Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Blogs for Your Viewing Pleasure

Laurie Simpson and Polly Minick have a new blog, Minick & Simpson. You already know I'm their biggest fan, so I'll be regularly stopping by their blog. And, yes, I missed both of the give-aways!!

And my friend, Kathy, has a blog, too! Kathy and I met years ago on an old message board, and she's such a sweetie. So sweet, in fact, that I tried to mail my car keys to her once! She's joined our stash busting efforts, and has been way more successful than I've been.

Of course, Minick & Simpson are the reasons I'm not successful! I'm just saying ...

The quarter ended today, so in the next couple of weeks if you see/read me babbling incoherently, just think kind thoughts! LOL

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stash Report Week 26

I've finally gotten to the bottom of my purchase list. What came in this week was the yardage to go with the Merry & Bright jelly rolls and tower from a couple of weeks ago. But what gets me is ME! I said last week I had a small order coming, nothing much. It turned out to be 24 yards. Sheesh!

This Merry & Bright perfectly matches her Holly Jolly line from last year. I need to take stock of both lines and see what I have. I see a LOT of bright Christmas quilts in my future! LOL. Really, though, these will make great quilty gifts for the youngsters in my life.

Nothing busted, but I finished up Ginger's bindings late last night. So I'm free to get back to my stuff now. I'll have some backing yardage to bust if I can get these tops done! And with the long weekend next week, I should make great headway!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 190.5 yards
Purchased: 445.75 yards
Net YTD: <255.25> yards busted

Saturday, June 28, 2008

500th Blog Drawing Winner!!!!!

First, let me thank each of you who took the time to stop by and leave a comment. I've got a TON of new blogs to visit now! Thank you!

Now to the business at hand:

There were two or three folks who left nice comments but asked that they not be entered in the drawing. Well, I didn't listen to them, and I put their names in there anyway.

I printed the comments and placed all the folded up pieces of paper in a sack, shook it real good, and pulled a name!

Wouldn't you know the first name I pulled was Kimberly's! ROFLOL! I just think it's hilarious! Of course, Kimberly would certainly want me to pull another name, and I did, but I am really chuckling over this! What are the odds of that happening?

So the REAL winner of a jelly roll of her choice from the Fat Quarter Shop is:


Congratulations, Jeanne! I'll contact you today to make arrangements for your prize!

Once again, thank you to everyone who stopped by and entered the contest. This was a whole bunch of fun for me. We'll have to do another one real soon!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

500th Blog! TIME'S UP!!!!!!!!

Well, actually this post will make 503, but who's counting?!! I was going to carefully watch for the 500th and I let it slip by with no fanfare.

So today is make-up day! Yes, a give-away!

Just leave a comment here before Saturday 6/28/08, 5:00 p.m. Pacific time, and you'll be entered in a drawing to win a jelly roll of your choice from The Fat Quarter Shop!

I'll bet you're surprised that I picked The Fat Quarter Shop, aren't you? LOL Well, there are several good reasons I chose Kimberly's shop:

1) They have a GREAT selection of jelly rolls to choose from!

2) The packages are always sent out so promptly and the customer service is impeccable!

3) The Fat Quarter Shop is MY favorite place to shop!

4) The staff has my debit card number commited to memory! In fact, it's probably framed and hanging on a wall in the building that's been dedicated just to me! LOL

Seriously, though ... I'm just kidding about that framing thing. I mean, I hope I'm kidding. I really don't order THAT much from them, do I? Do I? Don't answer that!!

There's only one rule - you MUST leave your name, a link to your blog, an email address, or some way for me to contact you if you win.

Good luck to everyone!

And thank you for stopping by to visit! It's been a ton of fun getting to know you!


TIME'S UP! The winner will be announced on a new entry in a few minutes! Thanks to everyone to joined in the fun! Good luck!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Little Progress

I'm all gung-ho to get these applique blocks done. Now I have to stop to bind two quilts! It's always something. The bindings are going to be off my plate by the weekend, though, so I can totally devote myself to Prairie Paisley. I mean, after all, it's the patriotic season!

I looked at this block tonight and realized I should have stopped appliqueing about an hour before I did last night. My stitches get messy when I'm tired. But there was a good movie on and I wanted to finish watching it. And I can't sit on the sofa without some stitching in my hands!

Judy posted her about her new clothesline today. I've got Mom's old clothespin bag. It's so ugly, but it's been around longer than I have so it's a keeper. I'll try to remember to post a picture of it soon.

