Saturday, September 20, 2014

Progress Stopped

I've gotten this far on the Moda Building Blocks quilt.  I realized that while I'd like to continue sewing on this right now until it's done, there are a few other things that I must do -- like packing!  This quilt has a large amount of fabric involved, and it's kind of in the way of other things I need to do.  So it's going in its own little container and will be brought out again at the other LA.

The wind was blowing.  Every time I'd get it all flat and move back to take a picture, the quilt would billow up.  Oh, well, this will give an idea of the progress made.

I went to a quilting retreat last weekend and had the best time with Darlene and Nancy and others.  The retreat was put on by Stars & Scraps, and they always do such wonderful retreats.  I got there late on Friday, so I was behind from the start.  I also want to work on that one, but packing takes precedent now!  It was a mystery retreat, and our cutting instructions called for 10" squares.  So I grabbed a layer cake of three older Minick & Simpson lines, Wiscasset, Bar Harbor and American Banner, and mixed and matched those.  I think the quilt will be pretty when it's done.  When it's done -- sigh!  Another quilt for the other LA.

However, I think there's still hope for this LA.  I was able to snag a kit that Carrie Nelson was offering a couple of weeks ago.  Thelma made the quilt and I love it!  This one doesn't take up much room, so I might get it out tomorrow and start cutting and stitching.  Well, maybe not tomorrow, but soon! 

The harder I try, the behinder I get!

I do have a sewing plan for the other LA, and that is to finish what I start!  No more excuses for putting something away. 

Remind me I said that!!

There's a lot of stuff going on right now and I feel overwhelmed and stressed, but I hope it will all work out soon.  I haven't been feeling so well, but that's the hand I've been dealt.  I'm just looking forward to the day when I can wake up and walk around the other LA house without dodging boxes and tubs and stuff.  Penny does, too!

Monday, September 01, 2014

Moda Modern Building Blocks

I fell in love with this quilt when I saw a picture of it hanging at Market.  I ordered the kit from Fat Quarter Shop because my fabric is mostly packed up and I didn't feel like rooting around in tubs.  I see they've sold out the first round and have ordered more. 

The kit came in this week and I started with the #1 block, a gigantic 36" block.  Then I decided to go ahead and make the other two blocks in that section.  Those are each 18".  The quilt is 84 x 96, but it sure seems like it's going to be a lot bigger if this section is any indication!

One of the reasons I am so enjoying making these blocks is the piecing.  When I first started quilting (13 years ago this month!) I don't think all of the quick piece techniques were out there for QSTs, HSTs and flying geese.  You cut triangles and stitched them together.  This feels like I'm back to basics!  So much fun!

I know, I know, I should be cleaning out my closet, but it's Labor Day and I'd rather be at the Bernina! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!