, eggplant casserole, homemade macaroni & cheese.... We decided that when I visit in the fall of 2009, we're going to get in the kitchen and try to replicate all of the fabulous dishes from growing up. Don says he has the jambalaya down almost perfect, and I can ace her cornbread dressing. The whole conversation came up when I said I was taking Mom's smothered baby yellow squash over to Jane's. It doesn't take much to get the two of us strolling down memory lane! I love him so much and we have the best time together. Don, if you're reading this, I miss you!!

Jane's DH cooks the BEST turkey! I've tried to cook turkeys all my life, but hardly ate any because they always tasted dry to me. Well, his is so moist and tender. I had to admit it, but I started out with a helping for three! LOL. Green beans and gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread dressing and gravy ... oh, wait, that's too much gravy! Boy, was it good! Jane also made a recipe of Judy's, and I can't find it on her site. It was a gelled salad with cranberries, cherries, pineapple, nuts. I thought it was awesome! Maybe Judy will point it out to us or post it again. It's definitely one I'd like to have again.

Santa left my presents over at their house! Silly boy! :) Lots of goodies, DVDs ... they were way too generous. I've always said Jane can find the best notions, and she proved me right this year. Here are a couple.

This is the new Gingher designer rotary cutter. This thing is awesome! I know we all have a lot of cutters, but this one is a must-have! The handle is weighted, and I love the ergonomic design of it. It feels like it's part of my hand. I'm going to give it a work-out tomorrow! I love that it has its own tin. This one won't get buried in my sewing room! Oh, and the best part - a leftie can use it, too, without changing the blade around. I learned to cut with either hand as I started quilting right after I shattered my shoulder. So this is perfect for me!

Another thing that I'm just gah-gah over is the thread caddy! It holds 126 spools of my Guterrman applique thread! It's on a lazy susan base. I can't remember the name of the company that sells them as I left the box at Jane's house, but it was advertised in that Mark Lupinski magazine and maybe others. Jane knew I was never happy with my thread storage system, always searching for colors I needed. Wow, this thing is awesome! I came right home and had the most fun playing with it and getting it loaded. There is "some assembly required" - her sweet DH sat there for the longest time getting all the pegs in it. I think it made his Christmas day because he's the "some assembly required" guy! He was missing that now that his daughter is all grown up! LOL. Thank you both so much! As they day down South, I'm happy as a pig in mud now!!!!! I'll post the name of the company when I find it. They also sell another model that holds bigger spools and cones.

Oh, I did it again. This post is so long! When I got home last night from Jane's my internet was out due to all the rain. So I had a long night to think about the wonderful day!

If any Simply Sophisticate BOM makers are still reading way down here at the bottom of this post, I'll make a new post in three hours or so to announce the December drawing winner of a $25 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop. There's still a little time if you're still sewing and trying to get your blocks finished up!! Post your finishes HERE!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope a lot of you are off today like I am!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stash Report Week 51

Simply Sophisticated BOM block makers -- report your finished blocks HERE to be entered into the December drawing for a gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop! Good luck!


The Stash Report:

Nothing busted, nothing purchased! But before everyone starts congratulating me on a fine week, I do have an order coming from The Fat Quarter Shop that will be reported next week. Then I THINK that's all for the year! ROFLOL. Go ahead - laugh!

Jane and I spent a wonderful day together for her early birthday celebration, and then her sweet DH joined us for a great dinner. We actually went into a fabric shop and looked around, and we both came out empty handed! We were high-fiving and whooping it up!!! See? It can be done! I'm just glad Kimberly's shop is online and several states removed from where I live! Oh, my, I'd be in serious trouble if I had hands-on access to her inventory!!

Judy's stash report this week included some fabric sent to her from my stash for charity quilts. I was delighted to send things her way this year, and most of that has already been made into quilts and are comforting someone who desparately needed comforting. That's what it's all about! Thank you, Judy, for your generosity and for your constant inspiration! I'll be sewing and busting right along with you in 2009!!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 491.25 yards
Purchased: 776.00 yards
Net YTD: <284.75> yards busted

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Catching Up

Before I move on with this post, I'd just like to remind the Simply Sophisticated BOM makers that the drawing for this month's gift certificate generously donated by Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop will be held on the morning of Dec. 26th. So if you've found the time to make your blocks this month, please post HERE! Good luck!! If you haven't been able to make them this month, just move on and do January's blocks when they arrive so you can be entered into the January drawing. And if you're sitting on the fence about this gorgeous BOM, there's still time to sign up! The link is in my sidebar, or click here! This is going to be a beautiful quilt!


My life has been moving along at its usual hectic clip, and then with Christmas tossed in for good measure ... well, let's just say I'm worn out! My lurker friend, Jan, told me last night at the quilt shop that I needed to post something new! LOL.

One of the most fun things I've done this year is join the 12 Days of Christmas swap with my online group. It's really fun to put together for the person whose name you were given. Day 1 is a bag, a picture of which I posted on Sunday. Day 2, two patterns. Day 3, three spools of thread. Four fat quarters. A five-point star.

Day 6 is six blocks awaiting. The blocks I received were a dead giveaway as to who had my name! My dear friend, Lady Baltimore, is the most wonderful appliquer! Of course, I had already guessed who she was, and the anticipation for Day 6 was just almost too much to bear! Here are my six blocks. The pattern is by Elizabeth Scott at Late Bloomer Quilts, Vintage Christmas!

This is not a very good picture due to poor lighting, but I think you can see they are gorgeous!

Day 7, today, is seven strips a-sizzling! Lady B gave me seven strips for the inside border, and the outer border/binding fabric! She also included the most beautiful gold lace trim to embellish the ornaments! I absolutely can't wait to put this quilt together. The only word I can find to describe her work is STUNNING!!

