Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lazy Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, it's been lazy so far today, at least for me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I surely have a lot for which I am thankful!  I cooked -- gasp! -- and have tons of leftovers for the weekend.  Ham, not turkey.  I had to work yesterday until 4:00, and then went to dinner with my late boss' wife.  We had a lovely time.

This morning I got up raring to go.  I had been thinking for days that I was going to finish up a quilt top that needs very little work to get it done.  You know what?  I can't find it.  It was sitting right over there < < and now it's not right over there < < .  I think when the sewing tables were switched out, it was stuck in a tub that's now stacked in the garage.  Since I can't lift on those tubs, that project will just have to season a bit more.  Darn!

I did finish up two bindings.

I save bindings for the days when I am not able to do much else, but both were done on Thanksgiving while the food was cooking.  It was relaxing to sit watching a DVD and stitch.  Now I don't have anything to do!

I am going to try to pin a quilt today for grid stitching.  I say try.  I'm not moving very well as I took a tumble bright and early on Thursday morning.  I have a badly skinned and slightly swollen knee, and a really really sore right shoulder.  I hope I didn't undo anything there.  And to add insult to injury -- or injury to injury -- I wrapped a heating pad around my knee while I was stitching, and managed to burn a quarter size spot on the back of my calf.  I didn't notice it for a couple of hours and then it started burning like heck.  I cleaned it well, debrided it, and now it just has to heal.  I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday so I'll ask him to take a look at it, but I don't think there's anything to do for it at this point.  If I had burned myself cooking that would have been, well, honorable.  I don't think what I did counts as honorable at all!  I'm so dumb sometimes that I amaze myself.

Anyway, I was looking around this morning for something easy to sew that would use up a bit of fabric.  I just recently picked up a charm pack and a few fat quarters at a tag sale going on at Brenda Riddle's Acorn Quilt & Gift Company.  I spent a very pleasant hour or so this morning looking for something to do with them.  I pulled out Simplify by Camille Roskelley.

I'm thinking the "Coming Home" pattern might work.   I'll use Kona Snow or Moda Bella White, whichever looks best with it.  I have a bolt of both in the stash room.  I'll have to get a bit creative with the outer border, but I'll maybe just use the snow/white and do a little simple applique on it using the fat quarters.  We'll see.  I'll sew on the center guts today just to get the Bernina humming a bit.

Did I say I now LOVE the Bernina 750!  I surely have a lot more to learn about her, but I know enough now to make forward stitching progress.  Well, except when I go backwards with the seam ripper like has happened a lot lately ........

It's so quiet here today in the house.  Penny is snoring and the neighborhood is still.  I think everyone may still be in a turkey coma!

Oh, oh, don't forget it's the last day of the Fat Quarter Shop Black Friday Sale! I didn't!  Backing for Nantucket is winging its way to me, as well as new blades for my rotary cutters, and a couple of extra things!  Have fun shopping!


Miss Jean said...

Good heavens! I think you need to take it easy the rest of the weekend!!!!

Cathy said...

New blades for the rotary cutter - I totally forgot those when I placed my order. I think my brain has been slowed down by all the food.

the ark said...

I am also getting to that age where, when stepping off of a curb, I think to myself, "Careful, careful." Ah, the joy of aging--not so gracefully!
Happy holiday weekend!

Darlene said...

I'm glad you're having a lazy week end.

I love your new project - can't wait to see more.

pdudgeon said...

so sorry to hear about the tumble and the burn, but i hope that both will heal soon. HUGGS!

mascanlon said...

Goodness, you had an exciting weekend with a fall and a burn. Glad you were able to cook and have a night out too. We are in KC....headed home tomorrow after a week, it's been fun but I am ready to be home. And I missed the sale!