Friday, March 03, 2006

The Hurricane

I was still a new quilter and taking as many classes as I could to learn different techniques. I signed up for a storm at sea paper piecing class, and The Hurricane was born. I had so many problems with thinking backwards - my brain doesn't work like everyone else's (that's a blog for later) - but suffice it to say this was a real challenge.

I wanted a red storm at sea. I saw one in a magazine once, and that was what I wanted!! So I trek over to The Fabric Patch and started pulling red batiks. Candace was helping me and it was coming together very nicely. Then I spotted the dark blue with the ferns and started pulling go-withs for that. The red quilt was totally abandoned, but Candace still calls this my red quilt! LOL

I paper pieced this thing in about two weeks at night after work, and it took me another two weeks to get all the paper off the back of it. It looked like it snowed in my sewing room! I mean, a blizzard. I vacuumed every day, sometimes twice a day, and no amount of vacuuming could keep up with it. It stuck to my clothes and made its way down the hall and into the kitchen and stuck to my shower curtain. I must have had paper stuck to the bottom of my shoes because I found some on the deck out back! My maid even brought the vacuum cleaner to me one day, "Miz Beeky, it no suck!" I was rolling on the floor laughing. She had filled up TWO vacuum bags in like ten minutes after a night of paper pulling!

I sent this off to Judy with my usual detailed quilting instructions, "I don't care. You decide." I know I drive her crazy but that's how I am. Anyway, it is one of my favorites just because it was my first PP'g.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

It is beautiful - I love the Snail's Trail waves on the outside.



JudyL said...

I like it! :)

Vicky, I've never seen a quilt you did that wasn't perfect!

I try to save my paper pieced blocks to remove the paper when we're in a hotel. Isn't that awful!

Patti said...

Great quilty story Vicky! The quilt turned out beautifully - I'm sure it's a stunner on your bed.
You listed two of the reasons why I avoid paper piecing if at all possible. I can't think "backwards" either. I'm very "spacially challenged". Not a good thing for a quilter! When I'm chain piecing with triangles being sewn onto squared, etc. I have to think about every piece so I don't sew some of them backwards!

dot said...

This is a very beautiful quilt. The fabric choices were wonderful. I still have to do a storm at sea. I like the snails trail on the boarder.

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Very stunning, Vicky! I have always loved the Storm at Sea pattern. One day I hope to make one. Funny story about your maid. :-)

Linda_J said...

Turned out beautifully, Vicky, in spite of all the things involved in the learning curve. Have you given up on PP or do some occasionally?

Vicky said...

Thanks you for your kind words. I still paper piece, but I haven't done a whole PP'd quilt since this one. Mostly just parts of a block, etc. This one was fun to do until it came time to sew the rows together. Leaving all that paper on sure made it hard to manipulate through the sewing machine. And it was heavy. That was before my shoulder was fixed and I had a heck of a time with it. But it was worth it to learn all the tricks on one quilt! LOL

Laurie said...

Great quilt! Of course Judy did a super job on it! ;)

cher said...

fantastic quilt-and you finished it! guess I need to finish my storm at sea wall hanging :-) thanks for the inspiration! and I tell my longarm quilter the same thing *vbs*

The Calico Cat said...

Lovely storm at sea, I love how they look curved without being curved. I love the snails trail border! (Judy quilted mine too, following the same instructins, I think.) BTW I HATE paper-piecing, I did mine using a "special ruler."

Elaine Adair said...

I just found your site -- absolutely LOVE your Hurricane Quilt. What a wonderful combination with the Snail's Trail waves.