The remaining packages to open on the next few days are: an eight ingredient recipe, nine Christmas candies, ten six-inch squares, eleven buttons and twelve note cards. In the last package is the reveal of who your secret friend is! This has been so much fun! One of the participants thinks she has guessed me as her Elf. I think the blocks are very revealing! LOL

Today we're going to celebrate Jane's birthday which is really next week. I'm going to pick her up a little later and we're going to explore a new gift shop in her area. We always have so much fun shopping, and it never fails that we have an "adventure," mostly due to my driving! Then we'll snag her DH and all go out to dinner. It's going to be a fun day!

First stop for me today is the bank. I made it all the way to the bank yesterday only to find that the CEO had forgotten to sign my check. You'd think I would have noticed that! On second thought, I'll just wait until Monday. It'll probably be a zoo there today! Okay, that's off my list. I'd best get off of the computer and get going on the rest of the errands!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Simply Sophisticated Month 3

I'm not proving to be a very good leader, am I? My fabric is sitting out on my cutting table, and it's next up. I'll have them done before the 25th, I promise!! In fact, I'm heading in there right now to cut them!

When you have completed your third monthly Simply Sophisticated BOM purchased from The Fat Quarter Shop, you must post a picture of your blocks on your blog and comment here so that we can go view those gorgeous things. If you don't have a blog, simply email me with a picture of your blocks to be entered into the drawing. Kimberly, Kevin and the adorable Miss Emma at The Fat Quarter Shop have donated the $25 gift certificates for the drawings. I'd like to thank them again for making this BOM so much fun, and motivating us to do the blocks each month!

It may be hard for some of you to get your blocks done this month what with all the holidays celebrations going on. If you get behind this month, just skip ahead to the January blocks so you can be entered in that drawing. See? We make it real easy for everyone to play along! There are absolutely NO excuses allowed!! LOL And wouldn't it be fun to end the year with shopping excursion using your winning gift certificate!!

The drawing will be held around 10:00 California time on December 26th. All finishes until about an hour before then will be entered! So get those blocks finished up!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stash Report Week 50

This is it for me for the year. I have two weeks left to bust something ... anything ... but with the holidays, I don't see that happening. I'm not going to give up just yet.

I added another 6.75 yards to a charity box that I still haven't mailed out. It's in the QuiltMobile so it'll be out of here this week. I need to go ahead and send it because it's getting heavier and heavier. LOL

The fabric I ordered last week has arrived. Nature's Chorus. I just love this stuff. There were a couple of other miscellaneous pieces, but the total was 20 yards purchased. I can't wait to start using this fabric. It's for me, for my bed! Gosh, I feel selfish even typing that it's for me, but it is! :)

Today was Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas exchange that I joined in an online group. Day 1 was a bag, any kind of bag. Well, here's my bag! It's gorgeous, huge, and has my initials on it. And it's full of the other 11 days' presents!

The small blue ball was a gift in there for Daisy. This little ball talks! No kidding! My secret partner mailed the box to Jane so I wouldn't see from where it came. Jane said when the FedEx guy delivered it, he expressed concern that "something" might be wrong with the package because it was making noise. The ball activates when it's jostled or moved. It talked to Jane in her car, and it talked to me in my car. When I got home with the box Daisy was intrigued by the box. I decided to find the source of the talking for her when I opened the box today. It's so funny watching her with the ball. She nudges it with her nose, and when it starts talking, she backs away from it with her butt in the air. Hilarious! I'm going to have a ton of fun taunting her with that this year!

I've slept so much this weekend that I'm wide awake now at 2:00 a.m. I must head back to bed to see if I can get back on a normal schedule. I need to go into the office for a while today to sort out the pile that I'm sure accumulated on my desk after I left early on Friday.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 491.25 yards
Purchased: 776.00 yards
Net YTD: <284.75> yards busted


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sick Sewing

Well, it would be better put that I'm sewing sick. Came down with a stomach flu yesterday. I left work at 1:30, something I never do. Needless to say, it was a long night last night. I feel shaky but somewhat better today. This kind of blows the heck out of the errands I needed to run today.

I decided to see if I could get something done this morning. I made the seventh block on the Designer Mystery BOM from my favorite Peace on Earth fabric. This is the first time I've laid them all out together. I haven't squared the blocks yet, but can already tell it's going to be a dynamite quilt!

Next up is the Sweet Treasures BOM block. Then Block 9 on Judy's Star BOM.

I'll be posting the Simply Sophisticated blog post this weekend, so stay tuned. This is a tough month to try to get our blocks done, but we'll keep the finishing date for the blocks and your entry into the drawing for the 25th. I'll draw the winner of the $25 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop around 10:00 a.m. Pacific time on December 26th. Remember, you have to post a picture of your finished blocks on your blog and let us know that you've done it, or email me a picture of your finished blocks to be entered into the contest. If you just can't get it done this month, never fear. There will be a drawing every month until the BOM ends.

Well, I'm heading back to the Bernina for as long as I can. I'm sick of being sick!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing to Talk About

Honestly, I have nothing to blog about these days. Work, home, work, home, cough cough, work, home.

This weekend I plan on sewing. The project that's out on my sewing table is still the Merry & Bright fabric, and a little progress has been made but not much.

The annual fire inspection of the condos was this week. Last year they busted me on the extension cords behind my sewing table, so I just unplugged them this year. Remind me I did that when I panic because the Bernina won't turn on. I was puzzled why they would choose to do this right before the holidays, but I guess it's all about the Christmas trees and lights. Since I still have pumpkins on the mantle, I aced that test! LOL

It snowed yesterday in Louisiana. Rick was kind enough to email me a picture early in the day. All day I was wanting to be back home to feel the coolness and throw a snowball. Instead I was in sunny SoCal, 77 degrees, and wearing a cotton sweater in a very hot office. Next year if I get a vacation, I want it to be in the winter in a place where there is a foot of snow on the ground! Remind me I said that, too!

