Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm Pooped!

Well, the kitchen is all put back together.  I threw away so much stuff.  The cabinets are still full but they're not stuffed like they were before.  Now on to the next stage of this renovation.  Don't know when that will be but I'd best start getting ready for it.

I bought a new TV for downstairs, and I'll call the service provider this week to come hook it up for me.  Don't tell me I can do that myself!  I can't!  I don't even want to think about doing it!  I did, though, manage to figure out how to hook up the new house phones.  :)

This week was so difficult.  It seems that everything went out at the office -- phones, voice mail, computer server, production software ...... I was glad to see the week end.  I just hope next week everything is back to normal.


I've missed that!


antique quilter said...

New tv I agree let them figure it out!!!! Hope you have a better week. Kathir

Mimi said...

Sometimes I have to ask myself...."what is normal" ....because sometimes life is so hectic, I forget.

Katie Z. said...

Good work cleaning out while cleaning up! I hope you get some rest now.

AnnieO said...

Reorganizing a kitchen is not fun but satisfying in the end :) Hope the machines of your world behave themselves next week.