Friday, July 21, 2006

It's a sickness!

It truly is. Last night, and actually into the wee hours of the morning, I was cleaning carpets. Just didn't want to deal with it this weekend. Anyway, when I pulled out the dining room chair from the far side of the table, these two scraps fell off of the seat. Man, you should have seen me. I dove for them, got tangled up in the cord to the cleaner, landed half sitting in one of the chairs, arms and legs in every direction! From the way I was acting, you'd have sworn these were the last two pieces of fabric on the face of the earth! And how silly is it that I actually took a picture and wanted to blog about them! Yep, these last scraps are surely destined for greatness! :)

It's SO hot here, but I guess everyone is experiencing similar weather. But it's really really really hot here. So much for the new and very short hairdo. It was plastered to my head all week from just plumb sweating. Now, I know Southern ladies are supposed to perspire - but you've gotta trust me on this one! So I called my hairdresser and changed my appointment from tomorrow morning to tonight. I don't know why it was important for me to do that! She snipped it even shorter on the neckline and really thinned it a lot. I think I've finally gotten rid of the dreaded summer curls that always seem to pop up helter-skelter.

It's days like today that makes me want to apply for a job at the local nursery. I told my CEO today that I wanted to just water plants all day long. I didn't want to supervise anyone. I didn't want to have meetings about employees. I just wanted to water plants! He was cracking up laughing! One of my employees threw a temper tantrum today. I mean, she threw a good old-fashioned hissy fit right in the middle of the office. You know the kind I'm talking about, full of tears and righteous indignation. Then she went into the VP's office to discuss the whole matter ad nauseum. It's ironic that the CEO and I discussed this very thing about her just last week. He was totally supportive, but this just zapped what little energy I had left at the end of a long, hot week. I hope she gets some pondering time in this weekend because I'm a real three-strikes-and-you're-out kind of person, and this was number two for her.

I think this weekend is a sew-in with my friendship group. I'm so out of the loop lately. I need to call someone tonight and find out.


~ An hour or so of pampering at the hairdresser

~ An almost clean house

~ Take-out -- the pantry is bare!

~ Listening to Daisy munching down on her dog food :)

~ The otherwise absolute silence in my quiet little home!


Silverthimble said...

Those two scraps are destined for greatness! Please remember to keep us posted on their progress and what project they finally end up in! *VBG*

Tazzie said...

*lol* That is too funny! I hope we see those scraps in a project soon!

Eileen said...

I've been told "ladies don't sweat, they glow". My answer was "then I'm glowing like a pig". Do you get the humidity in CA that we get in NY? Nothing like Louisiana, only 80%. lol
Those 2 strips will go down in history, I'm sure.

Darlene said...

thank goodness you found those scraps - they will "make" the quilt you decide to include them in. LOL

Linda C said...

What a week, huh? Watering plants would sound good after all the historics and responsibilities. At least Daisy crunching dog food is a far more pleasant sound than hissy fits at the office. Heat must be getting to everyone.

Curls? I cannot face the blow dryer nor do I want to cut it shorter when I can pull it back in a puny tail. Curls/waves is what you get till fall and less humidity at my house but I don't have to dress for business.

quiltpixie said...

glad you made it to the weekend, even if it had to end with a hissy fit. Heat doesn't bring out the best in some of us... Hope you enjoy working with your two new scraps this weekend. It'll be intersting to see what you create and add to them :-0)

Shelina said...

We'll all be waiting with baited breath to find out what you do with those scraps.
A haircut sounds really good. How did yours turn out?
Sorry about the hissy fit lady. People are funny.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Oh how envious I am of your quiet little house - just to do what you like and when you like. (((HUGS)))

MARCIE said...

Did you say you want to wear water plants? Hmm. Scrolling down, to the the quilts you posted--love that sampler quilt! Just put an ice pack in your lap and bind 'em. Bet you can't wait.

ForestJane said...

Did you find the ruler under the chair too?

I think I'd clean house more often if I found neat surprises under my chairs... :)

Mary Johnson said...

I'm not sure if the Dog Days of Summer are in July or August but I feel like we're in the middle of them right now! I was out hiking again today and even though it was a little cooler I was still SOAKED in sweat by the time I got back to Mom's.

Passionate Quilter said...

ROFLOL--thanks for the wonderful mental picture--it's so sick, this quilting disease we have at times! Please do something very special with those scraps! :)

Bonnie said...

Even at the end of a hot, busy day, you take the time to think out and type out a gratitude list. Good for you!

Cher said...

hope you had a great day stitching with your friends..between the heat and the challenging employee-you needed some fun to balance all that out! thank goodness for a/c right?!!! the quilts needing binding look great! Hope the TPH have outstripped the GPH's!

Marlublu said...

I can relate to going for the scraps that fall on the floor but I don't think I've ever fallen for one.LOL!I'm sure some day I will though.I am still in search of a hairspray that can with stand our humidity.It's terrible.