Saturday, March 18, 2006

Quilter's Helper

When I moved here a year ago, it was just three months after my shoulder replacement surgery. Needless to say, boxes of stash and quilty goodies were stacked to the ceiling in the garage. Every night when I got home from work, I'd haul armloads of fabric upstairs to the stash room. I couldn't lift boxes, so I made many, many trips upstairs!

One night I lost Daisy dog. I couldn't find her anywhere. I totally panicked! I looked for over an hour for her. I went outside calling her name. I searched everywhere in the house. I was totally devastated.

Then reason and logic set in - what little bit I had left at that point! I remembered that I hadn't opened the garage door or the front door since her walk when I first got home, so she had to be inside somewhere. "Trace your steps, Vicky. Go back over every single step you took tonight." (Talking to yourself really helps at times like this!) I went to the garage, and looked through the boxes I had emptied that night. No Daisy hiding in any of them.

I remembered that I had carted up two wire baskets of fabric to the then empty stash room closet. So upstairs I go again. When I slid the door open, there she was sound asleep! I knew immediately at that point what my mother used to say about not knowing whether she wanted to kill me or kiss me!

I know now she was just real nervous about being in a new place. Heck, we both were. It didn't take us long to adjust, but even to this day she won't let me out of her sight.

She's my doggy guardian angel. She helps me with color selections, bugs me when she thinks I need a break from sewing, and listens so attentively when I tell her about my day.

I think everyone should have a quilter's helper. Especially one so doggone cute!


Cathi said...

She is so cute. Reminds me of our dog, Tippy, we had when I was a kid...lived to be 17 years old!

cher said...

sweet story Vicky-being tiny it's easy for her to snuggle into a small container-unlike my 50 pound boxer :-) you can't miss her-she likes to bug me too when I have been sitting too long at the desk or sewing machine.

JudyL said...

She's so cute! I've done the same thing with Speck and I panic very quickly when I can't find him. He comes running 90 mph when I say "TREAT" so now, all I have to do is say that instead of screaming his name.

How long did it it take for the new place to feel like home for Daisy?

judy L.

Vicky said...

Several months, Judy. As I said, even now she won't let me out of her sight for more than a couple of minutes. Her kennel is her safe haven, and I find her in there with the door open a lot of times if like the gardeners are cutting grass, etc. Her personality has changed a good bit since it's just us. She never was very rambunctious but she's even less so now. She just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. LOL. I'll remember to yell TREAT if that ever happens again!

Finn said...

What an adorable quilting buddy you have...*S* And I'm so happy you retraced your steps and found her...that would give me a couple new gray hairs...LOL. So sorry to hear about the car repair bill, but you DO have very wonderful stash. The first few weeks of no new fiber are the hardest..hang in there!

Linda_J said...

Looks like cats are not the only ones into fabric---Daisy is parked on some as well. Good that she can get her kennel and feel secure though.

Patti said...

Sounds like you were much more tramatized than the dog. I can relate to that. Our dog has decided that he likes to nap in the far back corner of the closet in one of the sewing rooms. And now that he's getting pretty deaf I can stand in the kitchen shouting "treat" until I'm hoarse and he doesn't come running. Took us the longest time to figure out where he was hiding.

Laurie Ann said...

She's such a cutie. Taking a nappy and not even realizing you were panicked without her!