Friday, November 01, 2013

Itty Bitty Block

Well, it was the case of the Itty Bitty Block versus the humongous 750.

The 750 won!

Note to self:  Do not ever try to make a block this small for the first venture on a new machine!

Okay, I'm sure it was operator error.  In fact, I'm positive it was operator error.  Absolutely positive.

First, I figured I didn't need to use the dual feed.  Never have owned a machine with dual feed.  Don't need it now.


The machine was eating up the block, chewing it to pieces.  So I lowered the dual feed.  That baby fed right on through like it had good sense.  That problem solved.

Then I decided I didn't need the knee lift.  (The knee lift was misplaced by the maids, and I located it at 2:00 this morning tucked away in the hall closet.)  But after all that searching, I didn't need to use it.

The 750 doesn't have a presser foot lift lever on the back of the machine like every other machine that exists in the world.  Well, there may be other machines out there without a lift lever but I'm sticking with that statement.  I was getting whiplash and carpel tunnel and high cholesterol reaching 171 times for a lever that's not there.  There's a button on the front of the machine to lift the foot.  I could not make myself hit that button, or I'd hit the wrong button.  I think I accidentally automatically cut my thread about 169 of those 171 tries.  That button makes the presser foot go all the way up or all the way down.  There's no in between.  You know how sometimes you just need to lift it a touch to straighten your block or whatever.  Couldn't do it.

I wondered if it would work better with the knee lift.

Yep.  That problem solved.

One hour.  One itty bitty block.  One awful looking itty bitty block.

This is a block for Temecula Quilt Company's Countdown to Christmas project.  I still want to make this quilt, but I need to wait until I'm more familiar with the new machine before trying again.  I'm really glad I decided to just cut fabric for one star out of this gorgeous Midwinter Reds by Minick & Simpson.  I'll just tuck away the layer cake for now and pull out a bigger project to work on.

But I still have Midwinter Reds on my brain.  Hmmmm...........


Gwen said...

rponTI'm glad to see you playing! I saw that itty bitty block today! I don't have the time to play with them right now but love the way they look. Good luck with getting to know the new machine. There is always a learning curve. You are quick and will be flying soon! Hugs!

Carolyn said...

You'll have that machine beaten into submission, I mean, doing exactly what you want it to in no time...just keep at it. I love those Midwinter Reds too...can't decide what to make with them though! Have a great weekend!

CitricSugar said...

This post is too funny, Vicky - but I'm laughing with you and not at you. :-) The block looks sweet! Hopefully, you'll get that machine figured out in no time - I have never had dual feed or a knee lift so I can't tell you how long the adjustment period is but I'm sure you'll end up loving the new machine.

And the upside to using small blocks to try out a machine is that if it goes horribly wrong, there are fewer stitches to rip out!

pdudgeon said...

Hmmmm......2 inch blocks.....darn, that's small! i am sooo used to making those sawtooth stars in the 6 to 10 inch range that the thought of making them smaller is a bit intimidating. strange, huh?
Love the Midwinter Reds line.
Best wishes to you and your new machine.

Darlene said...

Oh my goodness I don't know what to say. I hate when something like that happens. Walk away while you have your sanity; keep walking. Tomorrow is a new day.


mascanlon said...

Lol, yep that was all my experience too. But I love the dual feed and the automatic thread cutter...once I got the right button!

Mary said...

I do feel your pain. I tried to use the BSR yesterday on my 750qe. I was and am not that happy - YET! I keep telling myself there is a learning curve-right? I struggled piecing too but the dual feed is a big help with little pieces. You will get use to the button quickly for the foot lift. It is a GOOD thing! Just keep practicing.


Karen said...

The presser foot lifter on my Bernina is in a different location than the one on my Pfaff. I have trouble switching between the two machines. I would have a terrible time remembering to push a button as on your new machine. I enjoyed the read today about your sewing machine learning process.

Belinda said...

Some thoughts - get a straight stitch plate to use for piecing if you don't already have one - makes piecing on the 750 so much better!
Always engage dual feed when using a D foot else the stitching will be yuk :)
There is a presser foot hover feature on the 750. I haven't/don't use it, but know others use it, love it & can, then forgo the knee lift.
I LOVE my 750 - good luck!

Belinda said...

That beginning lock stitch happens after you use the automatic thread cutter. To avoid it, don't use the thread cutter. I hear there's supposed to be a fix in the next firmware update - maybe this month.
Ask about the bobbin cover replacement. Your machine may not have that yet or you may not need it. I am piecing more accurately than ever with my 750. Hang in there! There's a Bernina 7 Series Yahoo group you may want to join - lots of useful info from group members.

AnnieO said...

Omg, funny! I'm sure I'd do the same thing, reach behind 98% of the time--been doing it since I was 11! Glad your learning curve involves fabric and thread :)

Lori said...

Oh--learning curve dead ahead! Find something simple to piece Vicki. And bigger. Large 9 patches!

Bennett and Graves said...

I recently inherited a lovely Viking without the level. But have grown to love the lift button because without letting go of something I need to hold on to I can reach a finger up, lift the foot, arrange, and lower. You'll get used to it.

Nini said...

Did the machine come with classes? But I hear you about not having a lift on the back of the machine, that would drive me CRAZY!!!! Good luck, I can't wait to see the finished quilt because that one block is delicious!

K said...

Hover feature on the 75o/780 is to die for. Engage it (it is adjustable) and you'll find you won't need the knee lift. I love it! (Brand new 780 owner here)

K said...

Engage the hover feature and you won't be disappointed ! -- new 780 owner