Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Suggestions Please

This is the other quilt I talked about yesterday, a front and back view. On the back, I marked with masking tape the area where thread is looped. It measures roughly 18-20 inches high and 36 inches long. I haven't trimmed the quilt yet, because I was thinking I might have to take all the quilting out and start over.

The area - I think - is too large to pull looped thread into the batting. It's like a huge portion of the back of the quilt. There are also a couple of smaller areas where it looped.

There's nothing special about this quilt - just want it done. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me on what to do with it.

I need to head upstairs and pull fabric for my class tomorrow night. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! :)

My gratitude today is the smell of freshly cut grass as I walked Daisy tonight. It smells like spring!


Norma said...

I am afraid that I would frog it all out. It is a ton of work - ask me how I know! However, in the end it is well worth it. It looks like a pantograph. If it is, can you just frog the affected rows and re-load, then re-stitch just those rows?

Doodlebug Gail said...

How disappointing for you to be dealing with this. I'll look forward to seeing other people's comments because I too have a quilt all done and hidden away because I think the quilting has spoilt my work. Should we have an "unsewing" party together? You bake the cake, I'll bring the cookies and chocolate - LOL.

Gail L.

JudyL said...

Vicky: If I quilted that and missed the loops on the back, PLEASE send it back to me and I'll fix it. I can't remember which ones I quilted and which ones I didn't.

Judy L.

Vicky said...

Judy, you DID NOT quilt that. Laurie didn't either. Please relax, both of you! LOL! Nope, it was a one-shot deal with that quilter. Too bad I sent her two quilts.

I think I just need to bite the bullet and start taking all the quilting out - not something I want to do at all! It's just way too big an area to try to fix.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I would trace the panto along the stitching with a washable marking pen. Frog. Re-stitch over the panto lines with my sewing machine. Really, the long arm quilter should have frogged, re-loaded and re-done. Too bad that you have to fix it yourself. But, really, I would just fix this one section - not frog the entire quilt.



Hanne said...

I agree with Evelyn. If possible, take out the very poor section. Mark before you frog stitch and do it again on your own machine if you can do it, or get someone to do it for you. I have heard about a woman frogstitching a whole Dear Jane quilt she sent out. It must be so bad when you get something back, after paying good money and not getting your money worth + all the extra work.