Saturday, April 08, 2006

Yikes, Brights

This week I sent off nine yards of fabric from the stash for backing and borders for a group quilt. So a little stash enhancement was okay, right? Jane and I saw a string quilt at a cute shop near here, Stars & Scraps, a few weeks ago. I've been thinking about making one but was kinda chicken. Last weekend while walking around the Fabric Patch, I found a bolt of this floral and remembered I had a couple of yards of it at home. In fact, just a week before that I asked Jane why in the world I had bought it! So the idea formed to use that fabric for focus, and pull oranges, yellows and pinks for a bright string quilt. I pulled a few brights out of my stash this week and there weren't many there. So today at the FP I had more fun pulling tons of bolts and getting 1/4 yard cuts. Jane told me to write this date down - only $43! That must be a record for me! LOL! So, yes, some enhancement, but just a tiny bit!

Today was so beautiful. I did a little shopping. Bought a new ironing board - mine collapsed on me this week! Had fun roaming around Target and Bed Bath & Beyond for a while. I've been working on the retreat quilt this afternoon. Maybe can get the top finished by tomorrow. Maybe.

Today I had to deal with a person who just won't leave well enough alone. I responded today although I held back, as usual, from what I really wanted to say. If we were alone I would have said those things. In front of others, it's never appropriate. But then the occasion only arises in front of others. I think this will end it. I hope so. Her persistance serves no purpose except to make others very uncomfortable. I really have trouble understanding that sort of mentality. I am not the first to have weathered this kind of treatment from her, and I'm sure I won't be the last. If she knew how little it really bothers me deep down, I'm sure that would take the 'fun' out of it for her. C'est la vie.

A sister of a very dear friend passed away today. I don't know details, but my heart is hurting for my friend.

My gratitude today is the feeling of spring in the air - new beginnings.


dot said...

I like the combination. Look forward to seeing the completed qult.

The Calico Cat said...

I can't wait to see that quilt! (Those are so my colors! - well, some of them.)

I love BRIGHT!

Jeanne said...

What delightful colors! Wasn't it a pretty springy day?
Jeanne :)

Hanne said...

I really like your fabrics, and am looking forward to see the finished quilt, and before that, maybe blocks ? :-)

Rebecca said...

That's sure going to be a cheery quilt! Maybe you should keep it around (once finished) for when you need a little sunshine.

Laurie Ann said...

Love those brights and I just can't wait to see what you put together. Yum!!

JudyL said...

Sorry about the incident with the other person but sometimes when people treat people badly, you just have to feel sorry for them and be happy you aren't like they are . . and I'm very happy you aren't that kind of person!

I love those bright fabrics. I think Jane has ruined you!! Can't wait to see that quilt.

I'm also sorry for your friend's loss.

Judy L.

cher said...

I love these colors...can not wait to see a string quilt from these gorgeous fabrics!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

These fabrics are sure going to make a bright and cheery string quilt! I just got home and I am looking at a stashof - Joanne's calicos - so I've got to get busy stashbusting so I can treat myself to some new yummy fabrics - like these!!!