Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Charm Quilts

I seem to have collected a ton of those Moda charm packs lately, and I was digging through old photos trying to come up with a quick way to use some of them up.

This was from a patriotic charm swap with my online group, and this quilt was donated to a Veteran's hospital in the Atlanta area. One of our members spearheaded donations for that hospital for about three years.

I think this took about four hours to put together and another three or four hours to quilt and bind. I'm thinking this sort of quickie might be make nice TV-cozy quilts for some young family members for Christmas. And bust some stash for borders and binding in the process! LOL. Or maybe find a neutral from the stash and make half square triangles .... uh oh, I think I feel a new project coming on!

Oh, oh, oh, I'm SO excited. I spent all weekend looking for a background fabric. I had in my mind what I wanted for a class in April. Three quilt shops and found nothing that would work. So I went upstairs and dug around in my stash and found the perfect fabric! But it was only a yard and I needed 1.25. So I dug some more and found another yard! I'm all set!! What fun to do shopping at home! LOL!


Mary said...

It's very cute. I like simple quilts that look nice but that can be pieced quickly.

Laurie said...

Nothing better than shopping the "stash"! Glad you found what you needed! And just liked the fabric so much you bought it TWICE! LOL...i'm guilty of that!

cher said...

always great to find just what you need in your stash-it is the best shop I find-love the small is simple but so delightful.