Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Brown Quilt

Tonight I picked up the shop sample I made for Ginger's to get the binding on it. I was pleased with the overall quilting on it. But I had forgotten about the backing. I stashbusted for the dark brown, and then used the leftovers from the front. The only thing remaining from this quilt is in the strip bins. There! That wasn't hard!!
Today I was so busy at work ... really busy. I need to remember to eat at some point before 1:30 or so. Yesterday I picked up a side salad from McDonald's at 11:30 when I went to the bank, and about 4:00 I got to eat about half of it. That killed my appetite for dinner, so I went to bed without eating again. I woke up really hungry this morning, but had to be there early so didn't eat again. By lunchtime I was starving -- okay, well, that's an exaggeration because I could probably live off the "fat of the land" for quite some time. But I had like 10 minutes to get something and get back. So a hotdog. I really need to pack lunches, but that would entail a trip to the market. I'll figure it out. I just know I've got to get my blood sugar somewhat level by eating regularly.
Last night I did the house chore on my list. Tonight I am trying to convince myself I don't need to do my little chore. Of course, that would mean double work tomorrow night. Guess I'll get off my duff and just do it.
Interesting email from the quilt shop this morning. A lady was in there and saw the polka dot quilt that I loaned them to hang in the shop. She left her phone number for me as she is interested in maybe purchasing it. Geez, I never thought about selling a quilt. But I called her tonight and got her answer machine. Left my number. If she calls me back, I figure I'll just set a really high number on it and she'll decide she doesn't want it! LOL. I'm not attached to that quilt. It was just a fun experiment with polka dot charm squares from an online swap. I guess I'm just flattered that someone liked it! :)
Oh, one more interesting piece of news. One of the International Quilt Festivals will be held in Long Beach CA in July 2008. I've always wanted to attend that festival. Maybe I'll still be living here then. But just in case, I'd better start saving my spare change!


Judy said...

Maybe you can plan to stay til after the Quilt Festival and then leave by the end of 2008. That sounds like a good goal.

Don't forget to eat!!!

Darlene said...

Hey, hey wait you can't sell MY Polka Dot quilt. You said I could have it! :-(


Anonymous said...

Hey Vicky, was your quilt the pretty pink and brown one that I saw in there the last time I was in there? If it was, I was oohing and aahing over it, I love pink and brown together. Indeed, you need to eat, it only makes you gain weight when you deprive your body of food, I'm also living off the fat of the land and probably got a lot of it doing just the same. I just started Nutrisystem, so hopefully will lose some of it, don't want to be greedy! LOL

Susan said...

I like the quilting on this one. Yes, you need to have something healthy to snack on, at the very least, if you don't have time for a real meal.