Thursday, March 09, 2006

An Early Attempt

I'm trying to organize quilt photos, and found this one made when I was a real squeaky clean newbie. It was made for my boss' little granddaughter, and is the first quilt I made from beginning to end all by myself. I quilted it with straight stitching and one of those Borders Made Easy patterns for the borders, and it was the first time I did a binding. Boy, what I wouldn't give to get a look at that quilt now!

It was a flannel kit from The Fabric Patch. I just substituted some of the fabric to remove boyish ones. I don't know the pattern, but the squares are all sewn together and then cut twice on the diagonal and resewn to get on point blocks. I was so careful not to get any two colors touching, but after the quilt was cut and restitched, I ended up with two greens right slap dab in the middle.

I'm standing on a chair to hold the quilt up. This was less than a year after I shattered my shoulder and that's as high as I could raise my right arm. I remember how heavy that quilt was to manipulate through the sewing machine. At times I had to get others to help me hold the weight of it. I think that's probably why I don't care to work with flannel now.

I shampooed carpets last night. My carpet cleaner was damaged in the move, so I decided just to rent a Rug Doctor from the grocery store. It worked great, and at $19 a day I think I'll just do this from now on! Spring cleaning is almost over. Just some 'straightening up' in my sewing room and another dusting and I'm done! And it feels good!!

CEO is out of town the rest of the week, so it's catch-up time at work. I was thinking that I might make gumbo tonight. The weather is still crisp enough and this will take care of major cooking for the weekend.


cher said...

I hope today goes easier! cute quilt-you have done a great spring cleaning job...hope you can now enjoy some quilty time. We have snow today-I am declaring a quilty day/jammie day at my house!

Laurie said...

Great quilt!! That first one is always special! And Daisy looks like she owns the world! ;)

Finn said...

Hi Vicky, just stopping by to say "hi", and welcome to the family..*VBS* It's a very neat first quilt, and you did good!

Love your doxy, she's a sweetie..*S* makes me miss our Maggie, from long, long ago.

Rebecca said...

Lesson from my quilting group: no matter how hard you try, these "random" colors are NOT going to turn out perfect! So we lay them out, make minimal changes (so we don't have entire rows of one color, or all in one corner), and then we stitch! Makes life so much easier.

Is the recipient of this quilt the same granddaughter who got a quilted interpretation of her artwork? Lucky little girl! Too bad you weren't quilting when your nieces were young.

Vicky said...

Yep, same little girl. I just melt when she calls me Aunt Vicky.

I was in elementary school and junior high when my nieces were were born! Sure wasn't thinking about quilting then! lol

Linda_J said...

You did a wonderful job on your quilt. One day I'll share the story about my first one. Trust me, I made every mistake possible and probably made up some new ones.

Do you use a recipe for your gumbo--I've been wanting to make some for a couple of weeks now.

Passionate Quilter said...

Spring cleaning almost done? whoa--I can't even think about that right now! Now you can quilt guilt free--I just quilt and don't think about the dirt!

I like your first quilt, isn't it fun to look back at our humble beginnings. It's always good to see how we have progressed!

Matthew Perry said...

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I found your after I left. I'll be reading ;)

Vicky said...

Hey Matthew! Ladies, this guy is the A-number-one computer guru in the world! And has the cutest two little kiddies! Thanks for your help today - I feel 'normal' again on my computer! :)