Saturday, March 11, 2006


I guess it's officially winter here in So Cal! I drove around a good bit today and the mountains are almost all white. I'm sure they'll be totally covered tomorrow. I was in a quilt shop when it started hailing, and it happened again briefly when I got home. First hail I've seen since I've been out here. It's cold outside!!

I had fun today picking out fabrics for applique projects. I now have all the fabric for a couple and am ready to start them. I was real excited about finding one elusive piece I needed badly. I got one book, Quilts from the Henry Ford. It's a beautiful book. The only piece purchased today for a new quilt was a piece of Mardi Gras focus fabric, but the rest of the quilt will be from stash. So all in all I didn't do too badly. Just go-withs, and only small pieces of those since they're for applique.

Gumbo tonight ...... c'est bon!

And tomorrow I sew!!


Jeanne said...

Hi Vicky! Hope you're keeping warm and getting lots of sewing done. Nick didn't even try to go up boarding today -- the roads up are too bad.

JudyL said...

I saw on the news where there was snow in your area. How neat!! Your applique projects sound great. It's supposed to get cooler here this week so gumbo is in our plans too!

Hope you have a good week!


cher said...

sounds like a good plan-stay warm inside and do quilty stuff!