Saturday, May 17, 2008

Route 66 Placemats

The Route 66 fabric has been cut and quilted. I am going to sew on the bindings tonight so I'll have some hand stitching next week. One side is the tan & beige map fabric, and the other side is colorful motel/road signs, etc. Two are for my brother and his wife - for their motor home - and the other two will be for the couple who will be motoring behind them to Colorado for vacation.

I finished up the borders on a quilt for Ginger, made a sample block for her from a different fabric, and those were dropped off to her today.

As soon as I finish sizing up these placemats, I'm heading to the cutting table to cut the Quilt for an Hour project!

It's 100 degrees here today. Heard it was supposed to be a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow -- what, 98?


Mar said...

Love that fabric, perfect for the motor home!

Mel said...

Fun placemats. I need to make some for us.

Anonymous said...

Vicky, I want to buy some of the Route 66 fabric you used (preferably the brightly colored one, but the muted shades would be okay, instead); however, I have searched and searched for this fabric to buy by the yard. Do you know who manufactured it? Or, where you purchased it - whether it was recent and from where?