Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sewing Day

It felt really good to be sewing today. I almost have a top assembled. Will finish it up tomorrow. A beef roast in the crockpot is smelling wonderful.

The cable company came out today to install new boxes for these that weren't working. I'm glad I was here because they put some sort of booster up in the bedroom that knocked out my computer. Anyway, all is fixed now, and I've had the TV going all afternoon. Hmmmmm, that may not be such a good thing! LOL

This quilt was made at Alex Anderson's Quilt Retreat in Nov. 2002. I grabbed a bunch of fabric and threw it in my suitcase for the retreat project. I was just thinking red/cherries, green/leaves. It wasn't until I starting assembling it that I realized it looked awfully Christmassy. So it's named my Very Merry Cherry Christmas Quilt.

I realize I'm posting these quilts at all the wrong times of the year, but I just want to get as many of them documented as I can before I forget the details. Frequent brain fades here!

Oh, funny story about the cable guy. He looked around and said, "So you make blankets, huh?" He walked over to the quilt Judy gave me that was entered in Road to California show this year. He said, "Do you sell these to like Sears or Marshall?" I told him I didn't sell my quilts. He said, "I'll give you $20 for this one?" I started laughing (hysterically). He came back with, "Okay, $30 and not a dollar more."


tami said...

some people just don't get it! :>/

dot said...

dido to the reply from Tami

Jeanne said...

Laughing - but it would have been be hard to hold my tongue if I'd been in that conversation!
The cherries are cute!
Jeanne :)

Finn said...

He'd have lost me at the beginning when he called it a "blanket"...LOL

That old ship/boat thing..*G*"A blanket can go into a quilt, but a quilt can't go into a blanket" and $30...does he still drive a horse and buggy?????

It's a great Merry Cherry quilt Vicky, I like it, no matter what season..thanks for sharing the quilt and the story.

Linda_J said...

Oh, I think that cherries work anytime of the year if your decor allows it!

Your cable guy sounds a clueless as the comic "Larry". Easy to see that he just needed to run to Walmart or K-mart if 30 bucks was enough money for your work in his opinion. Backing fabric costs that and more, as we know.

JudyL said...

$30 .. tell him he's going to insult your friend with that kinda talk! Did you finally get your cable fixed?

I think the timing is perfect on your cherry quilt because I've been hearing about the cherry blossoms in D.C. all day on the news.

Judy L.

cher said...

another lovely quilt-how fun for you to have this memeory of a retreat too. yep, folks often don't "get" the value of a quilt