Friday, August 29, 2008

Watching Hurricane News

It's going to be a long weekend watching the weather channel and trying to figure out if Don and Gail are going to be okay. The projected path of Gustav right now is heading ashore right where they live, but it has moved every so slightly west all day. Landfall is predicted for Tues. around noon, so there's a lot that can change by then. Needless to say, I'm worried sick about them.

I pulled out some applique that I prepped a couple of weeks back. This is a BOM that Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop had this year called Debbie's Shangri-La Garden. It's about half pieced and half applique. This will be my comfort project this weekend in the calm before the storm.

I'm feeling so much better. Thank you all for your comments and emails over the past two and half weeks. I was one sick puppy! I'm not completely well yet, but feeling better every day.

My stash report will be a good one this week. I think more went out than came in! I think! LOL.

Judy and I are going to worry together this weekend. Her parents are west of Don, so they're in danger also. If anyone else wants to join in, we welcome all worriers!


Anonymous said...

Not just worries...prayers too are in order. We lurkers are there for you!

Carol said...

I sending lots of good thoughts Vicky...these darn after another...I'm outside blowing as hard as I can to send them the other way...back where they came from. Take care...glad you are getting better. Pretty applique!

Jeanne said...

I'll be keeping an eye on the storm progress and worrying with you.
Hugs ~ Jeanne

Erin said...

I am sending prayers your way Vicky! I am also thinking of Judy's parents! I pray everyone down there survives ok and there is little damage!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I think everyone is watching that little radar - fingers crossed! Good that you have a soothing project in hand to help pass the time. Glad that you are feeling better - that is good news!

Becky said...

Hi Vicky! Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I'll prayer for your family in Louisiana. Please pray for my family. My brother in Baton Rouge drove to Lafayette to get our Dad. He is in an assisted living. The AL evacuates to a shelter so Ken had to go get him. They may evacuate to our brother's home in Tallahassee. Let's hope for the very best for everyone.