Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another Daisy Dog

A friend made this for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. She paper pieced the Daisy dog and it became the top to a great box to store applique stuff in. The funny thing about this -- a scheme was hatched to get me to post a picture of Daisy (wasn't hard!) so they could check out her coloring. I love my Daisy box! Oh, she also gave me a little statue of a skunk - to memorialize Daisy getting skunked NINE times that year! You'd a-thunk the blasted dog would have figured it out after the first time or two!

Still fighting the allergies. I rubbed my eyes today so much that I actually had one of them a bit swollen. Stopped tonight and bought some OTC allergy stuff. Hope it works!

My gratitude today is a new cinnamon apple candle.


ForestJane said...

Nine skunk attacks? Uggh, was it the same skunk, or a mom teaching her baby skunks - here, watch, this is what you do to the little dog.... lol

Patti said...

How wonderful to be blessed with such a special friend!

Jeanne said...

Oh, this is a darling Daisy!
My mom thinks she has a cold -- maybe it is allergies?
Jeanne :)

Linda_J said...

Daisy dog quilt is so cute! That poor baby tangling with a skunk that many times. No one told her that those "black kitties with white stripes" were NOT her friend's, I guess.

The spring runner is very pretty as well.

Wonderful friends you have!

Finn said...

What a beautiful Daisy Dog Box top!!
Looks just like her..*VBS*

You know, being they were orginally bred to go into badger holes, she might have thought those skunks were badgers in discuise..*G*

Poor baby" for your sad eyes..mine are totally over the edge with allergies lately too. Hope the stuff helps.

Anonymous said...

So skunks really do stink? Cute quilt and very nice friend :-)

Vicky said...

Do skunks stink? Ewwww!!

Every time I start thinking how smart Daisy is, I remember the year of the skunks! Dumb dumb dog!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

What a wonderful gift - and sneeky way to get Daisy's coloring right. I have a "skunk cure" around here somewhere - will have to take a look and post it.

Allergy season has not hit yet in the northern climes, but it is just around the corner.