I haven't liked this week at all. At least it's almost over!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Stash Report Week 49

I was an abysmal failure at stashbusting this year! I really am embarrassed by how much fabric came into the Quilting Condo. Sure, I've had over 400 yards busted, but that's peanuts in the overall picture. Since my numbers are in the red, do you think I qualify for a bailout? :(

A couple of weeks ago I decided that since this year is already a lost cause, I might as well get the things I need go with towers, jelly rolls and layer cakes that I already have. This fabric won't be available much longer, so it was wise, I think, to get it now. So I did. There's one more order that I placed last night, and that ought to be it for the year. Unless Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop teases me with a bunch of stuff that she thinks I can't live without. She's very good at that, and I'm SO easy! Seriously, she doesn't tease me at all .... I do it to myself! With the help of Beth and others who feel it's their obligation to point things out to me!! I'll also be making up a lot of Judy's patterns next year. She is such an inspiration to me!

I said last week that next year all incoming fabric must have an equal amount outgoing - plus one yard! There's another thing I'm going to do next year. All dollars spent on purchases will see an equal amount put into my savings account. For instance, year to date I have purchased 756 yards of fabric, say, at a ballpark average of $8/yard. That's $6,048! That money, theoretically, could go towards a long-arm to play with when I retire. Anyway, there are my two goals for next year. Time will tell, but I'm really going to try hard to meet those two goals.

But back to the present ...

I purchased 11 yards of Sumptuous Living, 19 yards of Portobello Market and Portugal, and 13.75 yards of Gypsy Rose. I also purchased a Sweet 16 bundle of Cottage Romance. This is the fabric that was used in the most recent Patchwork Party. I won't be making it until later next year, and this is my insurance against cutting screw-ups. If I don't need it for that, then I'll make some pillow shams to go with the quilt, or a quilt from one of the darling Sweet 16 patterns that are available now.

Did I bust anything this week? No. Work is overwhelming lately, and I'm just zonked when I get home. After Christmas I should be more free on the weekends to sew.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 498.00 yards
Purchased: 756.00 yards
Net YTD: <346.00> yards busted

Bring on 2009! I'm ready for it!!!!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm Still Breathing

I was so sick with the California Crud. One by one the folks at work are getting sick. Since I was #3, I don't feel so guilty. The next few weeks are going to be stressful at work, so I've decided to take it a day at a time and not to get hung up on the big picture. At least I'm starting to feel better.

Since I can't show what I'm working on, I'll show the stash fabric I'm using for the project. A tower of Merry & Bright and a bolt of Kona Snow! It's an adorable quilt - but I have to wait for the unveiling. I have to wait until it's okay to show it, and I have to wait until it's finished! Always something.

I'm really not used to working with bright fabrics, and these are bright! In fact, they're Merry and Bright. I really like these clear colors, and you can't help but smile while you're sewing on them.

I love Kona Snow. I use it a lot. I have two bolts of it up in the stash room, and I'm always pulling one of them off the shelves for one project or another. I think a bolt of Snow is a must in a stash room. It goes wonderfully with '30s fabrics, Civil War .... best investment I've made as far as fabric goes. I've been using these bolts for a couple of years now and there's plenty left. Guess I'm not sewing fast enough! LOL

Is everyone ready for Christmas? I'm not. I think this weekend I'll drag out some Christmas decorations, but I'm still deciding whether to put up a big tree. I'll have to ponder that a bit. I always think it's kind of silly to decorate just for me and Daisy. I know Santa won't mind!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stash Report Week 48

I can't believe this year is almost over. It took me aback a bit to type in Week 48! I mean, it's not like I didn't know it was coming! LOL. (I just corrected this. It's week 48, not 47!)

I purchased a couple of things for gifts, so I'm not going to count those. Other than that, I purchased nothing! Zero!!

I did bust a good bit though! Hang onto your hats! I put 2 yards into a Christmas gift, and packaged up 86 yards for charity quilts. That's a total of 88 yards! I can actually see an empty space or two in my stash!

Next year I'm going to be a busting fiend! All incoming fabric must have an equal amount outgoing - plus one yard! I can hear all of you laughing ... I can ... but just watch! I'm going to dazzle and amaze you with my busting! :)

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 498.00 yards
Purchased: 709.00 yards
Net YTD: <211.00> yards busted

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Watching theDog Show

Watching a dog show is hard work! Plumb wore Daisy out!

Thanksgiving Day 2008

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving 2008. I have much to be thankful for this year.

But next year I'm skipping November. This is two years in a row I've been sick at Thanksgiving. Oh, wait, if I skip November, that means that Christmas is even closer! Yikes! Never mind!

I've been catching up on BOMs this week. There are four on which I'm determined not to get behind. Two were posted previously. Here are the other two.

Sweet Treasures BOM. This Portobello Market fabric is so wonderful, and the blocks are easy and fun to make. It will be a dynamite quilt!

Designer Mystery BOM. I think everyone knows how much I love this Peace on Earth fabric! I think I'll have three or four quilts made from it before I deplete it from my stash! Or five or six. But who's counting?

I'm in a piecing mood lately. I go in spurts. Does anyone else do that? Sometimes I only want to needleturn applique. Other times I want to hear the Bernina humming. I'm behind on some applique stuff, but that's okay. It's not going anywhere!

Happy Thanksgiving from Daisy and me!

Simply Sophisticated Month 2 Winner

Doing our Simply Sophisticate BOM together has been a lot of fun. I almost got behind this month, but finished up in the nick of time! There were a lot of folks who emailed me pictures of their finished blocks. Everyone's name was in the hat for the drawing!

Thank to Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop for the gift certificate give-away each month for this BOM.

With the holidays I hope everyone doesn't get behind. If you do, don't fret. Just skip to the month's blocks we are working on, and do those to get in the drawing! And remember to post a link to your blog or email me a picture of your finished blocks!

So without further rambling, the winner of this month's $25 gift certificate to The Fat Quarter Shop is: Julia of Scrap Happy Quilter!!! And she has clean windows, too!! LOL

Congratulations, Julia! I will email you the gift certificate code. You MUST post what you bought with your gift certificate! I know what I would buy. I mean, I'm just saying...

