Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm SO Bad

Nope, I didn't start cleaning up in there. I cut out another quilt. That mess isn't going anywhere. I'll do like Scarlett and think about it tomorrow!

This second year quilt is called Chaos & Harmony. It was a freebie online - I don't remember the site. Laurie organized a group of us to make these. It was my first true venture into brights - and, boy, were they bright! Even the black background had sparkles in it! So tacky, but so much fun! Judy quilted it with bright varigated thread. You can see I didn't plan the binding very well on it! LOL

Someone asked me if I knew where to find the Christmas Memories booklets. I searched last night for a while online and couldn't come up with anything. The address and phone number listed on the back of the pattern is Blackbird Designs, 11065 West 175th St., Olathe KS 66062, 913/681-3137.

My gratitude today is the beautiful mountains with a sprinkling of snow still on them - and a clear enough day to be able to see them!


Hanne said...

Planet Patchwork, wasn't it ? I have seen a couple of these - I like your the best.

JudyL said...

That was such a fun quilt to quilt! I love variegated thread on black.


Jeanne said...

The black and brights are great! I sent you an email about Christmas Memories.
Jeanne :)

Melinda said...

Oh I love it! I haven't seen one that was finished yet. It's so bright and cheerful. :) Oh, btw... I like how you are adding a "gratitude" to every day's posting. That's such a neat thing to do.


Laurie Ann said...

Okay, if that's tacky then I must be tacky! I love it!!!! :)

quiltpixie said...

I love the quilt.... the binding fits right in with the "Choas"

Laurie said...

I think it was through Planet Patchwork and it was a royal PITA!!! (pain in the A$$) Directions were wrong in a lot of places...but we got it done! Mine is done but still needs quilting!
Thanks for sharing!

Laurie said...

And Vicky, Blackbird Designs, in Olathe KS, that city is my next door neighbor!!!

Linda_J said...

Hanne is right---Planet Patchwork. One of Diane Hundley's designs possibly the 2nd one they did. http://tinyurl.com/huvzs will take you there.

I've the BOM's done for the Galactic Twinkle to finish up with the log cabin/flower center one of these days!!

Vicky said...

I couldn't find the picture that showed the backing fabric. It's as wild and crazy as the front!

Laurie, I remember now -- that was a royal PITA. Terrible directions. But, hey, it's done and it was fun working with all those brights! LOL

Norma said...

I just love that bright quilt!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I was thinking about your quilt last night as I was piecing a binding - I thought that you made this binding different colors on purpose - goes to show, one will never KNOW a quilter's "mistake" unless the quilter tells. Looks great to me.



Mandy said...

I have the pattern for this quilt somewhere in my "to do" files. HAHA! Yours is beautiful! It encourages me to go ahead and put everything on hold and make it right now!