I love the smell of sheets off the line. That kind of rough feel and hardy smell. It was so wonderful growing up when the gardenias were blooming right near Mom's clothesline. My sheets always smelled like gardenias. That is my all-time favorite smell in the whole wide world! Lavendar is a close second, even though they're purple! LOL

When I first moved to California, I spent about two months getting the house set up and finishing up my transcripts from back home. I was playing Suzy Homemaker. I scrubbed everything in that house from top to bottom every day. One day I had plumb run out of things to clean. So dug in my closet and pulled out a pair of white Keds that I wore around the house. I decided those needed a good washing, so I did. And like I did back home, I put them out by the pool to dry. About an hour later, I went outside to do something and out of the corner of my eye I saw my tennis shoes. They were all dingy gray! I was so upset. Had my first lesson in SoCal smog that day!

I'm exhausted today. I just had dinner and now I'm so sleepy. I think I'll just wait until tomorrow night to start on the bindings, and head on upstairs to read. Wanta bet I don't last 15 minutes?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy Day

I have been a lazy slug today! I spent all day sitting on the sofa and prepping applique. Doesn't look like I've done much, but it's coming along.

First, these eight blocks, four facing each direction, have to be exactly alike. I'm such an applique free spirit, so it's hard for me to do that! I finally make a plastic overlay so I could get the correct positioning. Now that the stems are all on and appliqued down, the rest of it will be much easier.

I was thinking about putting this quilt top aside when I finish these applique blocks and just come back to it at a later time. But that's why I have so many UFOs. So, nope, I'm going to stay with it until it's done! Those other projects out on my sewing table will just have to wait a bit.

I haven't started the two quilt bindings on Ginger's quilts yet. I'll get those done this week.

Pondering things a bit today. I just really want to know why, but I guess I'll never get an answer to that one.

I found some gorgeous tomatoes (with the stems on) at Albertson's, so I had the most delicious sandwich for lunch. Also bought a new coffee pot yesterday. I was tired of fooling with the old one. Amazing how something so simple and silly can make me happy! It's a really tiny world I live in!! LOL But I did resist the temptation to go back to Bed, Bath and Beyond today. I'm worse in that store than in a quilt shop, if one can believe that. Last week I bought some grippy things to open jars and a pasta strainer. Don't know why I like those things because I sure don't cook much. I guess it's like my speculation fabric purchases. Need those kitchen things just in case!

Daisy slept all day. In fact, it's after 6:00 p.m. and she's still sleeping. In about half an hour or so she'll start rousing. That's usually when I roll in front work. Guess doggies have no concept of weekends. Just another day to her. I want to come back as a dog!

Stash Report Week 25

I've been good this week. Licking my wounds from the hard fall off the wagon last week. LOL.

Nothing purchased! I did place a small order, but it won't come until next week and I don't remember exactly what it was now, but I know it wasn't much.

Nothing busted! By next Sunday I should have some busts as things are in the works. Right now I'm prepping the applique blocks on the Prairie Paisley Patchwork Party finishing kit. Once these eight blocks are done, the rest of the blocks are easy peasy!

I'm still enjoying sewing and planning. Sometimes I burn out for a while, but so far this year I've been hanging in there nicely!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 190.5 yards
Purchased: 421.75 yards
Net YTD: <231.25> yards busted

Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Thing Off My List!

The first block done on the Designer Mystery BOM out of Peace on Earth fabric.

I won't be posting these as I do them each month - because if I get mine done before everyone else, then it won't be a mystery for them! LOL. But since Kimberly showed the first block ... well, I was about to pop to start it. Now I just have to wait 3.5 more weeks for the next block!

I'm heading upstairs to read the last ten pages of Pillars of the Earth. I can't believe I was too sleepy to finish it last night. I read this many years ago, and it was a joy to read it again. Thanks, Jane! Next up is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Another one read many, many years ago. I mentioned once how much I loved that book, and Mar gave me a copy for Christmas. Thank you, Mar! I can't wait to start it.

It was 102 here today! And I had to get out twice in that! I stopped after work to get gasoline. Went to a little small station near the office, and it was the same price as last week, $4.59.9. That was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, I was so hot after pumping the gas that I went back in to get something cold to drink. I spotted the Slurpee machine, and came out with a blue Slurpee. By the time I got to the quilt shop to visit with Jane, I had blue teeth, lips and tongue. But nothing will cool you down faster than a Slurpee, and totally kill your appetite for dinner! LOL

And very very very good news -- I purchased my plane ticket to go to Louisiana in late September!!! I'm getting the whole week off, and I plan to rest, relax and giggle with Don and Gail. They're so much fun to be around. I'm flying into Lafayette this time instead of New Orleans, so that will be closer for them to pick me up. I just hope I make that terminal change connection in Dallas!

