Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Signature Quilt

I made up this quickie to take to the 2002 Alex Anderson Quilt Retreat. The top was all put together before Retreat, and the hearts were ironed to paper backed fusible. It made it easy for everyone to sign a heart. I started machine blanket stitching them to the top as soon as they were given to me. The top was almost done when I got home. It's been washed now eight or ten times and is crinkly and soft and wonderful to cuddle under.

The only signature I didn't get at Retreat was Paula Reid, but I put a blank heart on it and she signed it for me the next year. Paula is so sweet. I took her class at Road to California this January, and we had so much fun in there. She had dinner with us the night before, so we were prepared for the laughter we knew would happen in class. The class was on beads and embellishments. I'm looking forward to doing some of that soon on a quilt. She inspired me, although I'll never be able to do them as beautifully as Paula does!

It's pouring rain outside and the freeway looked like a parking lot tonight. I finally got off and took ground streets home. Much faster! Today was a nightmare at work. Our lead salesman turned in his resignation, so it became a day of meetings. I was so hoping to spend a day doing my work as it's near the end of the quarter. Next week will be spent pricing inventory and WIP, a daunting task that will probably take all week and late nights. But I don't mind working late nights if it means I don't have to go in on the weekend.

It's my friend's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Gracie! You are loved! And Sally's quilting frame will be delivered tomorrow. The earth movement will be Sally jumping up and down when the Brown Guy arrives! :)

An up and down kinda day. I guess they can't all be perfect. That would be awfully boring!

My gratitudes today are a safe car and central heating! I'm SO easy!


Laurie Ann said...

What is your favorite pen for writing on fabric? I have a couple, but they just don't write very nice and so I want to try something else.

cher said...

nice signature quilt! I put the siggies I collected on the back of the mystery quilt we did at the retreat we all attended. I used them around my label. I like your idea much better :-)
sorry work is so awful...guess that is the part I miss the least!
the long hours I mean