Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Monday

A busy day today. It sure felt good to pull into the garage tonight! Then I walked in and saw the project on my sewing table, and didn't even go in there. I think I need to take a breather.

I've got a class at The Fabric Patch on Wednesday night, and besides pulling my background fabric, I haven't done a thing else to get ready. Guess that'll be a task for tomorrow night!

The Thimbleberries Safe Haven was another second year quilt. I really liked working on this one - nice big easy pieces! Unfortunately, I sent it to a quilter in another state on the recommendation of someone in my online group. In fact, I sent two quilts to her. Both of them were a royal mess when I got them back. I paid her to custom quilt this one, and it had very minimal quilting on it. There were spaces over a foot square that had no quilting in it at all. I gave this one to a local lady who quilts on a Juki. She's done a lot of my quilts and does a really nice job. She's going to add more quilting to it. The other one is in a tub upstairs. I'll post a picture of it this week to see if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the looped thread on the back. I contacted that quilter once and the conversation was most unsatisfactory, so I decided just to chalk these up to experience!

My gratitude today is just being grateful for the blessings in my life!


dot said...

Nice quilt. Sorry to read about the quilting mishap.

Hanne said...

Very nice quilt. To bad the machine quilter did such a poor job.

Vicky said...

Aw, geez! Almost three years later and I spot a layout mistake ..... (sigh)

rebecca0669 said...

the machine quilter I use pulls the loopy thread into the batting with a large needle. Then the loops on the back are gone...maybe you could try that?


Laurie said...

Great quilt Vicky...sorry to hear about your quilter issues...ARGH!

The Calico Cat said...

Hey, I have a bag that says, "I own stock in The fabric Patch." (from my Road to California trip in 2000 - I think. It is a great bag, useful size & sturdy!)