The drawing for the December block will be on New Year's Eve. I'll make a blog post about that closer to the time.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stash Report Week 47

I'm working on my Simple Sophisticated blocks today. I'm so late getting these done this month. Those of you who will complete your blocks in time for the drawing on Thanksgiving morning, please post your finish HERE.

Not much of anything happened in my sewing room this week. The long Thanksgiving weekend will find me in there for three whole days! I plan on finishing up something ... anything ... to get another bust before year's end! Why does everyone laugh when I say that? Stop it! I can bust! I can!

I had a teeny bust this week. I mailed out four yards for the backing on a group quilt. And it was out of my RP stash!!!

Purchases, none. Well, I had a couple of boxes come in, but they were for gifts for others so I'm not counting those.

Over the Christmas holidays I need to get into my stash room and move the shelves around and reorganize. I have a feeling I'll be so disgusted with myself over the amount of fabric in there that I will enter the new year with firm resolve to bust.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 410.00 yards
Purchased: 709.00 yards
Net YTD: <299.00> yards busted

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Simply Sophisticated Block 2

Everyone is getting their Simply Sophisticated blocks done - well, everyone except me! I'll get a picture of my blocks up later today. In the meantime, just leave a comment on this post with link to your blog and picture that you've completed your blocks. If you don't have a blog, email me a picture, and I'll put your name in the hat for the prize drawing.

Remember, it's not too late to join. There's a link on my sidebar for you if you're interested in getting started on the BOM from The Fat Quarter Shop. That link will take you right to the BOM on Kimberly's site. Or you can go do it HERE!

Kimberly has genereously donated a $25 gift certificate for a drawing every month for those of you who ordered the BOM from The Fat Quarter Shop, and who show us that you've completed the blocks.


Thank you all for pestering me to get this up. I've been overwhelmed with work stuff for the past two weeks.

Thank you again to The Fat Quarter Shop for the monthly prize drawing. Kimberly, you're totally awesome!! Miss Emma is, too!

Star BOM #8

I thought was going to fall behind this month, but finally it's done. I like this block. It was a little challenging for me. I paper pieced the center part, and I have trouble thinking backwards. Heck, I have trouble thinking forward! But I prevailed and it's done!!

Thanks again, Judy, for this dynamite BOM! I love it!

Stash Report Week 46

I guess the good thing about working so much is it doesn't leave me much time to poke buttons! Good thing, because I still managed to poke a few! LOL

Before the stash report starts, I want to mention the Boy Scouts day I had yesterday. My CEO is a patron of the Boy Scouts, and this year agreed to let them drop ship all of their pallets of popcorn at our plant. Well, yesterday was the day they came to pick up the popcorn for their holiday sales. We arranged to have one of our forklift drivers meet me at the plant at 6:30 a.m. He pulled all of the pallets out into the parking lot, and the Boy Scouts administrators set up a staging area. Starting at 7:00 there were 40-50 troops lined up to pick up their popcorn. Lordy, our facility has never seen so many cars and trucks at one time ever! They lined up at the administrators' table to get their picking order, and then backed their vehicles up to get loaded up. It was quite a sight! Naturally I didn't think to bring my camera with me! Anyway, they were all done by noon, the area was cleaned up, and it was over. Those folked worked so hard, and the dedication of all of those parents is commmendable!

Now, on to the stash report ...

I busted nothing again this week, but the project I'm working on is moving forward. It'll be finished up today. The next one up to finish will be a bust!

A couple of purchases this week. The tower arrived of Nature's Chorus that was ordered last week. This one is for me! I also purchsed an FQ pack of reds from the Judie Rothermel Quaker Quilt line. Reds are sorely lacking in my Civil War stash. Shortly after the first of the year I'll be stash diving for a CW project, and these were needed.

I'm not very observant, but a couple of months ago noticed that sometimes certain colors from a line are grouped together at The Fat Quarter Shop. When I first saw that, I ordered one of those packs of neutrals for a line that I was diddling with at the time. It worked out great for me. I'll have to keep an eye out for more of those in the future. Sometimes I just need an eensy bit more and those color groupings are perfect.

And speaking of not being very observant, I spent a whole week at my brother's house and have no clue what colors to choose for a quilt for their bedroom. Gail, if you're reading this, I need help!! Man, you can't take me anywhere!

One more thing ... I'm fervently pondering my 2009 quilting year. I think I have a plan. More on that later.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 406.00 yards
Purchased: 709.00 yards
Net YTD: <303.00> yards busted


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hazardous Blog Award

ROFLOL. Kim at A Peach in Stitches was kind enough to bestow this award on a few bloggers today. I was one of the lucky ones! And here I thought I was only hazardous to myself!

Kim listed a whole bunch of hazardous (in a good way) blogs, and many of those would be the same ones I would list. So give me a couple of days to come up with some others. Be warned ... I'm out surfing for hazards!

Thanks, Kim. I feel SO special!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

2009 Stashbusting Goals

Yes, "goals" plural.

I need to reduce the amount of fabric I have. I can do that by making more quilts, which is what I really want to do, or get rid of some of it. Of course, after doing one or both of these things, I need to buy less fabric.

Now, I know myself well enough to know that I won't stop buying fabric. I love fabric. It's the highlight of my week to click on my favorite site, The Fat Quarter Shop, and browse and poke buttons. I just need to be more deliberate in my selections. I started doing that this year. Don't laugh! My purchases were still very large, but a lot of that was purchased with a plan in mind. There weren't many speculative purchases.

The future is never certain, and I feel this is the year that I must make plans and goals and stick to them. I have to and I will.

In the next few weeks I have to redo my stash room. The large shelves holding fabric are sitting on a non-weight-bearing wall, and those must be moved to the other side of the room. The thought of doing that is daunting, but it will afford me the opportunity to go through that stuff and make decisions.

