Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring Tablerunner

I was looking for something springy to put on the table and remembered this tablerunner. It was made for me by my friend, Marie, in Connecticut. I had Marie's name in a Secret Quilter exchange back on Alex's message board in 2002, and we became very good friends. She's a total sweetie. I love this tablerunner. I sure hope I get to meet Marie in 3D some day!

I've had an allergy flare-up for the past week or so, and really felt awful today. I've had allergies all my life, but never so bad as since I've moved to California. I guess it's because things bloom all year long here, and I've got to stick my nose in every flower I see. I might run over to the doctor's office tomorrow to see if there's anything that can help.

Just finished up the nine patches for my class project, and hope to get the simple center put together by tomorrow night. Then I can start making the buildings that go around the border. I just love making houses and buildings. This one even has churches and barns. Too cute!

My friend, Mar, attended Asilomar last week and took Freddy Moran's class. Dynamite quilts were born in that class - the pictures were wonderful. Today came a surprise package in the mail, a copy of Freddy Moran & Gwen Marston's new book Collaborative Quilting. It is totally fabulous! Highest recommendations!! Thank you, Mar! I love you!!


ForestJane said...

Ohh, pretty!

I love those colors - it's nice to have something for Spring that doesn't have bunnies and eggs on it. :)

Laurie said...

Love the runner that Marie made for you! Thanks for sharing!