Saturday, April 22, 2006

Quilty Day

I had a wonderfully quilty day! I managed to get borders and backing done for a top, and the backings done for two others! I'm so proud of myself.

I cleaned off my sewing table and cutting table today, and did a quick pass with the vacuum. When I came back in the room from putting the vacuum away, I found Daisy with an empty water bottle and the paper torn off of it and shredded on the floor.

So I let her play with it a bit, and then threw it back in the trashcan. I was on the phone a while ago and looked over and saw her back in the trash can. I grabbed the camera just in time. Proof positive that she's a bad doggy! When her ears are back, she knows she's in trouble!

I wonder what I've done today to deserve phone calls from two quilty friends who live far away! Of course, I hung up on the second one because I thought she was a solicitor. LOL. I'm glad she called back! Oops! It was so wonderful talking to both of them and catching up on old times! It's a shame we live so far apart!

My gratitudes today are my precious friends who accept me just the way I am!


dot said...

What a bad puppy. Looks like you both had a good time though.

Tracey said...

ROFL!!! YOU HUNG UP ON 'EM?!?! Sounds like something I would do! :oP If I ever call you, I'll be sure to CLEARLY identify myself as soon as you pick up, Vicky. ;o)
Thanks for the giggle. :o)

JudyL said...

Isn't it funny how they tell on themselves. Speck has a look about him and I know it's time to go find whatever he's done because he's just told on himself.

Speck loves to play with plastic bottles. Back when he could run and play, we'd throw water bottles and he'd chase them for an hour!


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Sounds like an all around good day. Good for you for tackling the "boring" parts of making a quilt (at least for me - borders and backings!). I like the pictures of your sewing space - it is nice! Looks like you have some good lighting too.