Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tagged by Jeanne!

Just some of my weird things. I won’t repeat the “complete sets” thing Jeanne listed!

1) I’m Southern to the core – I love to "hunt" for things. I will spend months on end looking for a piece of fabric. Not because I need it, or even want it, but just because I know it’s out there somewhere. Books, plantings – doesn’t matter what it is. The pleasure is in the hunt!

2) Cornbread is my favorite breakfast food. With butter and cane syrup.

3) I absolutely cannot sleep with socks on, even if it’s freezing cold. Drives me nuts to have anything on my feet in bed. But I also absolutely cannot go bare feet. Always wear shoes.

4) I’m not spontaneous. I know this admission will surprise my friends. I have to carefully think things through before undertaking even the simplest task. This works well for me in my job, but sure does put a crimp on the fun things in my life! (I’d rather think of myself as “analytical.” Lol)

5) I have one and a quarter kidneys. My brother only has one. I guess we both inherited this weirdness!

6) I can accurately ten-key a million miles a minute while talking on the phone or carrying on a detailed discussion with someone in person. It amazes people at work. Guess that comes from those 20+ years of court reporting – writing down every word uttered in the room while thinking about the menu for dinner!

Geez, it's hard to only list six!!

I don't know very many folks on the rings to tag. But I'll tag JudyL (Miss Sunshine) and Laurie (Miss GottaQuilt). If any of you want to consider yourself tagged by me, please step forward!

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Hanne said...

Thanks for sharing your weirdnesses. You know, our weirdnesses are what makes us the special people that we are :-)