Sunday, March 25, 2007

Boring Without Pictures

I should have dealt with this yesterday, but I didn't. I had to work today and I'm too pooped now. So this week I will definitely solve the mystery of the computer/printer/camera.

I've been rearranging stuff in my stash room. Really all I've been doing is moving mass. It still doesn't all fit. ROFLOL. But the good news is that I've been to the LQS twice in the last week and walked out with nothing. Of course, the shop owner probably doesn't think as much of that accomplishment as I do.

I'm ready to make another string quilt, and I wanted a focus fabric like the poppy one I did. I walked around in the shop and touched every single piece of fabric and nothing sung to me. So I did what all good fabric collectors should do - shopped my stash. By George, I think I've got it! Might need to pick up a couple of more go-withs, but this will work.

Oh, and I was working away this afternoon at the office when the alarm went off in the plant. OMG, I almost wet myself. I'm glad I peeked out there and saw the maintenance man entering the building to light the furnaces. I was about ready to poke the 911 button! It took 20 minutes to slow my heart rate down. There's 75,000 square feet back there and it's real spooky when no one else is in the building.

Yesterday I made more of Jane's crumbs. I've got around 45 made now. I'm just going to keep going on it until I run out of crumbs. Jane and I are going to both have quilts made differently but out of the same fabric. So we decided that someday they're going to be together!

My boss' black lab, "Magic," won fourth place in a field trial this weekend. He won three 1st places in four weekends, and then took a break for a couple of weeks. Joe has the neatest picture of Magic with those three blue ribbons hanging from his collar. I'll have to see if I can borrow it and get it posted. Magic is a beautiful, sweet dog. He's qualified for the National in November.


~ Less than $100 at Target (which doesn't happen often)
~ Giving Daisy a hug, and now she's begging for more
~ Getting organized. It doesn't look like it on the surface, but progress is being made!

Note to Self: Call H&R Block for an appt. tomorrow!


Mary Johnson said...

Can't wait to see photo's - I love the rectangular string quilt I made using my border fabric to pull out specific color strings from my bins. I plan on making another one sometime soon but maybe from a different string block.

Kim said...

I hope you'll get a photo of your focus fabric--you have me curious. Congrats on your Target accomplishment too--that's a tough one. I was thinking about going by there myself, but haven't so far--which means I've saved even more money! LOL!

The Calico Cat said...

I hear ya about Target! Congrats! (I did pretty good there yesterday, too - but made up for it a Wal-Mart!)

Darlene said...

Even without pictures I still visit your blog everyday!

Granny said...

That's so funny about the crumb blocks. You make me want to be more careful with my scraps.

Congratulations to Magic! I love black labs (unless they live next door and bark ALL night!).

Every now and then I'm happy I don't have a Target nearby.