Thursday, March 30, 2006

What now?

I love this picture. Daisy was checking out the neighbor's cat also named Daisy. You can barely see her in the bottom left corner. This 'stand-off' lasted a good half hour. The cat finally got bored. LOL

Waiting to hear news on Gracie who had surgery today to remove screws and bolts in her foot from an earlier surgery. Judy, safe travels on your trip back to KY.

An uneventful day today at work, which is the way I like them! Leftovers tonight.

My gratitude is getting "Cooking with Paula Deen" magazine in today's mail. I'm going to plan my weekend cooking tonight. I need new ideas!

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anner said...

Don't you just love that magazine? My DH & I are totally hooked on Paula! He's so funny, he wants to plan our next vacation around going to eat at "The Lady & Sons"!! LOL! Have a fun weekend and blog about any of her good recipes you try!