Saturday, December 20, 2008

Catching Up

Before I move on with this post, I'd just like to remind the Simply Sophisticated BOM makers that the drawing for this month's gift certificate generously donated by Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop will be held on the morning of Dec. 26th. So if you've found the time to make your blocks this month, please post HERE! Good luck!! If you haven't been able to make them this month, just move on and do January's blocks when they arrive so you can be entered into the January drawing. And if you're sitting on the fence about this gorgeous BOM, there's still time to sign up! The link is in my sidebar, or click here! This is going to be a beautiful quilt!


My life has been moving along at its usual hectic clip, and then with Christmas tossed in for good measure ... well, let's just say I'm worn out! My lurker friend, Jan, told me last night at the quilt shop that I needed to post something new! LOL.

One of the most fun things I've done this year is join the 12 Days of Christmas swap with my online group. It's really fun to put together for the person whose name you were given. Day 1 is a bag, a picture of which I posted on Sunday. Day 2, two patterns. Day 3, three spools of thread. Four fat quarters. A five-point star.

Day 6 is six blocks awaiting. The blocks I received were a dead giveaway as to who had my name! My dear friend, Lady Baltimore, is the most wonderful appliquer! Of course, I had already guessed who she was, and the anticipation for Day 6 was just almost too much to bear! Here are my six blocks. The pattern is by Elizabeth Scott at Late Bloomer Quilts, Vintage Christmas!

This is not a very good picture due to poor lighting, but I think you can see they are gorgeous!

Day 7, today, is seven strips a-sizzling! Lady B gave me seven strips for the inside border, and the outer border/binding fabric! She also included the most beautiful gold lace trim to embellish the ornaments! I absolutely can't wait to put this quilt together. The only word I can find to describe her work is STUNNING!!

The remaining packages to open on the next few days are: an eight ingredient recipe, nine Christmas candies, ten six-inch squares, eleven buttons and twelve note cards. In the last package is the reveal of who your secret friend is! This has been so much fun! One of the participants thinks she has guessed me as her Elf. I think the blocks are very revealing! LOL

Today we're going to celebrate Jane's birthday which is really next week. I'm going to pick her up a little later and we're going to explore a new gift shop in her area. We always have so much fun shopping, and it never fails that we have an "adventure," mostly due to my driving! Then we'll snag her DH and all go out to dinner. It's going to be a fun day!

First stop for me today is the bank. I made it all the way to the bank yesterday only to find that the CEO had forgotten to sign my check. You'd think I would have noticed that! On second thought, I'll just wait until Monday. It'll probably be a zoo there today! Okay, that's off my list. I'd best get off of the computer and get going on the rest of the errands!


Jean said...

You are so lucky, what beautiful blocks & other nice gifts.

Karen said...

Your Christmas trade is different than I have seen before. Very interesting and the different items you have shown so far are quite a treat. Your quilt blocks are wonderful!

Granny said...

Lucky you! Those blocks are gorgeous! I know you're having lots of fun with Jane today. Hope you all enjoy your dinner too!

Bon said...

Sounds like you are one lucky lady if your elf is really LadyB. Actually by the looks of things, no matter who your elf is, you've hit the jackpot.

BTW, good to see you back on here. I know life had been just a tad more hectic for you than usual. Remember to come in here and unwind once in a while.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, those are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see this assembled.

Anonymous said...

Lady B as your secret elf--BLOCKS made by the extraordinary Queen of Applique--Lady B. I, myself, have not seen anyone better. Handle with care and be sure you show us what you did with them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry--That ^^^^^ was me! Bobbie