Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween

This crazy weather has cancelled the Harvest Festival in my little town for a couple of weeks.  And I'm not sure what's going to happen to the little Trick-or-Treaters with the huge rain storm expected tomorrow.  Truly ghastly ghostly weather!

My yard is loving the rain, though.  The pool overflowed, but all of the plants and shrubberies are a gorgeous green.  The weeds, too!  Seriously, they popped up in three days this week. 

I found a couple of Halloween-ish quilts to hang on the quilt rack.  I have a couple of more around the house but for some reason I can't get those pictures to download.

The top quilt was done at a retreat about ten years ago.  A blackish-gray background with lots of leaves and houses in fall colors.  The bottom quilt was a kit offered at the Fat Quarter Shop five years ago or so.  I'm sorry but I don't remember the names of either of the quilts.  I love the Halloween fabrics in the bottom quilt.

I've had serious computer issues since I switched to U-Verse.  I was totally down three days this week.  My laptop won't connect at all to the internet even though it says I have a connection.  I finally got the desktop back up this morning by rebooting a dozen times.  I may not like this new service very much.  If this continues over the weekend, I'll give them a call on Monday to schedule a visit out here. 

Beware of all the ghosts and goblins who may be visiting you.  FYI:  There's a rumor going around that candy will keep you from getting tricked!

P.S.:  This is my 1300th post.  Sort of fitting for Halloween, don't you think?  ;)


Sherrill said...

I would LOVE to see the top quilt in it's entirety. It looks absolutely fabulous! I hate it when I have computer or TV problems..drives me insane. I have U-verse and haven't had trouble (that I can remember) with my computer but have problems a little too often with the TV. Generally an easy fix, just annoying. Think our rain will be outta here before trick or treat. Sure hope so as I don't want or need all this leftover candy!! UGH! said...

No Way!! 1300!! Congratulations, and yes how perfect! Almost like you planned it. I"m so happy you're starting to feel better.

Margaret said...

Congrats on 1300 posts. That's a lot!

mascanlon said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your blog posts. I always have resisted starting since I wouldn't know what to say or I would say way to much !

Karen said...

Did you end up having any trick or treaters?

crazy quilter said...

Congrats on so many posts! I love reading what is foing on in your world! Hope you and Penny had a very happy Halloween, more rain is coming this week too, guess it is the El Niño thing