Two sips of wine tonight, a real unusual thing for me. I might not make it through the last ten pages of that book again!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not Just a Fabric Collector

Honestly, I do sew occasionally! LOL. The past three weeks have been spent doing a lot of things for other people, and I finished all of those up Monday night. Then the next couple of nights were spent making four blocks for a block lotto with my online group. Tonight I find myself 'out of sorts' because there's nothing with a deadline looming!

I've pulled out the next lineup of projects. I might make one substitution, but this is basically it.

1 - Finish the Patchwork Party quilt. I've cut and started (barely) on the finishing kit, so this should come together in the next couple of weeks.

2 - Make the last month and finish the Raspberry Truffle BOM. This was such an easy quilt and a lot of fun. It's begging to be finished!

3 - Finish the Quilt for an Hour project. I just need to get it all laid out on the floor and then start assembling. This "Dimple" quilt will be pretty.

4 - The first block for the Designer Mystery BOM out of that gorgeous Peace on Earth fabric -- I think I'll work on this one tonight.

5 - Make a new wallhanging for the hanger over my sewing table. Starflower Charm Quilt - how easy is this? I love love love that Hemming House fabric!

6 - This will either be the Prairie Paisley Moda U kit, or finishing up the Hometown Christmas quilt. Either one will fun to do!

Now, I wanted to set an unrealistic goal of July 1st for all of these, but it won't happen. Seeing as how the end of June is the end of my quarter at work, a couple of hard weeks will follow. So my realistic goal will be to get all of these done by the end of July. I can do it. I absolutely could do it if I'd get off the computer and just do it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why does Edgar Guest Poetry Come to Mind Tonight?

"Somebody said that it couldn't be done
But he with a chuckle replied
That maybe it couldn't but he would be one
Who wouldn't say so til he tried.

"So he buckled right in with a trace of a grin
On his face. If he worried he hid it.
And he started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn't be done and he did it."

I'm sure the Edgar Guest wouldn't mind me typing this from a childhood memory, and will overlook any misquotes along the way.

It's just what I thought of when I saw this box on my doorstep tonight.

Don't know why. I mean, I'm just saying ...


Since Vicki W asked the question:

This is what 82 yards in a 30 lb box looks like. And since this was reported on last Sunday's stash report, I'm purchase-free so far this week!! LOL

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stash Report Week 24

This is what flunking the stashbusting test looks like:

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 190.5 yards
Purchased: 421.75 yards
Net YTD: <231.25> yards busted

Friday, June 13, 2008

Motivation Friday

I hope everyone was more motivated in their sewing than I was this week. That's not to say I didn't sew, but nothing I can show yet. As for what else I was doing this week - let's just say that I have a heck of a lot of sewing to do to "catch up," if you know what I mean! LOL

This weekend I'll be binding and clearing off my sewing table. I'm going to pull out five projects that I want to finish up next or make. I know one will be the Patchwork Party finishing kit from that luscious Prairie Paisley. I know one will be finishing up the last month and borders on Raspberry Truffles BOM. And I think one will be sewing the last of Thimbleberries Hometown Christmas and getting that together. Also up will be Judy's Quilt for an Hour. Since none of those will be busting stash (except for the backings), the other quilt will be something from stash. I've got a real easy little quickie quilt out of Shangra-La Garden that I might bust.

I want to get as much done by the end of the month as I can because June is a quarter ending month, and we all what that means for me!

I about had a heart attack at the gas pump last night. $4.59.9 certainly got my attention! Man, I could have purchased eight yards of fabric for what it cost me to fill up the QuiltMobile!

And last but not least ... if you've read this far on a blog with no picture:

Today is the end of the contest at Jolly Jabber. I just know I'm going to win!! LOL

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm giving everyone in Bloggerland a heads-up on the contest at Jolly Jabber, but do not read anything into that! Seriously!

I don't know why some people think I made that bear! I am totally convinced it was made by Kimberly's good friend Brenda Riddle. And further proof is this guest blogger post by Brenda! And I notice Brenda is being really really really quiet during this contest! Of course, Anne Sutton was the first person that came to mind when I saw the contest. But, no, I think it's Brenda!

The contest ends on Friday the 13th (uh oh!) so head on over and cast your vote. But don't vote for Brenda, because I want to win!!!!!! :) :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a Nice Surprise!

As I already admitted, I ordered the "Winter" kit from Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop. Look at the adorable bag the kit came in! Love my Moda!

