Sunday, March 05, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Yeah, okay, the house is clean, but I was thinking more along the lines of getting some UFO spring cleaning done. I decided to pull out the UFOs, the ones that I can quickly finish up. Five or six just need the backings pieced, which I hate to do, and then they're off to be quilted. There are two that need assembly - the nothing-fancy-just-do-it kind of assembly; these are donation quilts. One needs pinning so I can try to quilt it myself. One needs some creative thought on a pieced border. And, yes, there's a QOV in there just needing a final border and the backing pieced. But all are very do-able in short order.

There are more UFOs, trust me, but even those are nearing completion. Most of them just need a couple of more blocks made, or some stash busting for borders and backings. But those will be another stack for another time. I just figured if I got these pulled together and placed in a spot in the house where I'd have to look at them every day, then I'd feel bad because they weren't finished. That Catholic guilt thing again! LOL!

Admission is good for the soul. I'm a quilt top junkie! There! I've said it!!


Patti said...

I think almost all of us are quilt top junkies! I can't remember a time when I had no tops waiting for quilting. But creating lots of teaching samples put me off the deep end! You are lucky so many of them are at the "almost done" stage. Sounds like you are doing well.

Nancy said...

I freely admit to being more a topper than a quilter. When I get a project to completed top stage as far as I'm concerned it's finished. Too many projects, too little time!

JudyL said...

Even with a longarm, I have so many tops here that need quilting. So, if it's comforting or takes away the guilt, I think there are many of us in that topper boat.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great idea - setting out a few UFO's that just need a few things - a motivator for sure to finish up.



debby said...

I am a longarm quilter and have a stack of my own quilts just waiting to be quilted. I think you and I are not alone in this.

Mary said...

I also have tops waiting for quilting but I like it that way.

I piece when I want and when I'm ready to quilt I load a top on the longarm.

I feel just as good about a completed top as I do a finished quilt - the tops all get quilted in time.

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Obviously there are many of us in the same boat as you, Vicky.

After I have finished a quilt top and have it pressed I like to fold them and put them over a hanger. If the back is finished or I have specific fabric that I am going to use, I put that on the same hanger. I do the same thing with my table cloths.

The Calico Cat said...

You are in good company... (& you will feel better once you get those "chores" done.)

Laurie Ann said...

Love your Hurricane quilt! It takes my breath away! The bigger the quilt gets the less interested in it I am. I like the piecing the best!