So I'm onboard for with Judy for 2009. After eight years of buying (and making appx. 120 quilts) I'm overwhelmed and must gain control of the stash. May the best man win!

Stash Report Week 45

I'm stuck right now. I'm still working on things I can't talk about, although one of them will be counted as a bust if I ever get it finished.

The finishing kit for Merry Christmas to All arrived this week. I haven't even started this one, but it's all here for when I'm ready. I think this will be my 2009 Christmas quilt. I try to make at least one Christmas quilt a year. This year's quilt is what I talked about busting in the first paragraph. It won't be quilted by Christmas, but at least the top will be finished.

I ordered a tower of Nature's Chorus by April Cornell. That will be added on next week when it arrives. This is for a quilt for my bed. I'll have to get additional yardage when it comes out. I couldn't resist this line. I love those clear colors. I only have one quilt that fits my bed. It's my turn!! LOL

There's a box of stuff ready to mail out that will count as a bust next week, but I haven't added up the amount in that box yet. Maybe it'll be enough to even out the tower purchase! LOL

I've been pondering 2009 stash busting and will make a separate post about that.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 406.00 yards
Purchased: 696.375 yards
Net YTD: <290.375> yards busted

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Growing Up in a Small Town

I've been thinking a lot about the way things were growing up. Life in a small town. I couldn't wait to get away from there, and now after visiting Don in his small town, I'd give anything to be back in one.

The town I grew up in was so small that you knew everyone. Of course, this wasn't always an advantage for a kid.

The discipline. If you got into trouble chances are that you'd get a spanking before you ever got home by one of the neighborhood mothers. Then your mother would be waiting at the door for you because she'd been given advanced warning of your misdeed. Two spankings for whatever it was you did. When I was 15, I got a speeding ticket about two blocks from the house (by one of the two cops in Sulphur) and Mom was waiting at the door for me. Heck, I didn't even have time to develop a good excuse!

Curfews. I never had a curfew, or I can never remember Mom and Dad saying to be home at a certain time. That's because every other kid in town had one. Or maybe it was because there was absolutely nothing to do after about 8:30 at night so you just went home. We had a movie theater in town for a few years, but the latest show ended about 6:00 at night. The Dairy Queen closed down about 30 minutes later. It think Kentucky Fried Chicken and a couple of gas stations were open a little later but there's only so much chicken you can eat while spending less than five bucks filling up your car.

Friday night. That was football night. We were the Golden Tornadoes. We had awesome football teams, nearly always getting in the state finals. I was in the band and was a majorette during football season. Yep, that's right, I was a band geek. Of course, back then most of the kids in our town were in the band, or the marching-dancing group, or on the football team. There probably weren't too many kids sitting in the student section because we were all participants in one way or another. Go, Tors!

Saturday night. Date night. If there wasn't a party at one kid's house or another, we went to a movie in Lake Charles. Those movies ran a little later. The problem with that was there was hardly any time to get home before the curfew. But there was usually food waiting when we got home. A quick phone call to parents to let them know at whose house we were eating, and then home 30 minutes later.

Sunday. Church. Of course, we attended for the right reasons, but it was also a time to see everyone in town. Most of the churches were within a few blocks of each other, so you'd practically see everyone in town on Sunday. This is why you hoped you were real good during the week because moms would stand around on the church steps talking after the service. Home to dinner. I grew up calling lunch "dinner" and dinner "supper." Being with Don and Gail a few weeks back reminded me of that. The largest meal of the day on the weekends was eaten at noontime or shortly after.

Visiting. Another thing I was reminded of at Don and Gail's. People just dropped by to chat for a few minutes. The coffee pot was always on; something sweet to eat was always around. I wonder if that went on everywhere or if it was just a Southern thing. You know, "calling" on folks. When Mom-the-nurse was working on the weekend, Dad and I went calling. When she was home, folks called on us. Kids sat around politely in the living room taking part in the visit. We didn't vanish to our rooms to play video games or watch TV or talk on the phone because those things either didn't exist then or weren't in our rooms. These visits were another reason all the kids hoped they were good that week.

Shopping. There were a couple of dress stores in my town and a couple of shoe stores. One dress store in particular was my favorite because I'd go in and try on things and she'd hold them for me. She'd call my mother, and Mom would swing by and get whatever she thought I needed. If Dad went, I'd get everything!! :) :) :) Shoes were a bit more of a problem. I had this real skinny foot and most stores didn't carry quad-A widths. Mom hated shoe shopping with me. She hated it so much that she'd even bribe friends and family to take me shoe shopping. Don remembered that!

Graduation. That was a fun night. First, I think the whole class went out to eat in Lake Charles. We were good because there were about a gazillion parents there. Then the city pool in Sulphur opened up for us and we swam until the wee hours, with a LOT of parents sitting around watching the shenanigans. Then back to Lake Charles to the beach to watch the sunrise. Were parents there? You betcha. I think I got home around 7:00 a.m. and slept for a couple of hours before folks started showing up to call. Exciting, huh? Senior picture. ROFLOL. Remember sleeping in curlers and Dippity-Do and teasing that hair?

College. LSU. Go Tigers. I was totally flabbergasted being in a huge town at a huge school. And there were hippies - genuine hippies. They wore bell bottoms and their hair was parted down the middle. At Christmas break I found a pair of bell-bottomed slacks, a shirt that tied up and exposed belly, and parted my hair down the middle. I really really wanted to be a hippie ... but Mom wouldn't let me! So my hippie stage lasted for two Sulphur.on Christmas break. Oh, well, I tried! But the really neat thing was having that LSU ID card. That was heady stuff. The first time I went home for the holidays, I got together with a bunch of high school friends and we went to a college bar in Lake Charles by the McNeese campus. They were checking IDs at the door. When they saw my LSU student card, they let me right in! Didn't even check my birth date. I was still underage but I went to LSU so I got in! Of course, I didn't drink - couldn't stand the stuff; still can't - but it was exciting all the same!

