Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Dancing

I finished up the big project at work today. I don't have to work tomorrow! Such a relief! I'm getting a haircut in the morning (what I call a dip & clip), making a quick stop at the Fabric Patch to get a Jane fix, the market to buy food, and then I'm staying put the remainder of the weekend! Resting up for next week because it's going to be a bear!

This is, I think, the last of the first year quilts. Of course, no picture of it completed. This was a quickie put together for my ex-mother-in-law. It actually was quite nice when it was quilted and finished. What appears to be white fabric in the picture is a lovely Maywood background with soft greens and pinks. She's in Virginia, so the dogwood fabric worked. Of course, she talked more about the pink and green peanuts used for packing that 'matched' than she did the quilt. Never really liked that woman! :)

I'm heading into the kitchen (yes, the quilting condo does have one!) to throw together some spaghetti. I definitely need to buy food tomorrow! LOL Then I'm gonna bond with the Bernina tonight! Pressure's off and I'm going to relax this weekend!

It's so beautiful here today. A little windy, but really cripsy cool and fairly smog-free for a Friday.

My gratitude today is the simple pleasure of a job well done!


JudyL said...

Vicky, did you think you were going to have to work on Saturday? That's awful!

Glad you're rid of the MIL who didn't appreciate the quilt!

Have a great weekend.


cher said...

woohoo! a weekend of guilt free quilting-it doesn't get any more rewarding than that..hope you relax and get lots done.

The Calico Cat said...

Hey, I like the dogwood quilt. (Dogwoods are my favorite tree) I have 2 dogwood UFO's - one uses that fabric! :o)

Rebecca said...

It's a good thing you gave her a "quickie" quilt, rather than a masterpiece you slaved over (it's still very pretty). Being quit of her, too, can be another gratitude!