Tuesday, March 21, 2006

To-Do List

I really had a time making my to-do list - truly! These are some of the ones that are all kitted and ready to start. I'm afraid the only stash busting for these quilts will be the backings and possibly some small applique pieces. Can't possibly do all of these this year, but I sure can get some of them going.

Confession is good for the soul, so here goes:

1 Give Thanks by Rosalie Quinlan Designs, piece & applique
2 Bittersweet by Elizabeth Scott, Late Bloomer Quilts, piece & applique
3 Bubblegum Dreams by Alex Anderson, piece & applique
4 Christmas Greetings by Verna Mosquera, piece & applique
5 Holiday Lights by Alex Anderson, piece & applique
6 Rabbits Prefer Chocolate by Bunny Hill Designs, piece & applique
7 Catch a Christmas Star by Bunny Hill Designs, piece & applique
8 Friends for Christmas by Lynnette Anderson, applique
9 Cranberry & Cardinals by Barbara Brackman & Karla Menaugh, applique
10 Home Sweet Home by Barb Adams & Alma Allen, piece & applique
11 Wool Bed Rug by Lakeview Primitives, wool applique
12 Celebration of American Life by Barb Adams & Alma Allen, piece & applique
13 Baskets of Treasures by Edie McGinnis, piece & applique
14 Snappin’ Green Beans by Tammy Tadd Designs, piece
15 Postcards from the Past by Robyn Pandolph, applique
16 Everything’s Coming up Roses by Kim Noblin, piece
17 Silver Trees by Fumilo Shimizu, piece
18 Girls Gang Club from two years ago, Jan Patek
19 Cottage Garden by Alma Allen, piece & applique
20 Classic Santas by Quakertown Quilts, piece & applique
21 Christmas Memories by Barb Adams & Alma Allen, piece & applique
22 Daisy’s quilt, piece
23 Bento Box, piece
24 Dressed for Dinner by Pearl Pereira, piece & applique
25 Snow Day Quilt by Polly Minick & Laurie Simpson, piece & applique
26 Vintage Valentine by Verna Mosquera, piece & applique
27 Women of Grace & Charm by Barb Adams & Alma Allen, piece

There are probably 20 more kitted, and a couple whose fabric I released back to the stash because I knew I'd never make them up. It's funny how our tastes change. Quilting is just a 4.5 year adventure for me, and I can already sense a shifting in my quilting desires. Okay, I'm fickle, but when you're having this much fun, why not be fickle!!


The Calico Cat said...

Looks like a good list - you better get started! (Me too! - I still need to write down my list...)

Laurie Ann said...

Wow! So you like applique, do ya? :) It is interesting how tastes change over the years. Makes things interesting!

cher said...

that is to me a daunting list of applique combined with piecing! and yes, it is fun to see our focus/interest change over the years!

Carol said...

Am excited to see someone else has a list as long as mine! Perhaps you can help me out with where to find the #2, 3, and 4 books in the Christmas Memories series by Barb Adams & Alma Allen. I have the first book and now can't seem to find the rest. I would love to make this quilt! Please email me at CCaraccia@msn.com Thanks!