Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Stash Report

1st Weekends are my Christmas sewing weekends. Although I haven't sewn on any Christmas projects yet, the weekend is not over!

I did turn on the Bernina yesterday and had a glorious sewing day. I'm working on something that is turning out really nice, although it's a secret and I can't blog about it. LOL. I should finish it up this week and it's off to be quilted. I lost two weeks while I was sick, so I'm behind schedule.

It's cold here - well, California cold. It was in the low 40s last night and will be in the mid 60s today. The rain we had on Friday has washed away all the ash and soot, and everything is so beautifully green here. If I venture out today, I'll take my camera along and will add some Southern California winter shots for those in blogland who are getting snow this weekend and experiencing a real winter!

Stash news: I have a good and bad report this Sunday. The bad news is that I have not busted any stash - and won't until I get this quilt top finished and get the binding finished on the giterdun. The good news is that I didn't buy anything this week except for two patterns to aid in the stash busting efforts, and two months' worth of those flower of the month fabrics. Half yard cuts. As I've mentioned before, I seem to buy things in sets, and I can't stop this set now. I'm just glad the year is almost over!! Have no clue what I will do with those, but I have them. LOL

Daisy is sleeping in this morning. I think she knows that when she gets up, she has to go out in the cold to potty. She is really getting blind. She was diagnosed with cataracts when she was about four years old. It seems in the past two or three months, her vision has really gone downhill. I'm going to have to remember to take a big flashlight out with me when I walk her at night. If I shine it a foot or so ahead of her, she will follow it. I noticed this week that she walks off the sidewalk and stumbles, and she actually walked into the side of the building last weekend. It's real frustrating for her when she stumbles or bumps into something, and she turns and starts heading back to the front door. It breaks my heart to see her like this, but she's happy except when she's outside at night. My boss asked me what I would do with her when she became totally blind, and I replied that I would just love her and help her along. She does fine in the house with the lights on and knows where everything is. I love this puppy so much, and I suspect I will be really bonding with her even more in the years to come. To paraphrase a line from "Seabiscuit," you don't throw away a perfectly good life just because they're a little banged up. I love you, Daisy bug!

I'm feeling better every day, although my stomach is still a little messed up from the antibiotics. Haven't gotten the final word yet on when I'll be finishing up the work on that tooth, but I suspect it will be late next week.

I promise pictures! Soon!


~ A sewing day at my house
~ I need to buy a scale. I think I've lost a couple of more pounds.
~ The Christmas spirit is coming on
~ As ever, my sweet Daisy


Darlene said...

Your "Daisy Dog" has unconditional love for you so it's only fair that you love her the same - you're lucky to have each other!


Granny said...

I don't think you have a bad stash report at all. I'd finish that set too! Daisy is as lucky to have you as you are to have her. I wish our pets didn't age so quickly . . especially when you have one that you really, really love!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, would you look at that spoiled little Daisy! She's so cute! Is that her quilt? My mom had a little dog for many years who went blind, and as long as you didn't move anything around in the house, she knew exactly where everything was, she did just fine. Daisy will be good, and with a mom who loves her that much, well, even better!

I love this weather too, I'm going out in a little while to get started on my errands. I got my 40% off Joann's coupon yesterday, so I may just go treat myself to a new cutting mat.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I agree, you just love your daisy dog! When we got madeline at the pound a vet told us she would have hip dysplasia and that we should take her back. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? We no longer go to that vet.
Glad your feeling better and that fire looks inviting. Daisy looks like she's enjoying it.
Have a great Sunday sewing!!!

lilsis said...


Angie said...

I know exactly how you feel, Vicky, about Daisy. My Dewey's eyesight is going too, and I've noticed that he stumbles a lot...even in the daytime. But Dewey and Badger are my 'babies' and I heartily agree with "Seabiscuit"!!! So we will just keep cuddling them up in quilts and love. :>

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Oh, Daisy looks so cozy next to the fire snuggled in the quilt! My sister's dog went blind a long time ago and as long as you don't move the furniture or put things down in the hall, she seems to manage just fine - she is as lovable as ever... my son just adores her and calls her a "fine old lady dog" and he knows that she doesn't mean to knock over his block towers... BUT - if her other dog - the "seeing" dog knocks over a block tower he gets upset and moans and groans about it, but the old dog he is quick to forgive, such a sweetie.



Sherry said...

My Bogart is getting blinder also. His problem is diabetes & the cataracts that go with it. But he has been on insulin for almost 4 years now & the vet says that he is doing really well.

I bet Bogart & Daisy would be great friends --- they are both spoiled rotten!!

Happy Holidays,


doni said...

Good stash week! I'll bet you used to come home from the store with more than that! Every little step forward is progress. Hold everything - I have to go think about that for my own struggle! LOL!

atet said...

What a sweet puppy -- and a lucky one to have such a loving owner!

loulee said...

We had a blind dog when I was little. He got along just fine at home and in our garden. He was pretty good to walk on a short leash too. Your Daisy will adapt, it just takes time.

Kim said...

When ALex went blind last year he was able to walk around in the house and yard ok, as long as he wasn't overly excited- that's when he would run into things -
As long as the rest of her health is good and she has a good quality of life I wouldn't worry about. Heck we just adopted Moose the cat who's blind in one eye and he runs into things once in a while- animals needs as much as we need them

Yvonne said...

Isn't she a spoiled Too cute...I'm sure you will find your way with her. I'm glad you're doing better. :)

Cher said...

wonderful photo of Daisy- glad to hear you are also on the mend and stitching up a storm too! good.

Nan said...

How I love that photo of Daisy! How sweet she is! I feel exactly the same way about all my 4-legged "children" - no matter what happens to them, I would never toss them out!
I think your stash report is just fine, thank you! Your stash busting may not be happening right now, but it will!

Kim said...

Oh, you're such a tease! Now I want to see what you're working on. And did you say you were binding (or going to bind) the giterdun?! Wonder of wonders! Daisy looks so comfortable and happy in her quilt by the fire! And I'm super glad to hear you're feeling better!

Mar said...

I keep coming back to see that sweet daisy face!

Paula, the quilter said...

Daisy looks so warm and comfy snuggled into that quilt. I have 1-3 FQ of that State Flower line that was out several years ago that I'm trying to figure out how to use. Glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie snoozing in the quilt!

You have a great stash story. I would have to really think how mine got started. Five years ago I had one box, now I have.....8? It must be that online stuff!