Sunday, March 26, 2006

Oriental Fabrics

I wrapped this up and gave it to my stepson for Christmas 2001 before it was quilted. He received it finished up for his birthday in March 2002. I used to be so excited when I finished a top that I'd take a ton of pictures, and then none when the quilt was quilted and bound. Live and learn!

Oriental fabrics intriqued me when I first started quilting. Since he had been to Japan a couple of years before this as an exchange student, he was really excited to get this quilt. I found the background fabric in Central California, and then Jane helped me put together the other fabrics. The pattern is "Show Me" by Maple Island Designs. It was a real easy one for a beginner. Too bad I don't have better pictures as it is really beautiful fabric.

I fell off the wagon today at The Fabric Patch. I went in just to get some wide muslin backing, and ended up with another purple bag full of fabric. Fig Tree fabric does that to me!! But I really needed this fabric. I really did! Well, I kinda did, sorta, maybe ........

Daisy hasn't been feeling well today, so she's getting extra attention. I think she's milking it for all it's worth. For instance, her dog food was just too much for her upset stomach, but a couple of pieces of popcorn were just what the doctor ordered. I hope I won't pay for that later!

I finished piecing the main part of the quilt that's been sitting on my sewing table for a few weeks, and just have to get the borders on. I think I'll do that tonight as I'm just having leftovers for supper.

All in all, a very good weekend. My gratitude today is being healthy and able to quilt as much as I want.


JudyL said...

Hope Daisy is feeling better. Speck managed to find something in the parking lot and chew it up and down the hatch before we knew what he found so we're kinda watching him close tonight.

I like Fig Tree fabrics too . . can't blame you for bringing a bag of those home.


tami said...

I think you definitely needed that fabric. ;>) If for nothing else than just the joy of owning it.

The Calico Cat said...

Hey, I had to look up fig tree fabric - new to mee, but I like their dots and spirals and such... great lights...

I too have a thing for Orientals... & Maplpe Island Quilts - the look so different & are easy! I did the one that they demo-ed on Simply Quilts. Deep in storage, so the chances of a photo are SLIM!

I hope the popcorn eater is feeling better soon.

Samantha said...

that'sa lovely quilt, and a lovely gratitude!