As soon as I finish up the Prairie Paisley Patchwork Party finishing kit, I'm going to get started on it. Because ...

I want it finished when Sweet Treasures BOM starts! I've totally convinced myself that it will be perfect for my brother's new house. I'll visit in September and see for myself. If not, oh, well, I guess I get to keep it! Tee-hee!

These three projects ought to keep me out of trouble for a while, eh? LOL

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stash Report Week 23

This is HARD! In my defense, I had four things to make for others, so there hasn't been a lot of busting going on. I'll finish up the last two this week. Then it's Katie bar the door! There will be fabric flying out of here so fast it'll make my head spin! Besides, I want to get everything cleared out for when the Sweet Treasures BOM starts. (See last post.) I love this quilt!

I did get the Prairie Paisley Patchwork Party finishing kit cut this week, and started working on it. So I can count as a bust 9.75 yards.

Before I get to the "rest of the story," remember all those yards I busted for backings at the first of the year? Well, four special quilts are off to Judy for some loving, and three that will probably be donation quilts went to a local quilter. That's seven -- SEVEN -- quilts off my UFO list! The bindings are already made and waiting for them. I love sewing down bindings, so I'll have plenty to do when those are returned to me.

One of those was Botanika, a Robyn Pandolph applique BOM. It was my very first applique and it's been sitting for six years. I'm real excited about getting it finished.

Now that I've suitably distracted myself and everyone else with all of the above .....

Some, but not all of this, was part of that 55 yard order from Week 22. I didn't pull out the backing yardage that's been put away. The rest of it, 44 yards, was this week. 'Nuf said.

Oh, a funny thing - when you're talking with your friends about fabric, be advised that "Mary Engelbreit" and "Merry & Bright" sound alike and can easily be confused! ROFLOL.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 190.5 yards
Purchased: 310.75 yards
Net YTD: <120.25> yards busted

Friday, June 06, 2008

Absolutely Gorgeous New BOM!

Oh, gosh, the moment I saw this one I knew I was a goner!

Sweet Treasures BOM is stunning!

I've been drooling for a week over the Portobello Market line. Really drooling. Those are SO my colors! This BOM is perfect usage for that fabric!

The blocks are nice and simple but the setting design is awesome! I love those sashing stars and that blue really makes the blocks sparkle. I asked the quilter who made the sample about it, and she said the pattern is very accurate and well written. Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop, as always, will include a fabric color card and full color picture. It's 87" square, a nice sized quilt.

Yep, I've ordered it! I love getting BOMs in the mail, and for that price I couldn't pass up this beauty! Oh, yeah, I went ahead and ordered the backing set also. Sssshhhh....

I think this quilt might be a possibility for Don and Gail's home. I want to make at least four quilts for them since they lost all their quilts in the fire. It's going to be tough to let go of this one, but I will! LOL.

So much for stash busting this week! (sigh)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cutting and Pinning

That's the story of my life these last couple of days.

I cut the finishing kit for Patchwork Party this week. Hooray! I love this quilt! It looks really complicated, but it is SO easy!

I needed to start pinning the squares to make the blocks that the applique will go on, but I wanted to watch the political speeches tonight. So I pulled out my little portable design board that I made the first day I started quilting. It's just a piece of foam board with this gridded flannel pinned to it. I probably need to come up with something better, but this has worked so well for me. I can lay out a block before I sew it together just to make sure I have everything in the correct place. So I took my little board over to the sofa, put my feet up, watched speeches and pinned. LOL

I'm just plumb giddy with happiness that I'm working on this. I'll start prepping the applique blocks tomorrow night. I just might get this top finished by the 4th of July after all! Notice I said the top. That's my goal!

Last night was one of those toss-and-turn nights. I was hot/cold/thirsty/full all night long. I'm getting ready to head upstairs and see if I can't get a couple of hours in tonight. I hate it when my body doesn't want to sleep.

Has anybody but me noticed that some new stuff is hitting The Fat Quarter Shop? That Winter line is gorgeous. Uh oh........

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stash Report Week 22

This ain't pretty!

I now have enough Prairie Paisley and Peace on Earth to make a gazillion quilts, the backings for all of them, and will probably have enough left-overs to keep me busy making scrap quilts for the next 163 years. So if you find a shortage of those two fabrics out there, it's my fault. Purchased 55 yds.

I've been working on quilts for others, so nothing busted. Maybe I can bust something today. Late start, though, as I slept in until almost 7:00 this morning. That button poking sure does wear a gal out!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 180.75 yards
Purchased: 266.75 yards
Net YTD: <86.00> yards busted