Thursday, April 20, 2006

Have a Nice Day?

Yeah, right! $3.159/gallon!

I took "Scraps" by Judy Martin to work with me today. I'm excited about several of the quilts in the book. She has two or three that have shadow blocks and those are really intriguing. I am reminded, though, that I have to be careful when I use her books - read and reread thoroughly all her patterns before I cut. Once I've read the patterns through a couple of times, I usually can follow right along on them. This is just me - I'll explain it on June 11th - but I've learned the hard way on her stuff.

That being said, I would recommend this book. There's a nice chapter in the beginning of the book titled "How to Work with Scraps." I found it interesting because I'm one of those quilters who have trouble doing scrappy. I think I'm going to try to make a couple of quilts out of this book so I can hopefully get over that phobia. There's a nice range of quilts, from easy to hard, colors in brights to folk artsy colors. To borrow a phrase from my online group, I'd give this book the Ruby Red Jello Award.

About the gas -- I'm sure happy I decided to keep the QuiltMobile another year. Even though I have to use premium in it, at least it goes a long way between refills!

My gratitude today is my little 5.5 year old QuiltMobile!!


cher said...

I just looked through this book today-decided no new books for me-too many I have yet to play with! Gas is not quite that high here...yet. Sounds like your class was lots of fun and a good time for you...

Jeanne said...

I need to fill up today :(

I'm going to wait a bit on the book,too. I certainly have plenty enought to keep me busy!


The Calico Cat said...

I agree about Judy's new book & her "method." Evelyn (starfishy) told me to maske baggies & to put the pieces in them... I have still yet to start any of her quilts, but I have several as PIGS!

Anonymous said...

We're paying $3.17 for regular gas. Ouch!

Mary said...

You're the second one to endorse that book - Amy also told me that it was a great scrap book. I'll have to take another look at it - I've skimmed thru it once but didn't buy it since I was buying another one.

JudyL said...

That book is on my list for Paducah. Glad to hear you like it.

Ughh . . can you believe the gas prices. Of course, yours are higher than mine. Heard on the news tonight that the price may go over $5/gallon before summer is over. Sure am glad my sewing machine doesn't run on gasoline!

Judy L.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I love my zippy little car - good gas milage! In Austria we consistently pay about $4 a gallon (seems cheaper because it is priced by the litre). Everyone over there drives much smaller cars than in the US - gee, I wonder why!