Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Recovery

I have been really lazy since Thanksgiving. I have been content to do no more than sit next to Daisy on the sofa and applique on my Dutch Treat blocks. The good news -- I finished the 100th block today! That was my marker. I told myself way back when I started this project on 7/4/04 that if I ever made it to block 100, that I'd have to finish the quilt. I've enjoyed these little blocks. Too bad I had to put it down for a long period to get my shoulder fixed or I may be further along now. ONLY 96 blocks to go!

Yes, I am heading out bright and early in the morning to look for a new camera and probably a new printer, too. Merry Christmas to me.

I was really good on Friday at the 25% off sale at Ginger's, the new quilt shop. I got there at 7:00 a.m. and left at around 9:00. For the first hour and a half I was only picking out quilty Christmas gifts, but I panicked in the last half hour when I realized I hadn't gotten myself anything. So I picked up two yards of four pieces of fabric, an orangy floral. It's pretty, but I have no idea what I will do with it. The stash grows .... sigh!

But on a stashbusting note, I needed a background fabric for the Serenity pattern by Verna Mosquera. I picked up all the other fabrics at Thimble Creek while at retreat. I looked and looked in my stash and nothing seemed right. I had resigned myself to using a white-on-white, but Jane said she had something that would work. I went upstairs to turn off the lights in the stash room, and I spotted it, the perfect background. It was hiding up in my stash room all the time! I feel so smug - teehee!

Bindings are calling to me. I plan on getting two bindings sewn on tomorrow so I can sit and stitch them down next week. Both of these need to sent to Louisiana for Christmas, my niece's quilt and the wonky leaf quilt for my brother. Judy did an awesome job on them. Then one more binding for a quilt for my bed for the holidays, and I'm all caught up on finished quilts. Then I'll tackle the backings in the UFO pile! My New Year's resolution is to have no more quilts just sitting there needing backings ever again.

On a sad note, my sister-in-law's mother passed away on Wednesday. She lived with them until their house burned in August. Gail visited her on Wednesday, brought her some poinsettias and decorated her room. About 30 minutes after she returned home, the nursing staff called her to say that Maybelle had died. She was in her early '90s and had Alzheimers. My heart goes out to Gail. They have been through so much in the past few months.


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QuiltingFitzy said...

Any chance of Dutch Treat photos? I started last Spring and have maybe 12 done, lol. I understand that this is a long-haul type project!

Sweet P said...

Wow! 100 blocks done for a quilt! You go, girl. I've been finishing quite a few quilts since September. Quilts that only needed binding that is. I know how you feel about having quilts with no back and bindings on them.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend's mother. I'll send prayers her way.

Darlene said...

WOWZER, 100 Dutch Treat blocks - way to go. Please share pictures, Vicky!

I'm so sorry to hear about your sil's mother!

Granny said...

Got that camera yet? What do you mean you did nothing more than sit next to Daisy and applique? Do you know how happy I would be if I could applique like you do? I know . . practice. Your applique is so pretty and you are way discplined than you think . . to get all those little Dutch Treat blocks done.

Judy L.

Cher said...

hurray for all that handwork done..sounds like you have been busy enough.