Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stars & Stripes Sampler

Another early quilt; another lousy picture. The quilt doesn't have a hump in it, but is laying on a rather uneven deck! This was a Fons & Porter BOM that I signed up for before my first quilting class. I didn't know better! But I finished it and it now resides with my ex. I think Laurie quilted this one for me a couple of years ago.

Amazingly, I made it home from work tonight in 31 minutes. Of course, that's because I left work exactly at 5:00 as the boss is out of town! :)

I'm heading in my sewing room to sew for two hours tonight. That's my new pledge beginning this week. I haven't made that goal any night so far, but tonight may be it. I'm making progress on this quilt and I want to finish it up by the end of the weekend. There are oodles of new quilts I want to start, and oodles of quilts at various stages of completion. Time's a-wasting and I'm not getting any younger! It would be nice to leave finished quilts when I'm gone! LOL!

And speaking of things unfinished, last night I dug through two very large plastic tubs of Civil War and '30s blocks that I purchased on eBay a couple of years ago. There are some tops that just need quilting, lots of real Civil War era fabrics that I don't even want to cut, and a lot of feedsack scraps. I need to pull out a project or two and get them on my to-do list. The problem is I just keep thinking that anything I do to them will ruin them. I guess that's why I haven't touched them yet. Aside from some of the uncut fabric, they're not that valuable. Their true value is the joy I have when I look at them, and imagine some person making them many, many years ago. I wonder if they were like I am - too many quilts and not enough time. Like I don't have enough of my own UFOs without acquiring those of others!


Leora said...

Hi Vicky! I jumped on your two hour train and last night I actually got an hour and a half in! I have a feeling I'll get a lot more done being in front of the machine and not the computer. :) I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve (or under your needle) next.

Carolyn said...

Your BOM is beautiful! I love patriotic quilts. As for your Civil War treasures, are there any blocks you can have matted and framed? It would be a wonderful way to preserve them and you could have them on your walls to enjoy. Just a thought...

cher said...

along the line of those fabrics...what about a charm quilt? or a one block type quilt-like triangles or ?? use those vintage fabrics in an old fashion style of piecing.

Laurie said...

Looks good...and yes...I quilted that one for ya! ;o) Glad your trip home from work was a quick one...enjoy your 2 hours!

JudyL said...

Vicky, I like your Fons & Porter quilt. I love quilts that have all different size blocks and they all fit together.

Are you hand quilting or machine quilting the Civil War tops. How neat to have them!

Good luck with the 2 hours of sewing. You can do it and I'm betting it will make a HUGE dent in your UFO's.

Judy L.

Finn said...

It's a great BOM...I am very impressed for a first quilt class project..YOU DID GREAT!!

Love reading your blog..keep up the good work, Hugs, Finn