Saturday, December 27, 2008

Better Late than Never

Well, they're done. I didn't do as well as everyone else with getting them done on time, but, hey, I'm ready for the next month's blocks to come in! Tomorrow I catch up on Judy's Star BOM, and then it'll start all over again!

I've spent the laziest two days. I had the best intentions, but decided that all these goals I had set were self-imposed and it wouldn't matter if I took a day or two to myself. Well, unfortunately now tomorrow will be a busy day for me. I'm the procrastinator queen of all times!

I baked a ham today and it was good. So I'll sleep well tonight with a full tummy. Most of the time during the week I don't eat anything when I get home. That's probably why I toss and turn. Need to develop better habits on that score.

Daisy's been curled up in her quilt in front of the fireplace all day. She has her talking ball underneath the covers with her, and every once in a while I'll hear it chattering away. LOL. She really is a funny dog.

I've just made a list of UFOs that I want to finish next year. I needed 11, one a month except for December. I could only come up with six that I really want to finish. So for the other months I put things on my list like, "Bind all quilts that need binding." "Borders and backings for all quilts needing same." Maybe my list is way too ambitious! :) But I'll give it the old college try!

Next weekend is devoted to the stash room. I'm serious. I need to switch it around, and I can't do that until I organize in there and get those shelves emptied. Wanta bet I procrastinate on that, too?

Off to put my feet up and watch a movie. Tomorrow I clean house!


Anonymous said...

Your blocks are beautiful, aren't you glad you have them done? I'd love to do Judy's BOM, but cutting to a 1/16th of an inch... yowza!

I have to ask... what is a chattering ball?

pdudgeon said...

you've got some great quilting ideas in this post.