I was just thinking about these things last night and wanted to get them down. Don graduated 10 years before me, the late '50s - so I'm sure his stories of high school are much more exciting. Man, he's old!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

About time!

The election is over. Now hopefully we will hear and read about all the other news going on in our country. I'm about politicked out!

One interesting observation. I just read that there were 3,548,683 Republicans who cast votes in California. I could have sworn there were only about three of us who lived here! I don't feel quite so lonely now! LOL. Okay, enough of that!

I'm on a big push to finish up a project by the weekend. I need to remake two blocks to change colors in them, but that's no biggy. Then I want to finish up the other project that's covering my dining room table. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it! Then ... I don't know. I think I'm on cruise for the rest of the year! But who knows what project will come along and entice me!

It's been drizzly here since the weekend. I actually heard good old thunder on Saturday. That's only about three times in 14.5 years. It made me homesick! Seriously! And my hair is real curly from the humidity. I forgot I had curls!

Well, off to work. Another day, another dollar!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sweet Treasures Blocks 1 and 2

I hadn't started Sweet Treaures BOM yet and decided it was time before the third block arrived! It's Portobello Market fabric from 3 Sisters. Gorgeous fabric!

Next year I'm going to have a LOT of BOMs to go to the quilter!! LOL

Designer Mystery BOM, Block 5

I love this Designer Mystery. I love this Peace on Earth fabric. It was one of my favorites this year. Do I say that about all fabric? I don't think so, but maybe I do. LOL.

Block #5 is done. I'm caught up. Just in time.

Star BOM #7

I'm loving Judy's Star BOM. Here's Block #7. I especially love it because it's all from my stash, all from the Robyn Pandolph closet! The fabrics were pulled from the Cottage Rose, Bed of Roses and Morning Glory lines. Morning Glory was THE first fabric I bought as a quilter in 2001. And, yes, I purchased a lot of it! LOL. Love my RP!

Stash Report Week 44

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to either purchase or bust. I did pick up five yards for a backing while the fabric was still available. C'est tout!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 406.00 yards
Purchased: 694.00 yards
Net YTD: <288.00> yards busted

I'm really looking forward to starting over in 2009. I can't guarantee that I'll be purchasing less, but I will absolutely be sewing more!!!

Star BOM #6

I made so many mistakes on this one -- from attaching the geese upside down to using the wrong side of my background. Seems like I sewed every seam twice. Like Dad used to say, "Builds character."

Anyway, today is a catch-up date on some pieced BOM blocks. There will be several posts.

Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm inspired!

I've been pouring over all of the Market pictures, and I'm totally inspired to sew up a storm! Of course, I'm still thinking on one project I saw there that will probably last so long that I'll have to take it to The Home with me!

But in the meantime, this little beauty caught my eye. I really wish Kimberly would quit coming up with these BOM gems! And a mystery to boot! Anything named Heartland Heritage Sampler is right up my alley!

This Aviary quilt made my flutter and stop for a few seconds! Seriously!

Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs has done it again! I'm gah-gah over pumpkins, so I'm already signed up for the Autumn Houses BOM! Didn't even wait to get all the details ... details didn't matter when I saw it!

Blackbird Designs - say no more! I'm in!

Totally my favorite colors here! Of course, Minick & Simpson already knew that from the amount of Prairie Paisley that now resides in my stash room!

Fig Tree, of course! This one is tugging at my heartstrings!

And one can never have too much Robyn Pandolph! Jane reminded me tonight that my RP closet is full! Heck, I'll just take over my bedroom closet, too! I don't really need a place for my clothes and shoes!

Something tells me 2009 will be a tough stashbusting year..........

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quilting Condo is NEVER clean!

I had a rough day today, and had to stop on the way home and do an errand for work. I pulled into the circle at about 7:30, and found a folded piece of paper clipped to the garage door. What now?!!

The condo management is advising that they will enter my condo between 8:00 and 5:00 tomorrow to change out the shower heads. While I really appreciate all they do here, I hate seeing those notices on my garage door. Hate them! In the last year, they've entered to change the thermostat, install a new central air conditioner, a new hot water heater, measure for new wooden blinds, enter again to install them, change the filters, change the batteries in the smoke detectors, check all the sinks for leaks, which means everything had to be removed from the cabinets below. And the note is always on the door when I get home the night before they're to enter the place.

So do I clean house tonight? I looked around and there is quilting stuff everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere! Even the sofa has its usual applique project strewn across it.

At least my bedroom is clean! I can't say that about the other bedroom, the stash room! And my sewing area downstairs is a disaster. I'd post a picture of it, but there are some secret things laying about. The dining room table is opened up and another secret project is laying on that.

So what did I run about doing before a cooler head prevailed? Unloaded the dishwasher! Yeah, like that's going to really help things look neater!

You know what? I don't care tonight. If they don't like the way my quilting condo looks, they can leave a note on the garage that they're going to have a maid come in clean it. And arrange for a quilting assistant to finish up one or two of these UFOs. Now THAT would be a note I'd enjoy seeing!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stash Report Week 43

Nothing purchased. :) Nothing busted. :(

I am working on two quilts right now lest you think I'm napping my weekends away, taking bubble baths and eating bonbons. I can't show either one of them. One is not a bust. One is ALL from my stash! I just love saying that!

I'm pondering my secret Santa/elf exchange. Totally stuck. So what's new?! I'd ask for help here, but I think my person reads my blog. Shucks! Guess I'll have to forge through on my own.

Be sure to check out The Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber blog. They're posting great pictures from Market, and there's also a fat quarter tower give-away! Wait, don't enter the give-away. I want to win that one! LOL

It's really beautiful here this weekend. A little cooler and the mountain views are clear. I spent two hours yesterday at the car dealership waiting for my oil change, and I just couldn't sit inside the building. I walked around outside enjoying the day. The only problem with walking around outside at a car dealership is all the salesmen were trying to sell me a new car. Sorry, Charlie. Mine is only a year old! I did notice that there weren't a lot of lookers on the lot, even with the advertised low/no interest rates available now. Folks seem to be making-do with what they have for a while longer. Too bad I can't do that with fabric! And speaking of that ...

