Friday, March 31, 2006


This was a quickie quilt I pieced in 2002 using fall fabrics with leaves. I like this quilt, but it needs more quilting on it. I actually have it in my pile of stuff to do down by my sewing machine. It needs to be washed but I need to do that first. I wasn't scared to try to quilt stuff back in my newbie days. I figured it was like Dad always said: "Hey, we're not building a piano here!"

I'm a total idiot with electronic stuff. I went up to the bedroom last night and watched "Walk the Line" on DVD but now I can't figure out how to get it back to the TV mode. I'll never get these folks back out here to show me. I've about resigned myself to never being able to watch the news upstairs! The guy went through it with me last weekend real fast, and I should have made notes. I hate that kind of stuff!

Taxes being done tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. What a way to start the day! Crossing fingers and toes here that I don't owe as much as last year. I had to file 'married filing separately' last year and that's the worst category to be in from a tax standpoint. I never do my own taxes. It's too depressing. Between the car repairs and now taxes, I guess it's a good thing I'm dedicated to using up the stash! LOL!

But it's 1st Weekend! That means I work on Christmas gifts and projects!!


Linda_J said...

the DVD thing? on one of my sets you have to hit something called "source" on the universal remote to be able to view the DVD. See if that might be the problem? (I have direct tv) The other room has a newer receiver/remote setup and it is only hooked to my ancient VCR so can't help you there. This may not work either but is just a thought, Vicki

Vicky said...

Thanks, Linda! This is Direct TV, too. I'm going to head up there in a bit and see if I can't figure it out. How complicated can it be? (Don't answer that! LOL) Thanks again!! I'll let you know if it worked!

Vicky said...

Linda, that was it!!! You're the gold star winner and my hero du jour!!! THANK YOU!!!

Mary said...

Very pretty - I love autumn quilts and luckily the colors work with my living rooms and I can use them year round.

cher said...

hey, nice easy and fast brave and just finish the quilting on it...too nice to not be enjoying Vicki!

Tracey said...

Vicky, you have done more quilts in your first year of quilting then I've done in 14 years of quilting!!!! What's wrong with this picture here? :oP I'm such a slacker!

Hope you have a *relaxing* weekend. :o)

The Calico Cat said...

couple things:
"Then today was the last day for a senior salesman and a lot of time was spent doing paperwork and exit interviewing. It's amazing who they don't like in the company when they're leaving and what they'll say."
Isn't that the truth! I think this is human nature too.

Titanium - what do you do (or what does you company do because it sounds like you are in HR)?

Love the quilt - so simple yet elegant - maybe it the colors (rusts & browns?)

taxes... I though married filing separately was sometimes a good thing. Since I just got married 42 days ago, I better pay close attention next year... I can see some serious number crunching in my future! Yuck!

Vicky said...

My company forges titanium and steel that goes into the frame of aircraft, medical implant devices, etc. It's pretty interesting work, especially watching those red hot bars out of the furnace being press forged. I'm the Admin. Mgr. for the company, which basically means I do a little of everything! LOL. Filing separately is sometimes a good thing (as it was in my case last year) but it's the highest bracket. It's more often than not better tax-wise to file jointly.

But I'm smiling this year! I'm actually getting a small refund - the first in many, many years! Single!! Yeah!!! :)

Thanks for the kind words about this newbie quilt! It'll be nice when I get more quilting on it!