Friday, April 04, 2008

Prairie Paisley Patchwork Party

Wow, that's a lot of Ps!!

The packages are arriving. Six out of twelve have landed in SoCal! I'm so excited about this quilt. The fabric is my absolute favorite!

Sorry about the dark picture. It's real hard to take pictures here at night. There are no overhead lights in my sewing room.

OMG, I just noticed the magnetic pincushion that's sitting on the cutting table. See all those colored paperclips? ROFLOL. I'm sure I have a desk drawer full of them, too. I'll bet everyone knows where I got those!

I'm going to finish up something I'm working on tomorrow, and then start trying to figure out these blocks. I think I probably have every set of Marti Michell templates and I've never used them. Yes, I collect things! This project will get me going using those. Jane tells me I'll love them.


Kim said...

And if you get them all sewn up by Sunday, you don't have to include them as incoming stash, do you?! ROFLOL! Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly where those paperclips came from! You ought to start a recycling program, and send them back to Kimberly!

Kim West said...

You will love them (the templates) -- I am doing the patchwork party also - but I have to buy mine a bit slower unfortunately... I also have my fair share of colored paper clips...