A group of us were talking about the "romantic" lines of fabric when a friend declared Robyn Pandolph's Secret Garden for Moda was her absolute favorite. It is mine, too. So much so that I stockpiled a bunch of it. I've already made a couple of quilts from this line and there's still a lot of fabric left in the stash!

The "RP" closet. The Christmas RP fabrics are stored elsewhere. Sheesh ...

There have been several lines through the years that have tugged at my heartstrings - Prairie Paisley, Peace on Earth and Winter to name three recent ones. Although I look at and buy lines from other manufacturers, Moda seems to keep drawing me back. What is your all-time favorite line?

The pictures that Kimberly and others are posting from Market are so wonderful. I just know there's another all-time favorite line lurking out there! I suspect wonderful things are coming our way. Guess we'll just have to be patient!! Oh, goodness, I'm in trouble. Patience is not a virtue I possess!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 406.00 yards
Purchased: 689.00 yards
Net YTD: <283.00> yards busted

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Simply Sophisticated Month 1 Winner

There were a lot of you who emailed me, and I didn't get a chance to put everyone's name up on my blog. But your name was in the bowl for the drawing. Next month I'll have one place to post so it won't be so confusing.

Jane drew the name of the winner. And the winner of a $25 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop is: PERRY!!!! You lucky duck!!

I'll be sending Perry an email with her gift certificate. Remember to let me know on the blog post that I'll do for Month 2 when you have completed your blocks, and post a picture of it on your blog or email me a picture. Either way works!

A huge THANK YOU to Kimberly, Kevin and Miss Emma at The Fat Quarter Shop for the wonderful monthly drawing prize. They're at Market now, so there will be lots of new goodies to spend your gift certificate on in the coming months!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stash Report Week 42

I'll be glad when this year is over so I can start afresh! My stash reporting is hilarious! Some things I couldn't live without .... you know how that is! Fall Market is next week. It's hopeless! Judy, you're going to make me sew more next year, right?

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 406.00 yards
Purchased: 689.00 yards
Net YTD: <283.00> yards busted

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Week More - Drawing Sat. 10/25/08

Just one more week to finish up your Simply Sophisticated block to be entered in the drawing for a $25 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop! The drawing will be next Saturday evening, 10/25.

So far those who have completed their blocks - and either notified us that a picture is on their blog or emailed me a picture:

Susan K via email
Lynn D via email
Shelly from Michigan via email
Anna C via email

Read the rules HERE.

I've been a little disorganized on an official posting spot on this drawing. Pneumonia and vacation really threw me for a loop. However, I have gone back through the various posts and found those of you who posted a completion.

If you are still working on your blocks, please post it on your blog and leave a comment on this post so we can go enjoy your blocks and your blog - or email me a picture. I'll add your name to this list.

Click on the Simply Sophisticated link in my sidebar if you want to join us!! Go ahead! We know you want to!!

Next month will be MUCH more organized!! I promise!! Uh oh, that sounds like a commitment from me, doesn't it?!

Again, thank you to Kimberly and The Fat Quarter Shop for donating the monthly prizes! And don't forget to sign up for the drawing on the Jolly Jabber blog! What I wouldn't give to be there at Market with them!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Simply Sophisticated Block 1

Simply Sophisticated Block 1. These were fun, especially because I didn't realize there were two blocks to be made!

Any time before the 25th of the month, please post a comment and link to your blog or email me a picture of your blocks, and you'll be entered in the first drawing!!! Click HERE to read the rules!

And don't fret if this link gets buried in my future blogs. I'll post a link on each one so that you can find it easily!

It's going to be a gorgeous quilt!

Stash Report Week 41

Before the stash report begins, let me take a moment to congratulate Nan on her new online shop, Nannie's Quilt Patch! Nan's a blogger, the mother of adorable doxies, and a really neat lady! Congratulations on your new adventure, Nan!

I can't believe it's already Week 41. Where did this year go? Except for that wonderful week in Louisiana, the rest of it has been the same old stuff. I really need to get out more!

The verdict's in. I am NOT a stashbuster! Try as I might, it's been a losing battle all year. I was a lot more focused this year, but my totals are appalling. I shudder to think what my totals were in prior years when I wasn't paying attention. Well, I guess I really don't have to think about that. All I have to do is walk into my stash room.

I think one of the factors affecting my totals this year is that, frankly, I haven't been sewing as much. I've done a lot of needleturn applique and that's a lot slower. I have always churned out two quilts or more a month, and that hasn't happened in '08. I believe if I finish up some things that are hanging around, I'll feel better about my "hobby"!

The backing set came in for Simply Sophisticated BOM, and that was 5.5 yards. Another box with 17 yards came in containing backings and things to finish up projects. So 22.5 yards purchased.

Nothing busted this week, but I did start a fantastic project. I hope to finish that up possibly next week. Can't wait to post a picture. And the best part? It's ALL from my stash! I was putzing around in my stash room looking for fabric for the project when inspiration struck. I untied a fat quarter tower and cut it up!!! Then I pulled out a bolt of background and whacked what I needed off of that!!! I have a dynamite stash and I need to start using it!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 406.00 yards
Purchased: 665.00 yards
Net YTD: <259.00> yards busted

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Simply Sophisticated Begins!!

The first block of the new Simply Sophisticated BOM was waiting on my doorstep when I got home tonight! I'm SO excited!!

I hope a lot of you have signed up for this BOM and will be participating in our online club. Here is a link to the rules and the prize giveaways so generously donated by The Fat Quarter Shop!

To make things really easy for those who haven't ordered yet, you can click on the Simply Sophisticated logo on my sidebar to get you right to where you can order it. This quilt is going to be stunning! I practically drooled all over the package tonight when I opened it!

For now the drawing will remain on the 25th. If we see this is not enough time or too much time, we'll adjust the date down the road.

