Saturday, March 04, 2006

Thinking about Stash Quilts

I was rummaging through my quilts today and ran across this one made from batiks. This pix is before the binding was on it. But I was thinking it would be an easy quilt to make using up all the strips we've got hoarded away. I think scrappy would be fabulous! Judy's gorgeous quilting, but I don't have a closer shot to show the beautiful variegated thread.

I spent the entire day cleaning. Just have my bedroom and bathroom left and I'll do that first thing in the morning. Now that it's all caught up, I can truly do my daily task and keep it up. I also hung sheers in the living room and dining room, hung a huge mirror in the dining room that's been leaning up again the wall for a year, and hung a ton of other pictures. Starting to feel like a home! About time!

I moved Daisy's kennel from the dining room to the living room - and covered it with a quilt, of course! She was all discombobulated after it was moved. Every time I'd go near the kennel, she'd jump in and pull the door closed with her teeth as if to say, "Nuh uh, you're not moving me again!!" Funny funny dog. A real creature of habit!

I'm so proud of myself for being so productive today! Tomorrow I sew!!!!!


Mary said...

All three quilts are very pretty. I really like the storm at sea but all that paper piecing would do me in!

cher said...

good for you to tackle all that cleaning and stick to your resolve about cleaning your own home-you are doing it! and have earned that sewing day.

Stephanie said...

Wow! That Batik quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!

JudyL said...

You did have a productive day! Good for you.


The Calico Cat said...

Lovely quilt! (I have a batik top... The back is even pieced!)

Samantha said...

Ilove that batik quilt- such lovely colors!