Thursday, March 02, 2006

Christmas Tiles

This picture is before it was quilted by Judy, but I just love this quilt. It's her Vienna Tiles pattern. I did a huge amount of cutting before my shoulder surgery. Once I was home and feeling up to it, I'd sit at my sewing machine and sew until it was time to take more drugs. LOL! I did five or six one-handed quilt tops while I was off work - chain piecing them through with my left hand and using the bejeebers out of that knee lift! I've got a picture that I'll post another time of the beautiful quilting on it. This one is totally from stash! I was so proud of myself for doing that!!

I'm going to break my resolution tonight and order take-out. I've been really good the past few months about cooking something at night, but I'm just too tired to fool with it today. There's a good barbeque place near here - might just go get some chicken and call it a day!


Linda_J said...

ohhhh that Christmas quilt is pretty. And so are the March blocks for the Elimination Club.

Laurie Ann said...

Love the Christmas quilt! Sounds like you've been good so splurge on a take out meal and then you can be good again! Enjoy!

cher said...

I really like this Christmas quilt-great pattern of Judys too! How clever of you to plan ahead for being able to do quilty stuff with a right shoulder/arm out of action.

Patti said...

Hey - you deserve take out once in awhile!

What a beautiful Christmas quilt - I'd love to see how it looks with Judy's quilting.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Well that was certainly thinking ahead to have everything cut and ready to go when you were up to it. And, the results are beautiful. I have a knee lift on one of my machines and never can seem to get the hang of it - so I don't use it - unless I absolutely need 2 hands for something else!



Laurie said...

Great quilt! LOVE the Christmas colors!!!

I have done a little bit of applique...I find it relaxing WHEN i do it...but I struggle with fabric choices AND the prep work! But I do enjoy it!


Carolyn said...

Beautiful quilt...great pattern too! And all from stash? Excellent! You do wonderful work! *Carolyn*

JudyL said...

Of course I like the quilt! :) How was the BBQ?


Vicky said...

Thanks all. This quilt really is a quick and fun one to put together. I want to do another one with some florals out of the stash. I think my eldest niece would like it.

Laurie, I procrastinate on prepping sometimes, and then wonder why because it's not hard at all! Can't wait to see your project.

Judy, thought you might kinda sorta like this one! :) BBQ was good - as usual. Have leftovers for tonight! Food goes a long way for a singleton! LOL