I can't wait to see your pictures of your block! Everyone who shows a picture via their blog or by email to me will be entered in the drawing!

Sophisticates, start your engines!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Last Louisiana Pictures

As I mentioned previously, Mike and Diane are Don and Gail's best friends. Mike and Diane have the most gorgeous home and property. I did not take pictures of their home this trip. It is magnificant. The first time Diane gave me a tour, my jaw was dragging the floor. It's a restored home, and if it's not on an historical register, it should be!

I don't know the whole story, but at some point Mike and Diane came into possession of an old country store and moved it onto their property behind their home. This structure is where everyone congregates. Diane does a lot of cooking for her farming family, and they entertain out here. There's a commercial kitchen, a pool table, a huge TV and lots of comfy sitting areas for guests and grandkids! It's a place that every kid dreams of having so they can run and play and put their feet up and pull out toys and ... well, enough said.

I couldn't capture the whole structure in these two pictures, but these will give a flavor of that entertainment area. The original flooring, walls and ceilings.

Off of this play room is a wonderful veranda with a fabulous view of oak trees and Bayou Teche. Yeah, I could definitely get cozy out there in a rocking chair with some applique, a mimosa or two ...

Off of the play room and veranda is the back lawn. There's a pool overlooking Bayou Teche --

And a fully equipped gym!

Mike is also an artist. He carves the most gorgeous birds and ducks and creatures great and small. My photography leaves much to be desired, but just a taste of his work -- Mr. Owl. This piece is carved from one piece of wood, including the feet. The feathers looked so real! I just wish I could have photographed it better.

This wraps up my photo journal of my trip home. I came away with wonderful memories, and can't wait until the next trip!

Don and Gail, thank you for indulging my every whim, for the fantastic food, including the boudin, and for being the best tour guides in the whole world! I love you!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stash Report Week 40

Well, nothing busted - again. I did get in the finishing kit/backing for the Patchwork Party. That's 13.75 yards. I won't be able to start this until later, but since I had so much fun with the last one, I wanted to go ahead and stockpile it. See? That's where I get into trouble. I think I have a previous Patchwork Party somewhere around here. Note to self: Look in the chest by the sofa; all sorts of treasures are probably lurking in there.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 406.00 yards
Purchased: 642.50 yards
Net YTD: <236.50> yards busted

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Peace on Earth Designer Mystery BOM #4

I'm caught up on the Designer Mystery BOM now. Just in time for the next block! LOL. I love this Peace on Earth fabric. Probably one of my favorite ones out this year.

Skipping around on projects here. Quilter's ADD!

Star BOM Block #5

Caught up on Judy's Star BOM! Now to tackle the others that I'm quickly falling behind on, too! I think I have my work cut out for me! LOL

Star BOM Block #4

Block #4 of Judy's Star BOM. I am really loving these blocks! I am loving the fact that I chose all the fabric from my stash!

Thank you, Judy, for a wonderful BOM!

Louisiana pictures

Don said he was enjoying the pictures. I asked him how I did on the sugarcane post, and he said I did okay. Or maybe he said it wasn't bad. I decided not to ask what he meant by that! What I really wanted to ask is if I had improved my "C" in college botany, but thought I'd better leave well enough alone! LOL

Soybeans. I've heard of soy sauce, soy milk, etc., and saw soybean fields my whole life but had no clue what they looked like. I do now!

The pictures I took of the actual beans were out of focus, so I snagged this picture from Wikipedia. These little beans are where all the yummy stuff comes from.

Soybeans being harvested. What you can't see in this picture are the hundreds of birds in the field eating the soybeans that fell from the harvester. It was an awesome sight. They were following the harvester around the field. Quite a following he had!

Making the last pass in this field.

Close-ups of the plants before harvesting.

And one truck load ready to go to the soybean place, wherever that is. I was on information overload at this point!

We were really up close and personal. Don just drove the Jeep out in the field! LOL. See the beans falling out of the back of the harvester? That's what the birds were enjoying! The hand belongs to my fabulous brother. He was explaining things to me and talking with his hands. It's the Cajun in us that makes us talk that way!

Judging from what I absorbed during this lesson, I'd say that "C" was probably a VERY good grade for me!

This is a picture of a cemetery in Franklin. The fence around the cemetery was the railing from an old bridge that was removed and replaced. Beautiful ironwork. It would have gone unnoticed by me if I hadn't had the most wonderful tour guides on this trip.

For those who aren't familiar with the story, Don and Gail's house was struck by lightning in August, 2006 and burned down. They have rebuild the home almost the same but a lot differently, if that makes sense. As I've said before, the home is so warm and inviting. A picture of some of the living area - sorry the shot is dark. Should know I can't take pictures at night. Notice the wonky leaf quilt on the back of the sofa? I wonder who made that? :)

The dining room, with the breakfast area in the sunroom beyond. The white bucket in the shot was given to them by a Mormon family in Franklin. The bucket contained disinfectants, gloves, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, things you would need to clean up after a hurricane. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift for the town's residents!

My bedroom upstairs. It was huge. Two gigantic walk-in closets, a nice bathroom, and both windows perfectly framed beautiful oak trees outside. Wouldn't this make a fabulous quilting studio?! I mean, I'm just saying ... Oh, that quilt on the bed was made by Gail's mother and grandmother. There were a few things that survived the fire, thank goodness!

And finally the pool area. The pool still had leaves and gunk in it from the hurricanes, although it's been cleaned up since and the fence repaired. It's a salt water pool. I really like this area. There's a full bath in Don's shop, and they made an entrance to that bath from the pool area. Smart move! Oh, and the shop also has a full kitchen in it. While I was there, Gail stuck a ham in the oven out there so as not to heat up her kitchen in the house. They really built in some nice features.

I have some pictures to post of their friends' home. The property is absolutely breathtaking. I'll do that another time. Since I haven't sewn in two weeks, I'm heading to the sewing room right now!!