Saturday, May 03, 2008

Busy Sewing Saturday

Friday night I went to the sew-in at Ginger's. I squared these three quilts and made the bindings, but forgot my walking foot at home. So bright and early this morning - too early - I got the bindings machined on. I'll have plenty of hand work this coming week!

I thought I had all of these humongous HST blocks together and could start assembling this easy easy easy quilt. When I realized I didn't have enough blocks, I hunted around and found the rest of them under my applique thread case sitting on the sofa. They were pinned and ready to sew. I'll get the rest of them together tomorrow. I figured something out, though. Easy is b-o-r-i-n-g! This quilt alternates these big HST blocks with plain blocks, and there's no border on the quilt. Really need something more challenging to make on the weekends.

And finally, I finished this ugly pumpkin-with-a-hat block. Don't like it much, but it's done and I can move on to a nicer pumpkin!

I need to take stock of fabric movement this week for my stash buster report tomorrow. Hmmm.......


Vicki W said...

You were busy! Three quilts almost done - that's fantastic.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Enjoy the bindings .... that string quilt on the top is one of my favourites.

ForestJane said...

Does the pumpkin block go with the hsts? they look almost the same colors. :)

I like the string quilt too... had to click on the pic to get a bigger look at it.