Monday, March 20, 2006

Daisy Days

No, not the dog. A quilt! LOL! I'm having a ton of fun digging through the piles of quilts stacked in a closet. This was done about three years ago during one of my "I only want to applique" periods. I've kind of gotten over the Thimbleberries phase but I like this one. It's actually a nice flat quilt, but you can't tell it from this picture - it's laying out on the lawn.

I'm about to get real angry with Direct TV. They fried all the boxes in this area trying to download something on their end, and I can't seem to get anyone out here at a time that's convenient to me to replace the two I have here. I rushed home tonight only to be told that they have me scheduled for Thursday. Grrrrrr........ okay, deep breaths! I don't watch a lot of TV but I do like to turn on the news in the morning when I'm upstairs getting dressed. It probably didn't help that I told the smart-aleck young man Saturday that if I ran my business the way they're running theirs, that planes would fall out of the sky! One of these days I'm gonna learn to keep my mouth shut!

I spent all day yesterday at the sewing machine and it felt really good. But I can't post pictures of what I'm working on, so only old quilts will be posted for a while longer. Boring, boring! Next up, though, I'm going to attack that pile of quilts that just need backings pieced. Yep, I'm just going to do it! Once that stack is taken care of, then I feel I can move forward. There's a pile of fabric up there that's screaming, "Use me! Use me!"


Jeanne said...

Wait -- what'd I miss? Is the current project a secret??
This Daisy one is a beauty!

Laurie said...

Love the applique quilt! It's too cute! And I agree wth Jeanne...the current project is a secret??????

Mary said...

How pretty - I don't mind the pictures of the old quilts - keep posting them.

Good for you piecing backs. I don't think I would make much progress on decreasing my stash if I wasn't piecing all my backs - esp. since I'm trying to work on UFO's for now.

cher said...

lovely "older" quilt :-) are you waiting to finish the top before posting a photo? that is how I feel when I am working on something-or it could be for someone who reads your blog...*vbs*
at any rate-I share your frustration with directv...they can be so annoying! when it rains (frequently here) we get static and no picture...and no help from them either!

Linda_J said...

I'm kind of in the same boat--tops done but no new quilting since early in the month. Still, we don't know that you are showing us "old" quilts till you tell us they are, LOL.

I'm with Mary---share all you care to!

Vicky said...

Yep, the current project is a secret. I'm a real good secret-keeper, but it's NO fun! LOL.