Monday, December 31, 2007

Introducing Cowguy

Cowguy is a new blogger, and a very good friend, and with the teeniest bit of encouragement from all you, I know he will rip loose with a bunch of hilariously true stories!

If you get a moment, mosey on over and say hello. But don't tell him I sent you. Because he's notorious for playing jokes on folks. And it's my turn to get him!


Silverthimble said...

Thanks for the link to a great blog! I have also suggested that my Dad stops by--he will love the stories!

antique quilter said...

that will be fun to read!
left him a message!
bet he figures it out if he looks at our blogs and realized you did this!
quilters :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

He is tooooo funny! I left a message and am printing out his posts to send to my brother, who could use a good chuckle!



Cowguy said...

Hey Vicky, you woman you. :-)

Check your mailbox daily... the cow's on the way.

PS, sorry if I shorted you on postage but there's only so many places the stamps will stick to a cow.

PSS Goof Off gets the stamp residue off. A shovel takes care of everything else that "happens".

Vicky said...

ROFLOL! I can't wait.......

Nan said...

Thanks for the the link to a new and very funny blog, Vicky! You've made my year!!